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Ripple To Deploy Climate Friendly National Digital Currency In Partnership With Palau

With the increase in the adoption of digital assets across several mainstreams, some countries are strategizing on moving with the flow.
Hence, most countries across the globe are working and experimenting on developing a national digital currency that they can link with their fiat currencies. This is the primary reason for collaboration between the Republic of Palau and Ripple’s digital payment network.
Through the partnership, Ripple will assist the Pacific Island country in developing its national digital currency. The initiation ensures that the digital…

Ripple CEO Blasts Dogecoin, Questions Its Benefit To The Crypto Market

Dogecoin has had an impact that has no doubt been felt around the entirety of the crypto space. However, whether this impact has been good or bad is still a hotly debated topic in the space. The digital asset had paved the way for cryptocurrencies that have no use cases to speak to be at the forefront of the market and its break into the crypto top 10 is evidence of its growth.
Nevertheless, having tokens that serve no purpose other than just ‘being’ has shown just how much power a strong community wields. For most, Dogecoin has been a way to make some…

Pacific Island Nation of Palau To Launch National Stablecoin Backed By Ripple Tech

On November 23, US-based major cryptocurrency company Ripple made an announcement regarding its new strategic partnership with the Republic of Palau. Specifically, Ripple and the Republic of Palau have teamed up to facilitate the launch of national stablecoin.Palau Makes A Move to RipplePaula’s national stablecoin looks to be the main focus, along with the exploration of its use cases, backed by the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The idea is to create a USD-backed stablecoin that leverages other services in the country, such as enterprise registration.Under the partnership, the exchange will support…

Palau partners with Ripple on climate friendly national digital currency

Ripple, the digital payment network, has partnered with the Republic of Palau to help the Pacific island nation develop its own digital currency.The initial focus of the partnership will see the development of a USD-backed digital currency to help facilitate cross-border payments for the nation. The collaboration “could see the implementation of the world’s first government-backed national stablecoin in the first half of 2022” according to Ripple’s announcement.Ripple suggested the national digital currency may not necessarily be just another CBDC.“Ripple would provide Palau with…

‘If you call XRP the banker coin, then Bitcoin’s the drug dealer coin’

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs revealed several facets of the regulatory body’s approach towards cryptocurrencies. In fact, many believe the SEC allegedly favored top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum over the rest of the market.
Matt Hamilton, Director of Developer Relations at Ripple, recently reiterated that narrative. In an interview, he claimed that “the SEC shouldn’t be picking and choosing favorites,” as its Director of Division of Corporate Finance William Hinman did in the past.
During the interview, the…

Ripple Makes ‘Good Progress’ in Legal Row With SEC, Says Brad Garlinghouse

Source: AdobeStock/Patrik UnterhauserUS blockchain company Ripple is making “good progress” in its efforts to resolve its legal conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hoping to end the row in 2022, according to the chief executive.Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, said that the legal case, which is centered on the firm’s XRP token, is moving slowly forward, although towards a potentially favorable outcome.“We’re seeing pretty good progress despite a slow-moving judicial process,” the CEO told local broadcaster CNBC. “Clearly we’re seeing good…

XRP prices suppressed due to SEC lawsuit, strong fundamentals driving interest

Its been a hard year for Ripple, with the cryptocurrency and blockchain company facing legal action from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission along leading to many users and crypto companies in the country breaking their ties with the company. Despite these setbacks, Ripple seems to be more popular than ever, with its daily active addresses recently touching an all-time high.
The ledger has increased the volume of its daily active addresses from about 11.3 thousand daily to the recent peak high at 142.7 thousand, an over 11x increase in activity during this time.

RippleX exec says ODL is ‘killer value proposition to Ripple Net’

Despite the ongoing SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit and the market experiencing a dip, Ripple has been making waves in crypto news. During an episode of the Thinking Crypto podcast, RippleX General Manager Monica Long spoke to host Tony Edward about Ripple’s recent performance, multi-chain development, and the XRP Ledger technology.
Water, water everywhere
Calling ODL the “killer value proposition to Ripple Net,” Long explained,
“So you know, ODL’s been in market for a few years now and Q3 was definitely, you know, the most outstanding…And the volume through ODL grew – so if you…

Ripple CTO David Schwartz on Using XRP Ledger for NFTs

In a recent interview, David Schwartz, an architect of  XRP Ledger (XRPL) and Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), talked about the FinTech firm’s increasing level of interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The XRP Ledger was created in 2012 by David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto, and $XRP is the native currency of the XRP Ledger.

