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One-stop DeFi ecosystem Spike Inu Goes Live on Coinmarketcap By BTC Peers

One-stop DeFi ecosystem Spike Inu Goes Live on Coinmarketcap

Decentralized finance platform, Spike Inu, finally goes live on Coinmarketcap, shortly after listing on Coingecko early this month. The project offers a one-stop ecosystem that includes DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, and a multichain wallet. The platform also features a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that allows users to easily swap ERC-20 tokens across multiple blockchains.
Announced Thursday, Spike Inu is the latest project to gain a listing on two of the top data aggregators – Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The listing aims…

Building multichain is a new necessity for DeFi products

At present, your DeFi product needs to be multichain to be competitive — this is the hard (and exciting) truth of 2021. Whether you’re building a wallet, a lending service or a DeFi game, your target audience knows that there is more to the crypto space than Ethereum. And they expect you to provide the best of all worlds. It seems there will always be a debate about which blockchain makes for the best foundation for projects. Enhanced security, low transaction costs and formidable speed — there will always be a chain that offers bigger advantages. As the speculators argue over the…

The Next Level in Crypto Biometric Authentication

As crypto adoption continues to expand globally, user security in terms of authentication is definitely one of the big challenges to the crypto environment.The need for a solution like Avarta, a multichain wallet, with biometrics security, Trust Score records, and cybersecurity platform for the ever growing DeFi, is absolutely necessary.Avarta’s most distinguishable feature is its unique manner of addressing the many security flaws in authentication within blockchain platforms. Avarta came up with a groundbreaking solution to address the user id challenge in the crypto finance universe…

Enterprise blockchain MultiChain introduces NFT support – Ledger Insights

Today MultiChain launched the latest iteration of its enterprise blockchain, including native support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While NFTs have become enormously popular for collectibles, for a long time, they’ve been used to track anything unique, whether it’s a luxury watch or a document such as an invoice to be used for trade finance.

MultiChain is targeting both the collectible and the business provenance use cases.

“We were already building our trade asset management solution on MultiChain,” said Kieran Kelly, CTO of ubloquity. “With the addition of…

Odin Platform Opens a Gateway to Cardano & Solana

Odin is a very promising project with a development team that is working hard into providing the users with a plethora of features, capabilities, and tech. Today, Odin has expanded its blockchain from using just Solana into incorporating Cardano as well, creating a multichain platform that will become more efficient and secure.
Benefits Of Working In Multichain
Multichain incorporates the use of more than one blockchain to operate a platform, As a private blockchain, it assures network scalability by restricting the data shared every block, removing extraneous…

India’s 13-Year-Old Coder Raises $300,000 for New DeFi Project

Indian teenager Gajesh Naik made headlines earlier this year when he built Gaj Finance, a multichain decentralized finance (defi) protocol, which currently manages some $1.2 million in crypto of user funds.

Now the 13-year-old high school student has raised $300,000 in pre-seed funding for his latest DeFi project called Taksh. Built on Avalanche, the protocol aims to maximize yields by “compounding rewards and farming.”

The funding round was led by Ravindra Kumar, founder of cross-blockchain platform Frontier, and other unnamed investors. Naik told Beincrypto.com…

Nervos debuts mainnet beta layer-two blockchain project

Public blockchain platform Nervos Network has announced the mainnet beta launch of Godwoken.The layer-two blockchain protocol integrates Ethereum Virtual Machine capabilities and optimistic rollup mechanics to provide instant transaction finality and low fees within an Ethereum-like environment. Built upon the existing Nervos layer-one network, the multichain solution seeks to capitalize on Ethereum’s well-documented drawbacks — most notably, network congestion, high gas fees and scalability — and benefit from the growing importance of layer-two alternative platforms.This…

FreeTON set to launch groundbreaking Bridge DAO at the end of October

DeFi developer Broxus has announced that their planned FreeTON Bridge DAO will be activated at the end of October. The DAO will boost second-layer ecosystem development, including expansion of the FreeTON Bridge’s multichain structure.
Bridges in DeFi act as links between different independent blockchains. This can be crucial given how fractured the industry is and the benefits of being able to transfer assets easily from one chain to another and back again. Broxus’ FreeTON Bridge is a multi-network, second-layer solution that links the FreeTON blockchain with that of Ethereum,…

FreeTON set to launch groundbreaking Bridge DAO at the end of October