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Bitcoin and Web3.0; the Internet of Assets

Bitcoin is Internet 3.0, and it will not only revolutionize money, but also revolutionize the transmission of value online as we know it.

The arguments around scaling and transaction fees are relatively myopic as the network has shown time and time again — scaling solutions will be adopted, and quickly.

Some of the best developers in the world are looking to build an open world, and have strong financial incentives aligned with that goal.

Beyond remittances and money use cases, BTC represents a transition to a phase of digital assets. A world where your ‘online real estate’ will carry as much weight to you, financially and socially, as your brick and mortar home.

With the invention of ERC721 tokens, or non-fungible tokens, we will be able to own cryptoassets linked to real world asset, like a house or a voting right in an online community.

The Problem of AI and Complex Adaptive Systems

The most challenging aspect of making decisions in a complex adaptive system is their adaptive nature. Any human knows that the actors, or agents, operating in this systems are not fixed and unresponsive. Instead they change their behaviour as the incentives set by their environment change.

The mind could work as a complex adaptive system, that simulates aspects of reality in spatial and time dimensions, like some kind of mirror of space-time. But its important in here to define more precisely certain ideas and concepts not to get lost into philosohical or mistical considerations.

J.Peterson talks about the problem AI faces trying to simulate how the mind models objects and entities in the real world. We do not model objects, but ‘models’ that serve us at every moment in order to know (build) the environment, and not to stumble upon objects.… Read more...

For Our Health or For Economics? – The Expose

“Indemnifying vaccine makers from liability has been a common theme throughout this pandemic. It allows manufacturers to get their products on the market faster, but it’s also a troublesome thought that there are no legal incentives for these companies to create safe vaccines and really vet their product,” wrote Arjun Walia, a journalist at The Pulse & Collective Evolution.

Last week we wrote that towards the end of November South Africa had asked Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to suspend delivery of Covid injections as it had enough in stock.

In September 2021 India announced…

Austria: Coercion and Tyranny: The Killer Agenda Behind the Vaccine “Incentives”. “We Can and We…

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Austria recently announced a total lockdown of the entire population, vaxxed or unvaxxed, and compulsory vaccination as of 1 February 2022, see this. Both of these measures have raised a lot of resistance, especially the second one; it is a direct interference in people’s basic…

Railgun brings privacy to Solana transactions, offers airdrop incentives

“Imagine a world where paying for your morning coffee tells the coffee shop, its barista, and its customers how much you have in your bank account, how much you get paid, and where else you have been spending your money. If you use most cryptocurrencies today, this is exactly the situation you are likely to end up in.”  –  Railgun Whitepaper, July 2021.
DeFi has a problem
DeFi protocols are faster, cheaper, more agile, and efficient than traditional finance. They succeed in unlocking liquidity, cratering costs, and limiting bad actors. However, the strength of Ethereum’s…

Which Comes First: DeFi Utility or Yield?

Compound, a DeFi lending market, recently released a Q3 report, a first within the industry. The report highlighted that when token incentives were factored in, protocol earnings were negative. Compound has essentially been trading equity to rent liquidity that may or may not be sticky when it eventually decides to stop emitting COMP in coming years, as per the Compound governance model.

Atari’s Breakout Into the Fiat World

To maintain stability in volatile markets and to turn gaming into a lucrative sector can be a challenge today.

Atari Chain and its token ATRI are weaving magic in the interactive entertainment industry. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the Atari token piques itself to be a token of universal utility that is growing a network of use cases.

The gaming industry is crippling with a lack of incentives to lure its end users. Likewise, most cryptocurrencies boast negligible inherent value to aim for universal use. Solving these two concerns in one go is the Atari token. With…

The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia

“The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia. This development has not been properly recognized outside of national security circles. It has been hidden by secrecy, complexity and scale. The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization.

These transformations have come about silently, because those who know what is going on work in the global surveillance industry and have no incentives to speak out. Left to its own trajectory, within a few years,
global civilization will be a postmodern surveillance dystopia, from which escape for all but the most skilled individuals will be impossible.… Read more...

