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Retail Predictive Analytics: Popular Use Cases

There was a time when brick-and-mortar stores were the only face of retail. The system worked well too and everyone seemed happy. That is until technology came along and, well, changed everything. Of course, the retail sector, as well as its customers, have benefitted immensely from such technologies. Case in point: Predictive analytics; as the industry evolves and adapts to a changing market and evolving customer demands, predictive analytics is helping retailers not only keep up but…… Read more...

🎙 Judah Phillips / Squark about No-Code Predictive Analytics

Getting to know the experience gained by researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs doing real ML work is an excellent source of insight and inspiration. Share this interview if you find it enriching. No subscription is needed.Share👤 Intro / Judah PhillipsTell us a bit about yourself. Your background, current role and how did you get started in machine learning? Judah Phillips (JP): I’m an entrepreneur who started working in software in the late ’90s. When the dotcom bubble burst,…… Read more...

4 Ways in Which Predictive Analytics in Insurance is Paving the Way for the Future

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Project Software Delivery Manager with demonstrated experience of 13 years expertise in Insurtech.

Since its inception, insurance has been all about making predictions. What is the probability of an instance occurrence? What is the risk factor associated with an individual? What should be an appropriate reimbursement against a policy? And the list goes on.

Fortunately, with the advent of data, predictive analytics for insurance has become easier and more accurate. With a data-based environment, it is simpler to quantify the eventualities and mathematically compute all possibilities rather than depending on one’s hunch or instincts.

Predictive Analytics in insurance deals with data available from multiple sources to discover trends and patterns, which are otherwise missed by the human eye, to forecast future outcomes.


4. Predictive Analytics Goes to College – to Predict Student Success

Summary:  Higher education has been a little slow on the uptake to use advanced analytics to improve student success but now with the technology that allows us to marry and analyze structured and unstructured data, including streaming data, a number of successful projects are underway.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar focusing on the work of two Pivotal data scientists working with a prestigious mid-west university to use data to predict student success.  It’s a topic that has long interested me as I devoted a good deal of time trying to promote this type of project in the early 2000’s. … Read more...

The Five Ways To Build Machine Learning Models

Machine learning is powering most of the recent advancements in AI, including computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics, autonomous systems, and a wide range of applications. Machine learning systems are core to enabling each of these seven patterns of AI.
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In order to move up the data value chain from the information level  to the knowledge level, we need to apply machine learning that will enable systems to identify patterns in data and learn from those patterns to apply to new, never before seen data. Machine learning is not all of AI, but it is a big part of it.… Read more...