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As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm

Creator economy is a buzzy, often catchall term used to describe independent contractors. But in reality, most of the innovation has revolved around passion-project content (Substack for writing, Teachable for courses, etc.) and niche side projects. To date, “creator” tools have largely been quasi-horizontal, designed to serve broad categories of largely creative pursuits: writing, podcasting, course creation, and the like.
Lost in all this talk of digital nomads and side gigs, however,…… Read more...

Entertainment AI Is Ramping Up to the Next Level

In this era of smartphones, we cannot deny that information technology plays a vital role in carrying out operations and making every segment effective. Be it government, sports, finance, education to entertainment, information technology tools, and tactics are being used in different ways revamping every sector to the next level. Talking about the application of information technology in the entertainment industry has come a long way in helping people stay entertained from anywhere at any time.  

From news updates, live streaming, web series, video upload to content creation entertainment industry has got everything from scratch for users to stay entertained. And this all has become possible with the innovation of several information technologies like mobile applications, clone applications, and other entertainment platforms which users can access from their mobile devices.


Don’t Let Tooling and Management Approaches Stifle Your AI Innovation

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Announcing the winners of the 2021 Engineering Approaches to Responsible Neural Interface Design request for proposals

In May 2021, Facebook launched the Engineering Approaches to Responsible Neural Interface Design request for proposals (RFP). Today, we’re announcing the winners of this award.
VIEW RFPFacebook Reality Labs (FRL) has been exploring neural interfaces as potential input paradigms for controlling augmented reality and/or virtual reality systems. In keeping with Facebook’s Responsible Innovation principles, FRL’s neurotechnology researchers are dedicated to surfacing and considering neuroethical considerations in tandem with system design. As part of these efforts, FRL solicited proposals that leverage engineering to address the following Responsible Innovation principles: considering everyone by promoting inclusivity in system design, putting people first by treating data with care, and providing controls that matter by developing tools and methods for data management and privacy.… Read more...

The Top Skills for a Career in Datascience in 2021

Datascience is exploding in popularity due to how it’s tethered to the future of technology, supply-demand for high paying jobs and being on the bleeding edge of corporate culture, startups and innovation!

Students from South and East Asia especially can fast track lucrative technology careers with data science even as tech startups are exploding in those areas with increased foreign funding. Think carefully. Would you consider becoming a Data Scientist? According to Coursera:

A data scientist might do the following tasks on a day-to-day basis:

  • Find patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights
  • Create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes
  • Use machine learning techniques to improve quality of data or product offerings
  • Communicate recommendations to other teams and senior staff
  • Deploy data tools such as Python, R, SAS, or SQL in data analysis
  • Stay on top of innovations in the data science field

In a data-based world of algorithms, data science encompasses many roles since data scientists help organizations to make the best out of their business data.


Why Disruptive and Sustainable Are the Key Factors of Innovation?

While the world saw rapid technology disruption as an immediate solution to deal with the crisis, the sustainability quotient has come to the forefront with the need for more future-focused goals. Let us delve into the need for a more balanced approach towards innovation: 

Defense mechanism isn’t just a psychological response; it practically exists for everything! But the behavior is so ingrained in us that often we don’t realize how we act under its influence. 

Let us talk about a very practical example of it that our IT industry generated in recent times: 

‘Technology disruption,’ ‘Digital Disruption,’ or ‘Disruptive Innovation’ are terms we have gradually acclimatized to in the sphere of Digital Transformation, largely in the post COVID world.


AI Strategies: What Is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and How Can It Help Businesses?

Combining language with technology has driven innovation in for decades. With the right strategy, it can help businesses today.

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Combining computing technologies with human language has become a driving force for modern-day technology.

The experience of using a smartphone, for example, wouldn’t be quite the same without the ability to pull up a map with a computerized voice navigating your next turn. Tools like Google Lens, which can translate words captured by a camera on the fly, would not be quite as impressive.

These tools represent just some of the power of (), a form of that promises to have use cases far beyond smartphones.


Announcing the winners of the 2020 request for proposals in Responsible Innovation

As a part of this commitment, we announced two requests for proposals (RFPs) to research the impact of AR, VR, and smart device technology. Today, we’re excited to announce the 13 awardees of our two FRL Responsible Innovation RFPs, who will each receive $75,000 USD in funding for their research.

The RFPs

Augmented and virtual reality have the potential to change the way we work, learn, and connect with each other. However, because many elements of the technology needed to build this future do not yet exist, we recognize that we cannot address the challenges of advancing this nascent technology alone.… Read more...

