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NFTs are NOT Securities

The US SEC wants to determine if creators and exchanges are using digital assets like NFTs to raise funds like traditional securities.

🔵 Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets.

But let us remember that #NFTs are not:

📌 Equities (they do not generate dividends),
📌 Debt (they do not generate interest).…

NFTs: In the end it will all come down to brands

Here’s a prediction for NFTs: In the end it will all come down to brands.

This is why:

What makes an NFT project valuable? 3 things:

1️⃣ Purpose
2️⃣ Utility
3️⃣ Community

Who are the established players with tons of purpose, utility and community? brands.

👉 #Brands are the winners.

And here’s another bonus point: regulation is coming, and it’s a regulatory tidal wave.… Read more...

NFTs: Next Big Thing in Advertising?

New brand storytelling and audience interaction methods have emerged that allow companies to use #NFTs to boost brand awareness, because of the fan base they attract.

And as #web3 continues to evolve and grow, so will the adaptation of NFTs in the #Metaverse economy as:

✅ game assets
✅ membership passes
✅ virtual land ownership

The problem with royalties:

A typical brand marketing campaign today pays a creator up-front for a partnership.… Read more...

Confusing Scarcity and Value

⚠️ Don´t fall into the trap of confusing scarcity with value

Most of the crypto community boasts about the uniqueness of an NFT as a source of value.

Confusing #scarcity with value is one of the most widespread fallacies in this industry. And it generates all sorts of nonsense on a daily basis.

👉 A stone on the ground is always unique; no 2 are identical.… Read more...

What do you own when you buy an art NFT?

The question raises a crucial legal question related to the nature of the link between the artwork and the token: is the token itself a work, a new material support of the work, or only a certification tool?

Reality is that when you purchase an NFT, you’re not purchasing the art at all – you’re buying a little packet of data on the #blockchain that points towards some art.… Read more...

What brings value to NFTs ?

Art NFTs
✅Value comes from the signature of the artist.
➡️ Are you a known artists o designer, have brand?

Utility #NFTs
✅ Value comes from time: income, gifts, etc.
➡️ Can you deliver more stuff in the future?

✅Intrinsic value of the underlying asset: real estate, stock, etc.
➡️ Do you have something valuable to split?…

Get educated on #nfts

99% of the current projects will fail .. just like internet stocks in 1999,

…but the overall technology of where blockchain tech is, and what #web3 means to all of us is a big deal.

The real potential of #NFTs lies in the management of #property rights: intellectual, real estate, etc.

Managing those rights now involves long and complex processes, designed to systematically enrich the parasitic classes.

With NFTs you will buy and sell assets with orderly and efficient transactions.… Read more...

#web3 and #nfts will not become mainstream until all (centralized) players secure their interests and their share of the pie.

That is, until they control the technology and #regulation to make it happen.

hopefully they fail this time

Are NFTs the Next Evolution of Social Media?

The utility of #NFTs has the potential to go far beyond that single-use case. They can completely redefine customer experience, community engagement, and loyalty. As a result, a new era of social interactions and commercial use cases will likely emerge in the next few years.

✔️ Blockchain technology offers an efficient way to create networks, memberships, private clubs, fan bases, customer bases, and much more.… Read more...

NFTs and the music industry

The average American consumer spends a third of their waking hours streaming #music, and yet only 1% of music artists are able to make a living through streaming.

The state of the music-industrial complex is the definition of unfair. We live in a time where music has never been easier to record, distribute and listen to.… Read more...

NFTs: Back into a period of market consolidation

If there are any positives to a bear market, it is what happens in the absence of quick money opportunities. The thought is that the people who remain are those who truly believe in blockchain tech. If you are confident and excited about the long-term future of blockchain technology, short-term changes are less impactful.… Read more...

NFTs are pointers to other things

#NFTs are pointers, links to other things. Similar to the QR code, which is basically a link, but in here its linking a specific, unique Blockhain address with some real or virtual world stuff.

What we are doing in here is replacing a sensitive digital asset with a non-sensitive equivalent (token) that shows no extrinsic or exploitable value.… Read more...