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The path to crypto adoption

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are evolving from a niche interest to a mainstream conversation. The variety of NFT art — from cuddly to edgy to menacing — is drawing in a new audience of enthusiasts. Beyond the art, NFTs are providing a glimpse into a new layer of social interaction.When framed as micro-social networks, NFTs could lead the way to a new form of social media based on creativity, ownership and contribution. Groups serve as epicenters of NFTs projectsEvery week, dozens of Discord and Telegram groups appear in support of new NFT projects. These groups serve as the epicenter for…

Christie’s to curate NFT auctions with OpenSea. What’s the strategy? – Ledger Insights

Renowned auction house Christie’s has announced a partnership with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea. The first collection will be open for browsing from December 1, curated by Christie’s.

Christie’s was one of the first major auction houses to start paying attention to NFTs. The auction of Beeple’s EVERYDAY: 5000 days piece back in March for $69 million had an important role in helping NFTs hit the headlines beyond the niche crypto enthusiast press.

Taking a look at what’s in it for each of the parties, on the one hand, OpenSea is the largest NFT…

Coinbase NFT: Analyst claims this could hurt ‘wildfire NFT adoption’

In November, NFT marketplace OpenSea surged past $10 billion in volume. However, one analyst thinks this major player could soon see tough competition from a new rival.
Coinbase versus OpenSea
Coinbase’s NFT marketplace reportedly saw millions of emails to sign up in its first few days. Like many, researcher Max Maher wondered if Coinbase NFT could blow OpenSea out of the water, so to speak.
According to Maher, however,
“So comparing the numbers, both Coinbase’s addressable market and the NFT market could increase substantially. NFT trading volume, even as niche as it is, hit $10.7…

Build your NFT empire with Moon

While the global market cap of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, investors are witnessing an unprecedented investment interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). If the crypto sector can be called dynamic, the NFT market can be considered to be on fire. Sales of NFTs surged to $10.7 billion in Q3 2021, up a staggering 700%+ from the previous quarter, while the total value of NFTs has rocketed to a new record high of $43 billion in October 2021.
The excitement over this space has been accompanied by the birth of a new niche: NFT Metaverses. Bloomberg has called these interactive virtual…

Featured News | Dark Side of Trust in AI | Wildlife Recovery and AI | Collection of AI Book Reviews

Dear AI Enthusiasts Around the World,
Change and advancement are fundamental. Without these, there is no going forward – be that on personal grounds or in business.
SwissCognitive, grew out of Switzerland into a World-Leading AI Network connecting AI experts, business leaders, and technology enthusiasts. This global network with over 1/2million followers is driven by the future that is propelled by the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence. With you receiving this newsletter featured with the latest AI cross-industry news, you are already part of this niche, yet global…

Polkadot, Solana are institutional faves, but is it time to decouple yet

The third quarter wasn’t a pleasant ride for the wider market. And still, certain altcoins carved their niche and emerged as the top gainers. Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum didn’t see any major upswings in terms of price all through Q3, altcoins like Solana and Cardano noted separate rallies after the larger market thought they had “decoupled.”
Polkadot’s rallies were viewed by many as independent since the alt rose by 150% throughout August and September on a wave of high social anticipation. As these altcoins charted high gains towards the end of Q3, institutional interest…

Deep-tech startups become hot targets for global firms


Several deep-tech startups in India are being acquired by larger global companies to gain access to niche technologies and quality talent, indicating a strong demand for startups focusing on disruptive tech that can solve complex global problems.

In June, KPIT Technologies Ltd announced the signing of a definitive pact to buy a controlling stake in Bengaluru-based PathPartner Technology for about ₹191 crore. The latter is a specialist in providing product engineering services to customers across automotive, consumer…

Slotie NFT – The Future of DeFi Gambling

The rise of NFT continues to surge in the market and within less than a span of time, the combined market cap of the NFT projects increased by 1,785%.NFTs have reached mainstream adoption and have grown from a small niche into a multi-billion dollar industry. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a very popular term in the world of cryptocurrency. They are non-interchangeable digital assets that serve as valid proof of ownership on the blockchain. They are indivisible and non-replicable, to which people can attach value and we can now see it growing in several different ways.The demand for…

President at Film.io, a Blockchain based Platform for Empowering Film Creators, Shares Latest…