Binding Cloud, PLM 2.0, and Industry 4.0 into cohesive digital transformation

In the environment of Industry 4.0, the role of PLM is expanding. The interplay between PLM and Industry 4.0 technologies – like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, AR/VR, Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), and 3D Printers – is on the rise. But Industry 4.0 is unlike any previous industrial revolution. The last three, from 1.0 to 3.0, were aimed at driving innovation in manufacturing. 4.0 is different. It is changing the way of thinking. And PLM is at the heart of this new way of thinking.

Industry 4.0 is marked by pervasive connectedness. Smart devices, sensors, and systems are connected, creating a digital thread across Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Experience (CX) applications.


14. Web development trends for 2021 and the latest web technology stack


Standards in web development can change faster than they can implement. To stay one step ahead, it is essential to keep an eye on the prevailing trends, techniques, and approaches.

We’ve analyzed trends across the industry and put together a definitive list of web development trends for 2021. As a bonus, you’ll also read about the best web development stacks to watch out for next year. Whether your current interest is market development, startup innovation, or IoT invention, these are the trends you need to know about.

The hottest web technology trends to adopt in 2021

“Knowing what the next big trends are will help you know what you need to focus on.”


The Machine Learning Journey Of Aishwarya Srinivasan

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Aishwarya Srinivasan, AI/ML Innovation Leader, Business Development, IBM, to understand her machine learning journey. An advocate for open-source technologies, Aishwarya holds a postgraduate in Data Science from Columbia University. An ardent reader, she has also founded Illuminate AI – a platform to build and connect people from the artificial intelligence community.

AIM: What drew you to machine learning? Do share your machine learning journey so far.

Aishwarya: The mere excitement behind building solutions that are able to solve real-world challenges. Since my first project in data science, which was to predict stock prices based on macroeconomic factors, I have been allured to working on more and more problems.


Amazon Web Services BrandVoice: Unlocking The Future At NextRoll: How Machine Learning Is Changing Everything For Innovation-Minded Businesses

The adoption of machine learning (ML) is nothing short of a paradigm shift. It represents a major leap forward in the life of any organization.

Why? Because ML unlocks opportunities that were previously out of reach or even impossible due to scope or complexity. In practice, ML enables companies to forge stronger customer relationships, develop new revenue opportunities, improve efficiency, make better decisions, and more.

Someday, ML will power nearly every business application. But until then, brands like NextRoll are already incorporating the technology throughout their organizations in ways that benefit their businesses, customers, and employees.

Evolving with machine learning at NextRoll

NextRoll is a San Francisco-based marketing technology company.


Digital Transformation Through IoT

Time is evolving minute by minute and day-by-day. Currently, at this point there is no need to have a great product or service if you want to satisfy your customer requirements or retain the market.

One of the methods to place your business apart from the competition is by supporting innovation and adopting new technologies. That is the reason why organizations bet on digital transformation trying to remain significant and keep up with the market necessities. 

With the emerging IoT technologies in digital transformation, there are various factors that enhance the IoT utility and drive its growth. Data is valuable and AI is making data actionable by supporting digital IoT apps to provide predictive and prospective analytics.


How to Digitally Transform a company from scratch?

Consumers want fast solutions to their problems. With the help of unprecedented innovation in technology, digital transformation empowers businesses to improve the overall business structure and, most notably, the customer experience. While it always made sense to adopt digitization across companies, but the adaptation of digital transformation has still been slow. 

Amid the pandemic, the need for transforming digitally has never been more urgent. Businesses that neglect the transformation will likely be left behind and risk losing their market position.

How can you embrace digital transformation successfully? Consider these ideas:

Switch from being product-focused to being customer-focused mindset

Embracing digital transformation holds special significance for customer experience.


Lighting the way for nanotube innovation

Aug 07, 2021

(Nanowerk News) Scientists have learned how to place crystalline defects in new materials with atomic-scale precision. This enables materials that can control excitons—energy carriers that are similar to subatomic particles.

New research (Chemistry of Materials, “Optical Effects of Divalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes”) shows that, by precisely attaching specific chemical compounds to a carbon nanotube surface, scientists can create local energy wells that “capture” the excitons. The wells lower the excitons’ energy state. This prevents the loss of their energy as heat and controls the color of the light that they emit.The introduction of controlled divalent bonds stabilizes the creation of potential energy wells (top), particularly along specific carbon atoms structures on the nanotube surface (bottom).

