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Cardano NFT Marketplace Verlux Releases The First UI Demo Of Their Platform

Verlux.io, a Cardano based NFT Marketplace, has begun its seed sale to early adopters on Cardano, which will run until 9th of Decembers and as at the time of writing this, almost 50% of the allotted 250 Million $VLX tokens have been sold.
About Verlux
Verlux NFT Platform is a new NFT Marketplace based on the Cardano blockchain. Unlike existing NFT marketplaces on cardano now which operate using a sign up /  login modal, Verlux will tow the path of decentralization by utilizing the connect wallet feature.
Digital creators, Meme makers & Artistes can utilize the…

NFT exchange OpenSea made just $28,000 a month when it launched 4 years ago. Now its founders are…

NFTSOPA images/ Getty ImagesNFT marketplace OpenSea made a meager $28,000 per month in revenue two years ago, Forbes reported. 
Its founders decided it would fold if sales didn’t double by the end of 2020 — then hit that goal by September of that year.
Now, the company transacts billions of dollars in NFTs per month.
After two years in operation, the founders of OpenSea, an exchange for non-fungible tokens, were nearing a make-or-break moment. By March 2020, the platform was still only making a meager $28,000 in commission revenue per month since launching in December 2017,…

First NFT Moves From BSN-Connected Cosmos Blockchain To Ethereum | Blockchain24

From BSN to Ethereum via two blockchains to Cosmos. The experiment with the transfer of non-fungible tokens involved four blockchains. Before landing on OpenSea on Ethereum, the token from WenChang Chain had to go through the IRITA Hub and IRIS Hub.
IRISnet facilitated the transfer of a non-fungible token from the WenChang Chain, an authorized distributed network that was built using the Cosmos software development kit, to the largest NFT marketplace, Ethereum.
Bridge for NFT between Cosmos-based WenChang Chain and Ethereum
According to the official…

Data Science and Machine Learning’s Potential for Fraud Detection

The consumer marketplace has been a hot spot for fraud lately. This is due in part to the rise in more digitally focused transactions amid the pandemic and the evolving way we communicate with our banks. We’re seeing a rise in fraud risk surrounding applications that are newer to the market, like digital wallets, buy now pay later (BNPL), peer-to-peer (P2P) payments as well as those that have been in the market for a while such as bank transfers and card not present (CNP) payment methods. Consumers are attracted to these methods because they’re convenient, meaning…

Christie’s to curate NFT auctions with OpenSea. What’s the strategy? – Ledger Insights

Renowned auction house Christie’s has announced a partnership with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea. The first collection will be open for browsing from December 1, curated by Christie’s.

Christie’s was one of the first major auction houses to start paying attention to NFTs. The auction of Beeple’s EVERYDAY: 5000 days piece back in March for $69 million had an important role in helping NFTs hit the headlines beyond the niche crypto enthusiast press.

Taking a look at what’s in it for each of the parties, on the one hand, OpenSea is the largest NFT…

VP of WazirX NFT Marketplace on NFT Trends, Challenges, Solutions, and More

Vishakha Singh, VP of WazirX NFT Marketplace, and Matt Zahab, the host of the Cryptonews Podcast. Although only a small portion of the Indian population has purchased non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so far, the market is ripe for growth as there is a lot of interest in creating and monetizing content there, Vishakha Singh, Co-founder and Vice President (VP) of WazirX NFT Marketplace, told Cryptonews.com at the Blockchain Economy Expo 2021 conference in Dubai last week.Top India-based crypto exchange WazirX, which is owned by Binance and is planning to launch a non-custodial exchange, has…

Snoop Dogg Debuts NFT on SuperRare on view During Miami Art Week

SuperRare, the pioneering marketplace for curated NFT artwork, today debuts the first ever NFT artwork collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Coldie entitled Decentral Eyes Dogg. Featuring original artwork by both artists and a new audio track by Snoop Dogg the NFT will be available via timed auction November 29 – December 3 exclusively on SuperRare and will be on view during Miami Art Week at SuperRare’s curated exhibitions at nftnow x Christie’s and at the Flager Street Art Festival on the monolith.Snoop Dogg states: “Over the last year I have become a collector, a creator and…

Flare Partners With Enterprise Gaming Platform Rival to Become Its Preferred Token Platform

The Federal Byzantine Agreement-based (FBA) network, Flare, recently partnered with Rival to become its preferred NFT, Utility, and DAO token platform for Rival’s NFT marketplace.
Flare and Rival’s Partnership
Rival is an enterprise solution that integrates gaming, esports, and now NFTs, into a company’s fan-engagement strategy. Some of these entities are the Seattle Seahawks from the NFL and the Arizona Coyotes from the NHL.
Using Flare, fans will be able to trade and engage with one another as NFTs using the project’s canary network, while competing on Rival’s…

How Snowflake is Providing AI Based Solutions to its Customers Hussle-Free?

