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Amazon Outage Disabled IoT/Smart Devices, Stopped Package Deliveries; People Were Locked Out of Homes and…

By B.N. Frank
Experts have been warning for years about security risks associated with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and various IoT/Smart devices (see 1, 2). In the meantime, cyberattacks, threats, and vulnerabilities continue to be reported (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).  Of course a software outage can cause problems too.
From MSN:
How Amazon Outage Left Smart Homes Not So Smart After All
(Bloomberg) — The outage at Amazon.com Inc.’s cloud-computing arm left thousands of people in the U.S. without working fridges, roombas and doorbells, highlighting…

Decentralized dYdX Went Down Due to Reliance on Centralized Cloud Services

Source: AdobeStock / RealPhoto Decentralized exchange (DEX) dYdX was down for 9 hours Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning, due to a major outage that hit Amazon’s cloud-service network Amazon Web Services (AWS), once again stirring up debates about decentralization.Some commenters have questioned whether a decentralized protocol that relies on services from a centralized corporation is really decentralized.”Time to retire “decentralized finance”. We aren’t decentralized, the old guard will keep trying to use it as their…

Facebook, Amazon, Venmo Down As AWS Outage Hits Thousands

By Tyler Durden
Earlier in the day Merrill was down, then Vanguard and Robinhood, and now a slew of even more widely used websites are suffering widespread outages….
Source: DownDetector
The central factor driving the outages appears to be Amazon Web Services:

But AWS now says it identified the root cause of the earlier outage and is actively working towards recovery:
8:22 AM PST We are investigating increased error rates for the AWS Management Console.
8:26 AM PST We are experiencing API and console issues in the US-EAST-1 Region. We have identified root cause and we are actively…

AI with everything: The future of artificial intelligence in smarter networking | VanillaPlus

AI is, say the experts, set to revolutionise every aspect of connectivity. The zero-touch, software-defined, self-healing, threat-aware networks of tomorrow will be light years from the clunky, hardware-heavy, manually-driven connections of the recent past. We are currently at a transition point between these worlds, says Guy Matthews, editor of NetReporter. AI-driven change is clearly needed if mounting challenges are to be addressed, argues Mark Leary, research director for network analytics and automation with independent consulting firm IDC, “The recent Google Cloud outage is still…

What’s Next for AI in the Public Sector?

ElevenPhotographs | unsplash
We’ve all been hearing how almost any organization, of any size, anywhere can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and revenue. Teachers can alter course material to fit the learning needs of students, insurers can grow capacity and reduce fraudulent claims, utilities can predict equipment downtime and avoid outages, consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations can forecast what their customers will want to buy next. The applications of AI to business are endless, limited only by the fact that poor data used to train the AI can…

Why Facebook’s Outage Illustrates The Need for Decentralized Social Media

On October 4, a six-hour Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Instagram, and WhatsApp outage sent the internet into a frenzy. For many in the United States this seemed silly – we can all spend a few hours without social media, right? Sure, most of us can skip scrolling for a bit, but it’s a different story abroad.
When the outage happened, communications were crippled for education, government, and medical care across places like Latin America, India, and Africa….

Lessons to be Learned from the Facebook Outage

The October 4, 2021 great Facebook outage, which lasted for over 6 hours, making all FB properties (including Instagram, Snapshot, and even internal tools employees at FB use to communicate between themselves or even to enter the building) were down. Twitter’s co-founder seemed so happy, and another big winner was DownDetector.com, which for several hours acted as a substitute to FB, with dozens of thousands users expressing their opinions about…


This Week in the New Normal #6

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world.
There was no TWitNN last week, because of the 9/11 anniversary, so this edition is technically, “The last two weeks in the new normal”.

1. Is the UK heading for a winter black-out?

This week it was reported that a fire at a power relay station has damaged a cable running electricity from France to the UK. The cable apparently can’t be fixed until March (although I have yet to see any explanation as to why), which means electricity prices are set to jump up this winter.

Real fire or no, you can be sure the power companies don’t mind the bump in revenue.


Coding Ethics for AI & AIOps: Designing Responsible AI Systems

By Manisha Singh, Advanced Analytics & Tech Strategist



Can you relate to this image ? This is a typical log file that support / dev teams have struggled – manually reading the logs line by line to resolve an outage/anomaly. Such was the era of traditional IT operations where : Process was time consuming, correlation between different layers of platform and multiple log files was difficult; Results could vary & valid for a particular time duration; Results could be lost and history wasn’t saved and Thus this approach did not scale.

This consumed multiple resources from support teams, Dev, Infra over emergency calls running several hours gazing at several Dashboards & tools wondering where to start ?


Paper and Hardware Wallets


Once your crypto is printed, store it at some safe place. When ready to cash in the currency use some online or mobile wallet app to get the coins from the paper to the wallet or your bank. Some exchanges allow you to go straight from the paper wallet to the exchanges´s online wallet.


– Cannot be hacked online
– Can be stored in a safe place like a safety deposit
– Dont worry about outages or hardware issues.


– Accidentally lost or destroyed
– Your password can be stolen while creating the paper wallet


In the form of USB device where you can store ether or any other crypto. Trezor is the most popular one


– Backup your wallet and restore them later even if the hardware gets lots
– Water resistant, durable
– Can store multiple cryptos at the same time


– Vulnerable as any other electronic device
– If someone has your PIN you may loose all cryptos
– If someone get your recovery card, they can reset your pin
– Can be hacked when online