We recently connected with Ian LeWinter, an experienced producer and President at Film.io.
LeWinter told us that he’s looking to challenge the existing order by providing new paths for filmmakers to build, fund, and distribute movies and TV shows.
Film.io is a blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT)-powered platform for empowering film, television, and VR creators, which is getting closer to greenlighting their digital ecosystem.
The engine aims to create opportunities for independent producers and niche productions that, otherwise, would not see the light of day. Hollywood…

The merging of decentralized and traditional finance is inevitable

When Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, first came on the scene a few years ago, it was more of a curiosity, and certainly didn’t pose any form of serious competition for traditional finance.However, in 2021, that is changing fast. Now, DeFi is becoming a major player in the economic world, and big names are starting to notice. What once was an experimental niche has evolved into a thriving ecosystem for disintermediated financial services.And TradFi is now left with two choices: Embrace…

Super 8 Camera Brought Back To Life

The Super 8 camera, while a groundbreaking video recorder in its time, is borderline unusable now. Even if you can get film for it (and afford its often enormous price), it still only records on 8mm film which isn’t exactly the best quality of film around, not to mention that a good percentage of these cameras couldn’t even record audio. They were largely made obsolete by camcorders in the late ’80s and early ’90s, although some are still used for niche artistic purposes. If you’d rather not foot the bill for the film, though, you can still put one of these to work with the help of a Raspberry Pi.

[befinitiv] has a knack for repurposing antique analog equipment like this while preserving its aesthetic. While the bulk of the space inside of this camera would normally be used for housing film, this makes a perfect spot to place a Raspberry Pi Zero, a rechargeable battery, and a power converter circuit all in a 3D printed enclosure that snaps into the camera just as a film roll would have.… Read more...

Why You Should *Not* Niche Down with Formlabs CEO, Max Lobovsky

How going to market with a more broad strategy was what helped make Formlabs successful

Photo by Opt Lasers on Unsplash

You’ve heard it time and time again: “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” In growing businesses, this phrase has…

Continue reading: https://medium.com/the-mission/why-you-should-not-niche-down-with-formlabs-ceo-max-lobovsky-56a1831b352d?source=rss—-b230ea2a6eb8—4

Source: medium.com

Gopher, The Competing Standard To WWW In The ’90s Is Still Worth Checking Out

The 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web passed earlier this year. Naturally, this milestone was met with truckloads of nerdy fanfare and pining for those simpler times. In three decades, the Web has evolved from a promising niche experiment to being an irreplaceable component of global discourse. For all its many faults, the Web has become all but essential for billions around the world, and isn’t going anywhere soon.

As the mainstream media lauded the immense success for the Web, another Internet information system also celebrated thirty years – Gopher. A forgotten heavyweight of the early Internet, the popularity of Gopher plummeted during the late 90s, and nearly disappeared entirely. Thankfully, like its plucky namesake, Gopher continued to tunnel across the Internet well into the 21st century, supported by a passionate community and with an increasing number of servers coming online.


As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm

Creator economy is a buzzy, often catchall term used to describe independent contractors. But in reality, most of the innovation has revolved around passion-project content (Substack for writing, Teachable for courses, etc.) and niche side projects. To date, “creator” tools have largely been quasi-horizontal, designed to serve broad categories of largely creative pursuits: writing, podcasting, course creation, and the like.
Lost in all this talk of digital nomads and side gigs, however,…

Why there won’t be a robot uprising any time soon

When you read the word ‘robot’, what comes into your mind?

Most people think of a ‘metal man’, a large humanoid figure with a square head, rather like the Tin Man in the film The Wizard of Oz or R2D2 in Star Wars.

But if you ask people whether they have come across a robot in their own lives, they will usually describe a robot vacuum cleaner, or lawnmower. A small, single-minded cylinder, slowly covering the ground. Less impressive, but much more useful. Successful robots keep it simple.

Robots lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners are really not amazingly intelligent. The grass-cutter needs an edging-tape to stop it wandering off the lawn. Robot vacuum cleaners can get Lego pieces or other debris jammed into their mechanisms. Or in the worst case, as at least one owner of an un-toilet trained puppy discovered, they might run over something messy and distribute it over a wide area.


China Manipulates Social Media to Spark Protests in the U.S.

Both a September report by cybersecurity firm FireEye and a threat assessment post by Google highlight the scope of China’s current global propaganda campaign.

