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El Éxito de un Producto no va de Resolver Problemas, sino de Hacer Feliz a la Gente

El mayor secreto para producir ventas es ofrecer y dar a la gente lo que realmente desea. La mayoría de los consejos de marketing insisten en ‘resolver problemas’ a clientes.

Pero resolver necesidades inmediatas es solo un paso intermedio. Es importante ir más allá. Lo que todos buscamos (incluso de forma inconsciente) son motivaciones y conceptos más profundos.

Tienes varias opciones para promocionar tu producto:

  • El marketing mediocre se centra en el producto o en el vendedor.
  • El marketing tradicional centra su mensaje en las ventajas, y las hace primar sobre las especificaciones.
  • El marketing brillante gira en torno a la condición humana: sus deseos y aspiraciones.

La ‘magia’ se produce cuando sabes conectar apelando a esas necesidades. Hablo de sentirte mejor, tener más tiempo, crear una familia, divertirte más, enamorarte, sentir que controlas tu vida, que tienes un propósito, etc.

Ninguno de esos conceptos son empresas o productos concretos. Son aspiraciones humanas fundamentales, pero aplastadas por la cultura de lo material e inmediato en la que vivimos.

En definitiva se trata de reducir el dolor, y aumentar la felicidad de forma duradera. Y que el resultado no sea solamente un ‘chute’ de consumo o de sexo.

The 3 Focus Mantra

This is a good framework to help entrepreneurs to make sense of the chaos and uncertainty. The 3 focus mantra.

🎯 Focus on who you really are, how to strengthen your skills to create amazing stuff, and make the world a better place. This is related to purpose and coaching.

🎯 Focus on developing ONE single product with one price targeted to a single niche. This is about product management.

🎯 Focus on opening one stable sales channel for this niche and use one single key metric to measure progress. This is related to demand generation.

Every time you are not focused you waste time and energy, which are the really scarce and valuable resources; not money.

Tell me what’s your business

Tell me what is your business…
And I will tell you how to attract customers

This table is a simple model that I have developed to summarize growth strategies depending on the type of business: local, startup, vertical, etc. Still needs some tweaking but I’ll post the full model in a few days.

Distribution and Branding are Everything

The 6 degrees of separation is a myth: great product fail because they never find their way in front of the public eye.

Distribution is everything, branding is everything. Get your name out there, whatever it takes. The best distribution is of course word of mouth, which is why your initial pricing doesn’t really matter.

The most powerful growing products to 3 things at once: they make you look smart to the people you invite, they give real value to you when the people you invite joins, and they give real value to the people you’ve invited once they sign in.

Nobody Cares About Your Project

Nobody cares about your project or your product. Most of them are just curious. In a short time it will only be one more piece of information along with thousands of others looking for some kind of attention.

You go on vacation and start ‘tweeting’ photos, or waiting for ‘likes’ on Facebook. But people care about your vacation the same way they care about theirs. Your new gadget? The dish that you are going to eat? A new car? Nobody cares!.

Don’t look for your happiness based on what people care, because they don’t care. And if they do, it’s because they want what you have, or they hate you for having it.

And now – before you hate me for writing all this – I’ll tell you that sometimes someone breaks this rule, and they really care about you. Or because of what you have to offer. And you will know it because they really listen to you when you speak to them. Invest your time with those people!

The Advantage of Chatbots in Marketing

The key advantage of chatbots is that they are ready to interact with potential customers 24/7. They can answer any question in a jiffy – be its square footage, leasing terms, or any other topic of interest for real estate domain.

Moreover, based on user preferences, a chatbot can make personalized offerings. All in all, real-estate chatbots are very effective at engaging visitors and generating higher lead conversions.

Running a Startup? Why Product Management is the Best Possible Marketing

When you are creating a new product there are 2 kinds of marketing activities: the easy ones and the hard ones.

Easy marketing activities: sales teams, press releases, shiny brochures, new websites, SEO, social media efforts, etc. Most of the time these activities just serve to the egos of non-customers, partners, the board, the entrepreneur, and industry pundits.

Hard marketing are activities: these engage customer, finding them, crafting a solution for them, making easy to buy from you, and being a trustable vendor. This is Product Management.

Engineers use to hide behind and don´t show up to the customer. But without users or customers and their daily feedback there´s nothing.

Creating your own market

Competitive markets are a zero sum game. You need huge resources to succeed in them, because each new customer needs to be taken from someone else.

On the other hand, inequalities are the inevitable result of the current system. The consequence is that each vertical market is dominated by a few corporations, with access to virtually infinite resources: cheap money, politicians, media influence, etc.

The only way to “compete” is to create your own market. And the most effective way to do this is never from scratch, but ‘recycling’ something that is already working.

A Nadie le Importa tu Proyecto

A nadie le importa tu proyecto o tu producto. Casi todos son solo son curiosos. En poco tiempo solo será un dato más junto a otros miles buscando algún tipo de atención.

Sales de vacaciones y te pones a ‘tuitear’ fotos, o esperar ‘likes’ en Facebook. Pero a la gente le preocupan tus vacaciones lo mismo que a ti las suyas ¿Tu nuevo gadget? ¿El plato que te vas a comer? ¿Un coche nuevo? ¡A nadie le importa!.

No busques tu felicidad con base en lo que le importa a la gente, porque no les importa. Y si lo hacen es porque quieren lo que tienes, o te odian por tenerlo.

Y ahora -antes de que me odies a mí por escribir todo esto- te diré que en ocasiones alguien rompe esta norma, y se preocupa de verdad por ti. O por lo que tienes para ofrecer. Y lo sabrás porque te escuchan de verdad cuando les hablas. ¡Invierte tu tiempo con esas personas!.