The Evolution of he XRP Ledger

On 27 February 2020, during an episode of “The Ripple Drop” (Ripple’s web video series), Schwartz spoke with with producer/editor Reinhard Cate about the…

Ripple to Launch Liquidity Hub, Plans DeFi Offering

Blockchain firm Ripple will launch a new service in 2022 that would make it easier for people to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ether.
Ripple’s Liquidity Hub to go Live in 2022
San Francisco-based blockchain firm Ripple has revealed that it will launch a new service called Liquidity Hub in 2022. The firm, which has focused on the XRP coin since it was launched a few years ago, said it would make it easier for people to buy other cryptocurrencies.
According to the blockchain firm, the Liquidity Hub would make it possible for its clients to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin…

The Digital Pound Foundation Wants UK’s CBDC

While interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) continues to soar around the world, a group of innovation and regulatory experts in the U.K. are taking a proactive step to promote its launch in the country.
Big-name brands including Accenture, Billon Group, Ava Labs, CGI Group, Electroneum and Ripple are some of the companies that have joined forces to launch the Digital Pound Foundation (DPF), a nonprofit focused on the creation and implementation of a digital pound in the United Kingdom.
Chaired by Barclays senior executive Jeremy Wilson, the recently launched forum aims to…

Ripple Is Helping BCB Build A CBDC Prototype In Brazil – CryptoMode

Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, will eventually hit the market, whether one wants it or not. Brazil is one of the many countries where a CBDC can make a significant impact. However, few people realize the country is working with Ripple to build a prototype, even though very few details are public at this time. 
Brazil Is Developing a CBDC
Similar to other countries, Brazil wants to explore the concept of a CBDC in the future.
Many factors remain unknown, including the deployment, implementation, and even the name.
Banco Central do Brasil, the country’s central bank,…

XRP bulls plan comeback with arrival of wXRP in DeFi

Wrapped XRP will be added to the Ethereum blockchain in December, increasing the utility of the altcoin.
The arrival of XRP on DeFi opens new markets and uses in the decentralized application ecosystem.
Experts predict Ripple’s win in SEC vs. Ripple case, implying a bull run in XRP.
Alongside positive developments in the SEC vs. Ripple case, the XRP network has bullish updates in its ecosystem. Wrapped recently announced support for XRP (wXRP) on the Ethereum…

XRP and XLM compete for CBDC market share

Moneygram has partnered with Ripple’s competitor Stellar to enable cash funding and payout in currencies like USD, JPY using USDC.
Ripple offers smart contract functionality while Stellar is a competitor that offers built in asset issuance, eliminating need for smart contracts.
XRP holders awaiting outcome of the SEC v. Ripple case can now represent their interests as “Amicus Curiae.”
XRP holders rejoice after being called to represent their interests as “a friend of…

Let’s Not Forget the Bigger Picture Behind the Ripple Lawsuit

Amid the euphoria in the cryptocurrency sector as major digital assets exceed or are on the cusp of breaking all-time records, a notable third wheel exists that isn’t exactly in a celebratory mood. Once one of the most powerful altcoins, Ripple (CCC:XRP-USD), the centralized blockchain-based asset that supposedly isn’t remains locked in a tight legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Source: Shutterstock
To be sure, the matter is a confusing one for casual…

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Cool Binary Clock Uses Old-School LEDs And A Fancy Graphic PCB

Ah, the 5mm LED. Once a popular choice, they’ve been supplanted in modernity by smaller SMD components and/or more capable RGB parts in recent years. However, they’re still able to do the job and are a great way to give your project that proper homebrew look. [Ian Dunn] chose those very parts to produce his 4017 Decade Binary Clock.

The clock uses only digital logic ICs to tell the time – there are no microcontrollers here! After four or five iterations over almost a whole year, [Ian] was finally able to coax the circuit into reliable operation. As you’d expect, it relies on a 32.768 kHz crystal to provide a stable clock. Fed into a 4060 binary ripple counter, that clock is divided down 14 times to deliver a 2Hz square wave. This then goes through a 4027 flip flop to get the desired 1Hz signal.


Notes on Ripple

Ripple is a real time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network. Used by companies such as Santander, Unicredit and UBS. More than 17 banks are using it.Make ...