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Received Some Random Cryptocurrency? It Might Be a Phishing Scam.

Image: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesHacking. Disinformation. Surveillance. CYBER is Motherboard’s podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet.Cryptocurrency scammers are sending custom tokens that lure victims into visiting a phishing site designed to steal crypto from their wallets, according to reports made by observers and people targeted by the scam.A woman who goes by “Shegenerates,” who is a Solidity developer, was among the first to raise the alarm about this new scam. In a tweet on Thursday, she wrote that someone sent her “airdropped” tokens supposedly…

Panther and Velas Partner To Deliver Blazing Fast Private DeFi Experience By DailyCoin

Panther and Velas Partner To Deliver Blazing Fast Private DeFi Experience

Panther Protocol, the end-to-end privacy solution building the privacy layer for Web3 and Decentralized Finance, and Velas, an EVM/eBPF hybrid chain offering up to 75,000 TPS for dApps that require lightning speed and scale, are joining forces in a strategic partnership today.
Based on , but offering EVM compatibility and Solidity support, Velas is building an open-source blockchain world of services and products including Account, Vault and Wallet, allowing users to enjoy a seamless experience and instant, low…

New study reveals which US cities lead crypto hires in 2021

Metropolises led the crypto-related hires in the United States during 2021, but jobs in the space are well dispersed around the country, LinkedIn data revealed.A new study conducted by LinkedIn for Bloomberg shows that there is not a single hub for crypto or blockchain specialists in the United States. Searching through LinkedIn members in the U.S. who listed a new job in the first nine months of the year that matched keywords crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum or Solidity unveiled that about 53% of crypto jobs are dispersed across the States in small chunks.As crypto and…

Lets talk about Solidity

It’s about 2 years since I don’t code a dapp and it’s time to recapitulate about the whole concept. Here are some notes and thoughts about Solidity.

Solidity itself is a simple language as a programming language

Solidity is a high-level language for ETH contracts. It makes it much easier for human to code, understand and then compile the code into the EVM so the ETH network can read it in a way the computer can understand. It’s a purposefully slimmed down, loosely typed language with a syntax similar to ECMAScript (JS).

Compilers such as Solidity is a compiler code into IBM code which is uploaded into the BC in the form of a transaction. Then anyone can execute it later on ETH BC.

Some basic ideas

– A OO Programming Language to Generate Smart Contracts.… Read more...

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

ETH aspires to be a kind of giant decentralized computer, and that is why it is called EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine. Where BTC can help users avoid banks, ETH can help them avoid Facebook, Amazon and all that layer of centralized intermediaries that has solidified and become entrenched in today’s electronic societies.

Ethereum is a programmable Blockcain: instead of giving users fixed fucntionalities like BTC, it allows them to create their own operations. Serves as a platform for currencies and other apps.

Cryptos are just one application. Ethereum is Turing complete and developers can use manz other langugages besides Solidity.

Each node executes the codes and therefore for this reason Ethereum VM is defined as a large vault computer where multtiple nodes execute a code called smart contract.… Read more...

Smart Contracts

Smart contract is a term used to describe computer program code that is capable of facilitating, executing, and enforcing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (i.e. contract) using Blockchain technology.

Its basically a fancy term to describe code running on BC that can change its state. This code can be Pascal, Python, PHP, Java, Fortran, C++. Each language has its own strengths and weaknesses. You don’t program webs in C or compress video in Ruby, but you could do it paying an enormous price in convenience, performance and length.

Smart contract is a term used to describe computer program code that is capable of facilitating, executing, and enforcing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (i.e.… Read more...

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

The essential difference between ETH and BTC is that in the former you can not only transmit money but also run SC and do DApps. This happens with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and thanks to the native language of ETH, called Solidity, which is used to write smart contracts and DApps. From there, ETH crypto-currency is used to make these apps and intelligent contracts work.

BTC is developing other tools such as RSK, which is the first open platform for intelligent contracts on BTC, and which remunerates BTC miners by allowing them to participate in the SC revolution. If it works, it could make ETH somewhat less relevant.

The RSK project started as a fork of an Ethereum codebase in 2016 and it was developed for 2 years until it was finally launched in 2018.… Read more...