The Evolving Role of a CDO in a Data-Driven Market

As a result of the recent pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for data to help safeguard businesses from future uncertainties. With an increasing number of organizations fuelling solutions and driving innovation with data, there is a growing concern with the way that data is accessed, used, and protected. In fact, there was a 126% increase in total fines from 2019 to 2020 issued as a result of the GDPR. These fines will only continue to increase as privacy regulations evolve and expand. 

However, data governance isn’t just about avoiding fines. It also enables organizations to achieve better data analytics, more informed decisions, and improved operational efficiency.


AI Trends for Enterprises – SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub

Artificial Intelligence has crossed several milestones.

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Artificial intelligence is the most disruptive technology of our times, transforming business processes and the world we live in. Enterprises are using to extract the maximum potential and improve the overall customer experience. trends for 2021 are aligned in the direction of innovation. Achievements are already being seen in the form of algorithms. For example, Google’s BRET transformer neural network is a new algorithm that promises to revolutionize . In the same way, new tools are being developed for enterprises to automate tasks and accelerate innovation and solution development.


Is Data Science the New Coding? – EdSurge News

There’s been a big push in recent years to get students coding. Before that, the big skill was learning to use word processing software. And before that, typing.

Now there’s a movement to bring the latest futuristic skill into classrooms: data science. It’s one that relies not just on technology but on shaking up math curriculums that have gone unchanged since the Space Race. And advocates argue that schools that teach data science will equip students to navigate a world awash in information like never before.

“We feel like this is a good foundational education that prepares people for life,” says Jeffrey Severts, co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit Center for Radical Innovation for Social Change at the University of Chicago.


Could AI Keep People ‘Alive’ After Death? – The Wall Street Journal

The Future of Everything covers the innovation and technology transforming the way we live, work and play, with monthly issues on health, money, cities and more. This month is Artificial Intelligence, online starting July 2 and in the paper on July 9.

What if Abraham Lincoln could address Congress today? Or your great grandmother could help run the family business?

Continue reading: https://www.wsj.com/articles/could-ai-keep-people-alive-after-death-11625317200

Source: www.wsj.com

'Dragon man' fossil may replace Neanderthals as our closest relative

A near-perfectly preserved ancient human fossil known as the Harbin cranium sits in the Geoscience Museum in Hebei GEO University. The largest of known Homo skulls, scientists now say this skull represents a newly discovered human species named Homo longi or “Dragon Man.” Their findings, appearing in three papers publishing June 25 in the journal The Innovation, suggest that the Homo longi lineage may be our closest relatives — and has the potential to reshape our understanding of human evolution.

“The Harbin fossil is one of the most complete human cranial fossils in the world,” says author Qiang Ji, a professor of paleontology of Hebei GEO University.


Review of Framing Play Design

I’m passionate about play — its power and its importance. I believe that one of the worst ideas out there is the need to put away ‘childish things’ on adulthood. When we play, we explore and create things that can never come into being when we are focused on doing things right and achieving, and all the other things we focus on in our adult world.

So it’s wonderful to come across a book that embodies those principles and asks: how can we design for play within our structures of work and study? Where and how can playful experiences be better experiences?


Dinero Fiat y Economía Post-Covid

Los inversores han dejado de considerar el valor ‘utilidad’ y se están pasado al valor ‘almacén’. Compran pisos como en China para “guardar” el dinero, no para generar innovación o investigación.

Lo mismo pasa con muchos otros productos: la gente piensa cada vez más en el valor de reventa de las cosas, y menos en el de utilidad.

Esto es consecuencia de la abundancia de dinero fiat al 0%: no hay ningún buen depósito de valor, y todo pasa a considerarse depósito.

El dinero fiat propicia este comportamiento porque ¿quién quiere arriesgar el 100% de una inversión para obtener un 5% de retorno, cuando puedes obtener el 200% de retorno al vender el “boleto” al siguiente que entra a jugar?.… Read more...

Platforms are not About Technology

Are you an entrepreneur? If you don’t have your own platform on the Internet, you tend to become a commodity. In the future, the most successful businesses will be platforms.

The value of a platform is neither in the technology or in the user growth rate. The value is in the community on top of it. In the activity that exists on the network of users, and their interactions.

Nobody should be in the business of “making software”. This is about enabling interactions among people, and among machines.

Are you able to bring together like minds to help people socialize and support each other in a differentiated and relevant way?… Read more...