ADA Finance Builds The First DeFi Ecosystem On Cardano With Affiliate Incentives

The decentralized finance (DeFi) community has long awaited the arrival of heavy duty DeFi protocols on Cardano. With the Alonzo hard fork, Cardano is making progress to release smart contract deployment on its blockchain, and the stage has been set for revolutionary new financial services to build on the network.
Over its short history, DeFi has expanded into a behemoth community with a total value locked (TVL) that stands at around $275 billion today. However impressive these numbers may seem, the total AUM of traditional finance (TradFi) still looms large over DeFi, and for many this…

‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3

In today’s episode we’re talking about an emerging model of gaming called play to earn, in which players can make actual money based on how much time and effort they put into a game. Play to earn is also part of broader trends — the changing relationship between players and platforms, new incentives for participants in blockchain-based networks, and the new internet era that is coming to be known as a web3.
The top play-to-earn game is called Axie Infinity, operated by a Vietnam-based company called Sky Mavis. Players of the game acquire unique digital pets called Axies, and battle…

Is Curve DAO Token a Good Investment? • Benzinga

Decided Curve is a good investment? You can get Curve on Coinbase or FTX today!

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) are the lifeblood of the burgeoning decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi). They offer the best way to swap between cryptocurrencies without having to go through a financial intermediary. DEXes also provide a great way to earn passive income on your cryptos. The incentives built into the best of these platforms benefit everyone who uses them.

Curve Finance, the…

A play-to-earn blockchain envisions a revolutionary token economy through the ‘perfect combination’ of DeFi and NFTs

The new era of blockchain-based games involves more than advanced graphics and sophisticated gameplay. Through the advent of technologies that enable decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), in-game incentives can turn into real-life financial rewards.Dragon Mainland is a play-to-earn game that combines PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player versus environment) warfare, breeding dragons, free commerce and collecting NFTs. By absorbing other dragon skulls, players can level…

Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Increased Use

Creating predicted wait time and variable usage rate dashboards to redirect traffic at EV charging stationsPhoto by Jannis Lucas on UnsplashNew Electric vehicle sales in the United States hit a high of 2.4% of the market share in 2020, with metropolitan areas that have invested in strong promotion actions for EV adoption leading the way in terms EV registration and variability of model availability.Those promotion actions include toll reductions, free parking, purchasing incentives, and…

Safeguarding Data Assets: How to Prevent ML Vendors from Profiting from Your Data

Click to learn more about author Ryan Welsh.

Almost any vendor doing machine learning (ML) is appropriating valued enterprise data for its own advantage; however, this is at the enterprise customer’s expense. Regardless of whether it’s a platform or an application using this technology, ML companies of all sizes want your data and are essentially using it for their own business gains.

Everyone knows larger companies like Google have been amassing user data on the web. The playbook is simple: Get people to use free services (social networks or search engines), collect their data, and sell it to advertisers. ML-specific vendors have their own playbook: Attract enterprise users at low or no cost, train models on their data, then sell it to other users – even competitors. … Read more...

Prohibited AI practices should spur financial services lobbying – Out-Law.com

‘Nudging’, for example, has been used in financial services. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) uses the term in a positive sense to encourage pension providers to nudge consumers to consult guidance before accessing their pension savings. However, a nudge may take various other forms.

It could be that a product is designed so that the customer is provided with additional information when a specific life-event occurs. It may be that another product changes its default settings in response to a customer’s spending or savings habits. It may also be that other products use personalised incentives to encourage purchases. All of these nudges may lead to a material change in behaviour by the customer.

While nudges can be used to encourage financial consumers to act in their own interests, a greater understanding and closer risk assessment may be necessary to differentiate between nudging techniques that are acceptable and those that may have the potential to cause psychological harm, for example if financial losses were to occur.


[Herald Interview] ‘Hiring philosophy is changing at South Korean companies’ – The Korea Herald

CEO of AI-based recruiting platform Wanted Lab on how digitization is reshaping Korea’s job market

CEO of Wanted Lab, Lee Bok-kee (Park Hyun-koo/The Korea Herald)

When Lee Bok-kee, founder and CEO of Wanted Labs, quit his high-paying consulting job in 2013, he had only one goal: to solve problems.

Having spent around five years at a consulting firm seeing tech mammoths like Samsung and LG pay millions of won to solve business problems, he was certain there would be at least one problem he can solve on his own.

But finding the right one was not an easy journey.

After brainstorming hundreds of businesses ideas, two failed startups, and losing his 100 million-won ($86,400) severance pay, Lee realized the problem he was looking for was right under his nose.


Which Data Professional Roles Cannot Be Replaced By AI?

An attempt to predict the fields that will remain human-centric even as AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous

The inspiration for expanding upon my prior predictions came from a recent phrase that I heard, “whatever can be automated will be automated”. With such obvious monetary incentives for organizations to automate, the million dollar question is how should a tech professional best prepare themselves for the future. In order to answer that question, we need to dive into which processes can be automated and what the implications will be for tech professionals.

UiPath, a leader in robot process automation, outlines five sets of criteria to determine whether a process should be automated.