AI is having been transforming across various companies and industries in many waysArtificial intelligence is driving discoveries and innovations across most industries these days. And several fields have also been revolutionized using AI and many are yet to be undergone. AI technology today is virtually limitless as its products are safe bets to grab a larger share of the marketplace.Snowflake Inc. is a cloud computing-based data warehousing company which is based in Montana. The company delivers the Data Cloud where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale,…

NFT Marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible delist Flurks project from cartoonist, Stonetoss

A political cartoonist who goes by the name of “Stonetoss” or “Stone” has faced censorship on two of the biggest NTF platforms, OpenSea and Rarible, that decided to ban the artist’s Flurks NFTs (non fungible tokens).
No reason for the move has been given yet by either NTF marketplace. Stonetoss, an independent political webcomic, is known for taking aim at so-called social justice causes and the “woke” culture they have spawned, leading some to brand the work as right-wing in nature.
For that reason, those espousing left wing views have in the past campaigned to censor…

PARSIQ Adds OpenSea Data to New Feature Set for NFT Owners

PARSIQ – which was recently listed as the top ranking DeFi project under $100 million in market capitalization – has a hot new integration with OpenSea – the biggest NFT marketplace out there today!So basically, what should users expect from this integration?After announcing to cooperate with OpenSea in terms of connecting the marketplace into its on-chain monitoring platform, the collaboration will provide comprehensive support to users engaged in NFT activities.Particularly, the integration will give customers the ability to generate personalized notifications for NFTs related…

Coinbase NFT: Analyst claims this could hurt ‘wildfire NFT adoption’

In November, NFT marketplace OpenSea surged past $10 billion in volume. However, one analyst thinks this major player could soon see tough competition from a new rival.
Coinbase versus OpenSea
Coinbase’s NFT marketplace reportedly saw millions of emails to sign up in its first few days. Like many, researcher Max Maher wondered if Coinbase NFT could blow OpenSea out of the water, so to speak.
According to Maher, however,
“So comparing the numbers, both Coinbase’s addressable market and the NFT market could increase substantially. NFT trading volume, even as niche as it is, hit $10.7…

FC Barcelona Cancels Ownix NFT Deal Two Weeks After Announcement

FC Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs in the world by revenue, has decided to cancel a deal penned earlier this month with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Ownix after the arrest of Israeli crypto mogul Moshe Hogeg — a consultant for the NFT marketplace. The termination came in the form of a short statement from the club through its website, just days before the club’s first NFT collection auction was scheduled on the platform. FC Barcelona claims that the termination of ties with Ownix is in place with immediate effect.The police arrested Moshe Hogeg, who reportedly has…

NFT music marketplace Royal raises $55M in Series A round

On-chain music platform Royal has announced a Series A funding round led by venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz.Royal allows fans to buy music rights via nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Its co-founders, entrepreneur JD Ross and DJ Justin Blau who goes by the stage name 3LAU, announced on Nov. 23 they had closed a $55 million Series A funding, following a $16 million seed round in August. Prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, or a16z, led the round. Kathryn Huan, General Partner at a16z tweeted about the firm’s investment in Royal’s possibility of transforming the music…

Dallas-Based Creator Economy Pioneer LTK Raises $300M from SoftBank » Dallas Innovates

LTK pioneered the creator economy when it was founded in 2011, launching a new category that monetized Instagram and allowed lifestyle creators to become entrepreneurs. Now the Dallas-based company has new funding to back its status as an industry titan: A $300 million investment from SoftBank Vision Fund 2, putting it among the tech unicorns.
LTK plans to use the capital to expedite growth plans, specifically internationally, while aggressively making new hires across the company. The goal is to accelerate its three-sided tech marketplace that simultaneously serves creators,…

Former Nike Director Chad Knight Joins Wilder World

Chad Knight, the former Head of 3D Design at Nike, recently unveiled an exhibition of new artwork at New York’s GR Gallery. To follow in his digital forays, Knight has joined forces with Wilder World — an immersive 5D metaverse powered by Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO.
Founded by Frank and Phoenix Wilder, Wilder World is a unique crypto marketplace that invites artists of all levels to create…

