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Over a million Ethereum tokens have been burned since the big upgrade, but transaction costs are…

The Ethereum London Hard Fork was expected to reduce both the gas fees and computing power on the network.
The EIP-1559 upgrade burns ETH on each transaction, creating a deflationary impact on the network.
There are over 118 million Ethereum in supply as of November 26.
It’s been just over three months since the Ethereum network rolled out the
London Hard Fork update, which was meant to revolutionise the blockchain.
By laying the groundwork for the ‘proof-of-work’ mining system, the developers were hoping that not only would the upgrade make the network more environment friendly…

Binance Smart Chain’s record-breaking maneuvers can have this effect on Binane Coin

At press time, most of the top ten altcoins seemed to be in a tight spot with Bitcoin falling below the $57K mark. Nonetheless, as the bullish market momentum paused for the top coins, some alts (like AVAX and CRO) stole the show with their price action. But there were others like Binance Coin (BNB) that did the same with their network growth. 
BNB seemed to be facing the brunt of the larger market, trading at $565.37 noting 7.63% weekly losses. However, Binance Smart Chain’s growth over the last week left participants baffled.
In fact, ahead of BSC’s next hard fork upgrade,…

Everything you need to know about Binance Smart Chain’s upcoming Bruno Upgrade 

Binance Smart Chain has pinned the date for its next hard fork upgrade scheduled for block 13,082,000. It is estimated to occur on 30 November at 08:00 AM UTC, as per a note on the website.
With that, it is worth noting that BSC has been doing well on the DeFi front. At press time, Binance Smart Chain has a TVL of $18.16 billion, with 161 protocols. That is second only to DeFi king Ethereum.
Source: Defillama
What will change with the upgrade?
Binance noted,
“v1.1.5 upgrade is a hard fork release that introduces the real-time burning mechanism into the economic model of BSC…”
It is…

ADA Finance Builds The First DeFi Ecosystem On Cardano With Affiliate Incentives

The decentralized finance (DeFi) community has long awaited the arrival of heavy duty DeFi protocols on Cardano. With the Alonzo hard fork, Cardano is making progress to release smart contract deployment on its blockchain, and the stage has been set for revolutionary new financial services to build on the network.
Over its short history, DeFi has expanded into a behemoth community with a total value locked (TVL) that stands at around $275 billion today. However impressive these numbers may seem, the total AUM of traditional finance (TradFi) still looms large over DeFi, and for many this…

The DAO attack on June 2016: the Recursive Call

After the exit door a vulnerability known as “Recursive call bug” which allowed the attacker to drain the Ether from the DAO’s account. If one wished to exit the DAO, then they could do so by sending a request. The splitting function would then follow the following two steps:

– Give the user back his/her Ether in exchange of their DAO tokens.
– Register the transaction in the ledger and update the internal token balance.

So how does the hack happen? the hacker implements a recursive function in the request, and then this is how the splitting function goes:

– Take the DAO tokens from the user and give them the Ether requested.
– Before the blockchain could register the transaction, the recursive function made the code go back and transfer more Ether for the same DAO tokens… and so on.… Read more...