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One-dimensional red phosphorous glows in unexpected ways

Aug 12, 2021

(Nanowerk News) When electrons are confined into very small spaces, they can exhibit unusual electrical, optical and magnetic behaviour. From confining electrons in two-dimensional atomic sheet graphene – a feat that won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010 – to restricting electrons even further to achieve one-dimensionality, this broad line of research is transforming the landscape of fundamental research and technological advances in physics, chemistry, energy harvesting, information and beyond.

In a study published in Nature Communications (“Giant anisotropic photonics in the 1D van der Waals semiconductor fibrous red phosphorus”), an international team led by Aalto University researchers has now found that fibrous red phosphorous, when electrons are confined in its one-dimensional sub-units, can show large optical responses – that is, the material shows strong photoluminescence under light irradiation.