1kx leads $5m funding round for NFTfi expansion

Innovative NFT-based marketplace NFTfi has secured $5 million in a funding round supported by day one investor 1kx and attracted Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures VC firm. Other participants like Reciprocal Ventures and Scalar Capital put the NFT collateralised loans platform in good company with other successful start-ups which also received similar backing.
NFTfi allows users to secure loans against non-fungible tokens, or to offer loans on NFT assets

The South African start-up was founded by token engineer and smart contract developer Stephen Young in 2020. It grew…

Animoca Brands raises $5M for NFT marketplace, Quidd

Quidd, a marketplace for digital collectibles and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has raised a total of $5 million in private pre-sales and an initial DEX offering (IDO). The token sale took place on Polkadot project incubator Polkastarter on Nov. 18. The allotment of 2 million QUIDD tokens at a price of US$0.25 per token sold out in under an hour, raising $500,000.Earlier this month, the private sale of the Ethereum-based QUIDD tokens raised US$4 million from investors including Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, Kingsway, Mind Fund Group Ltd, Sanctor Capital,…

FC Barcelona Terminates Two Weeks Old Contract With NFT Marketplace Ownix

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has exploded in recent months. It has seen adoption in many different sectors, including music, food, and sports.
Earlier this month, FC Barcelona announced a partnership with premium NFT marketplace Ownix to make the Club’s NFTs. This partnership was, however, short-lived as FC Barcelona on Thursday canceled the deal. The termination came just a few days before the Club’s first NFT collection auction was scheduled on the platform.
FC Barcelona Cancels Ownix Deal
The La Liga club terminated its relationship with Ownix…

What are the top NFT coins? See our list here!

What are NFT coins?With the rapid growth and popularity of NFTs, there are many NFT coins available on the market. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) provide you ownership of any digital artwork, music, videos, collectibles in games, and sports collectibles. Depending on the marketplace, different coins are used on different platforms. I’ve compiled a list of the top NFT crypto coins.  Decentraland (MANA)Price: $2.99289Market cap: $5.44 billionAt the top of the NFT coins list, there’s the MANA NFT coin. Users can use MANA NFT coins to make payments for purchases on the Decentraland Marketplace….

One-stop DeFi ecosystem Spike Inu Goes Live on Coinmarketcap By BTC Peers

One-stop DeFi ecosystem Spike Inu Goes Live on Coinmarketcap

Decentralized finance platform, Spike Inu, finally goes live on Coinmarketcap, shortly after listing on Coingecko early this month. The project offers a one-stop ecosystem that includes DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, and a multichain wallet. The platform also features a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that allows users to easily swap ERC-20 tokens across multiple blockchains.
Announced Thursday, Spike Inu is the latest project to gain a listing on two of the top data aggregators – Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The listing aims…

Arvalex Protocol Launch the First AMM and NFT Marketplace on Avalanche Blockchain

Arvalex is an Avalanche-based protocol for NFT trading, Services exchange built on AMM Protocol. Arvalex Protocol has announced its public launch on Avalanche Blockchain Network.  The Metaverse token $AVRL, which prides itself on being the next generation of protocol “built to enhance ease of commerce and other related transaction in the metaverse,” is powered by and built on the Avalanche Blockchain.
The Avalanche Blockchain which has been proven to be robust is the first point of call as it boasts 4,500 transactions per second (TPS) with less than a…

CXIP, announces DAO for creators to govern and oversee the future of NFT technology.

CXIP, the best in class NFT minting platform, announces a historic decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for creators to ?govern and oversee the future of NFT technology: the CXIP DAO. CXIP, announces DAO for creators to govern and oversee the future of NFT technology.DAOs are groups of people using blockchain technologies to collectively make decisions by enabling radically efficient management of processes, assets, and projects. This is in stark contrast to how most minting studios and marketplaces currently work; by exerting centralized control in a backwards-looking fashion…

NFT platform BollyCoin closes pre-sale round after selling 20 mn tokens worth $2 mn

Bollywood-focused non-fungible token (NFT) platform BollyCoin has closed its pre-sale round, after selling 20 million tokens worth $2 million (around Rs 14.8 crore), the company said in a statement. The startup is expected to go live in December this year.

The Ethereum-based marketplace, started by Bollywood actor, producer and director Atul Agnihotri, would allow fans to invest and trade clips and stills from films, iconic dialogues, posters, unseen footage, social media content and merchandise from celebrities for NFTs, the statement said.

In October this year, Bollywood actor…