According to FireEye’s Threat Research Blog, thousands of “inauthentic accounts” — across dozens of social media platforms and websites around the world — amplify the Chinese government’s messaging. While several non-government organizations, cybersecurity firms, and media outlets have reported on the way China’s Twitter network manipulates social medial platforms, FireEye and Alphabet say the breadth and scope of the propaganda campaign is much greater than previously thought:

Most reporting has highlighted English and Chinese-language activity occurring on the social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Interview Series Part III: — Crack any Business Case Interviews

Machine Learning/DataScience Interview Series: How you should approach business case interviews to make it to the next stage

Interview Series Part III: — Crack any Business Case Interviews

This is my 3rd post in the “Machine Learning/Data Science Interview” series. The first post I wrote focused on technical interviews and can be found here. The second post I wrote focused on behavioral interviews and can be found here. In this post I am writing about case study interviews.

An important requisite for roles in Data Science is the need to understand the business problems in-depth, to provide a better, feasible, and niche solution. In case-study interviews, the candidate is given a scenario that needs to be solved using the data, keeping in mind the business problem.


ROK Defeats Niche Zero Part 3


Modern snakes evolved from a few survivors of dino-killing asteroid

A new study suggests that all living snakes evolved from a handful of species that survived the giant asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs and most other living things at the end of the Cretaceous. The authors say that this devastating extinction event was a form of ‘creative destruction’ that allowed snakes to diversify into new niches, previously filled by their competitors.

The research, published in Nature Communications, shows that snakes, today including almost 4000 living species, started to diversify around the time that an extra-terrestrial impact wiped out the dinosaurs and most other species on the planet.

The study, led by scientists at the University of Bath and including collaborators from Bristol, Cambridge and Germany, used fossils and analysed genetic differences between modern snakes to reconstruct snake evolution.


Seeing Clearly

How KITS Co-founder Roger Hardy has found repeated success in the DTC Eyewear Space through a customer-first approach

Photo by Redowan Dhrubo on Unsplash

Sometimes, people are just born with a gift, and for Roger Hardy, all the evidence points toward the fact that he has a knack for DTC eyewear. That’s a very specific niche to live in, but Hardy has made himself comfortable there over the years. His first foray into the space was in the early 2000s, before ecommerce was even a thing, when he and his sister started a little brand called Coastal. They built a website, bought some contact lenses and just started selling them. The first month, they made 70,000 sales. By the end of their first year, they were up to 2.5 million, and in year two, they had eclipsed 100 million.


Scientists Use AI to Decode How Artists Have Bursts of Creativity – The Swaddle

There’s one truth any artist knows all too well. There’s no formula to creativity. It trickles into the consciousness in mysterious ways; the odd conversation, a stray passage, abstract thoughts snowball into brilliance. What brings about this brilliance, what people also call “hot streaks,” for artists?

That was the subject of a recent study published in Nature Communications. The researchers built on the preexisting idea that anyone remotely creative finds themselves on a roll at some point. The streak is marked randomly, determined by personal traits and fields. “Although hot streaks have been widely debated in sports, gambling, and financial markets over the past several decades, little is known about whether they apply to individual careers,” a previous exploration noted.


Activation functions you might have missed

Should you “swish” to these new inventions, or stay with the oldies but goldies?


ROK Defeats Niche Zero: Part 2

Coffee Data Science

Coffee Grinder Showdown, Particle Distributions

In part 1, we found that the Rok grinder was better for espresso than the Niche. I wanted to understand why, so I collected some grounds particle distributions to search for clues. I looked at a few roasts as well as with and without the flow control disk in the Niche.

For all of these roasts, the grinds from the Rok pulled at a higher extraction yield than from the Niche.

5/24/2021 Roast

This roast had a shift to the right for the Rok compared to the Niche, so the Rok was giving a coarser grind. I tried going coarser on the Niche, but the extraction yield dropped.


This roast had much similar distributions, but the Rok still was pulling higher.


The story was the same as before.…

Adapting Data Science Tools for Social Impact in Philanthropy

What does data science look like at the Rockefeller Foundation? What does a typical day look like for the team?

Data has actually been at the core of the Rockefeller Foundation’s approach to realizing impact since its founding in 1913. Taking a hypothesis- and data-driven approach was called “scientific philanthropy” at that time. The Rockefeller Foundation Statistics and Machine Learning team was originally envisioned to take advantage of the newest analytical techniques to enhance our data-driven approach to our existing philanthropic activities while adding data science as a consultation service or tool that we could offer alongside monetary resources.

Building on that vision, the team now sits under the broad umbrella of the Innovation Team and is only about two years old.