From Mechanical to Organical Business Models

Most businesses and startups are designed following the traditional mechanistic thinking of the last two centuries. This approach assumes that the business works as a mechanism in which one piece engages after the other: from customer acquisition to profit. The problem: this has been obsolete for years.

The change is there for all to see. Nothing that does not work as a network can grow beyond a certain size. And that size threshold is getting lower and lower because big players like Amazon or Google are already imposing their dynamics on society.

Almost all large corporations have this obsolete “mechanical” structure. But they survive thanks to legal and financial privileges that parasitize the rest of society.… Read more...

Organismos vs Mecanismos

La vida no es un mecanismo, sino un organismo. La vida no es mecánica, es orgánica. Y lo mismo ocurre con todos los sistemas complejos cotidianos: la economía, las ideas, la meteorología, etc.

En la Naturaleza los organismos no ‘aparecen’ sino que ‘surgen’ y crecen desde dentro. No son piezas que se ensamblan en el tiempo, o relaciones y reglas causa-efecto lineales como suelen suponerlas nuestra forma de pensar.

Las plataformas tecnológicas tienen éxito porque facilitan la creación de un ecosistema que se comporta como un organismo: de dentro hacia afuera, y en base a interacciones entre sus componentes.

Este organismo:
– Está compuesto de multitud de participantes con incentivos alineados,
– Evoluciona y da lugar a formas emergentes no previstas inicialmente.… Read more...

Economical Incentives and Mechanism Design

Designing economic incentives to create networks is complicated. In fact, there is a whole sub-discipline of economics dedicated to studying how to design protocols that encourage rational actors to behave in socially desirable ways: it is called ‘mechanism design’.

And although the new discipline of ‘cryptoeconomics’ is developing a lot in recent years, there is little evidence that most of the new crypto projects or blockchains are incorporating formal methods of design mechanism, with some exceptions.

Bitcoin is a good way to align incentives between three parties: users, developers and miners. Each of them finds the activity performed by the others totally aligned with their own interests.… Read more...

En una sociedad en la que la imágen y el dinero funcionan como incentivos perversos la supervivencia sólo está garantizada para aquellos que realmente son buenos en manipular y engañar al resto del grupo.

El problema del sistema y la falta de incentivos

El sistema ha puesto en marcha unos incentivos perversos que llevan a que uno de los problemas -o quizá el mayor problema- del mundo en que vivimos es que no resulta rentable solucionar sus problemas más graves. Al menos usando el concepto de ‘rentabilidad’ actual basada en cuentas anuales cuyos resultados cotizan en bolsa.

En estos momentos vivimos en un sistema que tiende a arruinar a la mayoría de los que participan en él, con grandes corporaciones amañando la justicia, y un monopolio de bancos centrales permitiendo que un grupo de psicópatas controlen el mundo con el dinero que les regalan o prestan al 0%. La economía y el sistema político están trucados. Sólo el 0,01% tienen verdadero acceso e influencia en ellos.… Read more...

A Simple Secure Coordination Platform for Collective Action

Congratulations to Anthony Aguirre, Future of Life Institute, for winning the Foresight Edition of the Incentive Prize on Incentives!

The Prize is part of the Grand Challenge on Inclusive Stakeholding, an initiative by the Yun Family Foundation to nurture innovations that promote a better future for all through inclusive stakeholding, vested interdependent interests, and goal congruence. The Challenge invites social innovations from any discipline, including economics, politics, arts, technology, and sciences (including the social sciences).

We are thrilled to feature Anthony’s excellent proposal here, which was chosen among hundreds of qualifying submissions:

A Simple Secure Coordination Platform for Collective Action

I propose a simple, streamlined, and secure platform for enabling coordinated collective action and for revealing hidden but shared preferences.


¿Cuantos Empleos se Perderán por la Robotización?

En la Revolución Industrial pasamos de tener pequeños talleres empleando a 4 personas para fabricar unos metros de tela a pasar a fábricas de 50 personas produciendo cientos de metros de tela cada día.

Los artesanos desaparecieron, y el modelo productivo cambió. Pero no sin antes pasar por grandes convulsiones sociales. Sin embargo las ganancias para la sociedad fueron enormes. No sólo a nivel de empleo, sino de valor generado en mercancías, y precios mucho más accesibles para grandes capas de la población.

La robotización va a continuar le guste o no le guste a la gente. Es una fuerza evolutiva de la propia civilización. Protestar contra las máquinas por la pérdida de empleos es como protestar contra la lluvia porque cuando cae con fuerza puede matar personas.… Read more...