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¿Qué es Matrix?

Matrix es una construcción a nivel físico y energético que mantienen funcionando las entidades o personas que gobiernan nuestra realidad. Son lo que se hace llamar cabal, globalistas, deep state, etc. Personas que no tienen los mismos estándares morales que la sociedad pero cuya agenda es la de esclavizar las almas de todo el mundo.

La Matrix es una red de esclavitud que condiciona cómo pensamos, cómo sentimos y cómo nos relacionamos con el mundo: un mundo en el que estamos todos metidos peleándonos como robots. En su esencia está la fabricación de consenso: necesitan de una masa crítica de personas que lo “compren” y que por ejemplo crean que las noticias les dan una imagen precisa de la realidad del mundo.… Read more...

A Comprehensive Guide to Image Processing: Fundamentals


Speed Transition Matrix: Novel road traffic data modeling technique

Let’s firstly explain the basic parts of the STM:

1. Transition

In STM concept, the transition is defined as a movement of a single vehicle between two consecutive road segments (links). In one transition, we have two links, origin and destination. It is important to mention that link length depends on the map that you use. For example, OpenStreetMap uses very short links (few meters), while other map providers define one link as all road segments between two junctions.

Examples of two transitions on the road network (Image by: Author)

2. Speed

The second step is the speed calculation. To construct an STM, we compute the speed of every vehicle that travels through the transition. It is important to compute speed on the origin and destination link.


Art and Artificial Intelligence – City Journal

In an age of conspiracies, here is a striking example, preposterous as it may sound. Highly intelligent robots—general artificial intelligence—surround us, undetected but fundamentally in charge, and human beings are just following instructions that they receive from these elusive entities. Or, a little less preposterously, imagine that the world is alive with consciousness and intelligence, and human thought reflects these processes.

Does it sound like something out of The Matrix? The science fiction classic is not science fiction but a parable of something very real—namely, cinema itself. When you enter the dark room of a movie theater, a radical transformation takes place. You become the screen, and the mind that perceives, thinks, and connects ideas is fully contained in the celluloid roll, or the digital file.