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‘Worker Data Science’ Can Teach Us How to Fix the Gig Economy

Around the globe, gig workers are waging some of the most visible and vocal campaigns for worker rights. Across multiple platforms and countries, gig workers have been fighting for formal recognition of employment (which would allow access to benefits such as sick pay, holiday pay, pension benefits, and the right to unionize), basic safety standards, wage increases, and stable scheduling, as well as an end to processes that lead to unfair blocks and dismissals from platforms. At the heart of many of these campaigns is a demand for transparency and for platforms to offer reliable and…

FYD reveals FYDme: A new platform for the gig economy

The crypto space is currently evolving and in the middle of skeptics and maximalists, a lot of users can get lost while finding real use cases of projects and cryptocurrencies. Another major aspect of the current economy is that a lot of users rely on centralized platforms to find work. These jobs or ‘gigs’ help freelancers find the right job for them and act as a marketplace for hiring creative talent or finding new clients.
According to Statista, almost 50% of GenZ are part of the ‘gig’ economy while another 44% millennials, 30% Gen X, and 26% boomers are part of it. The space…

How YouTube created multiple revenue streams for the Creator Economy

With more monetisation options at hand, the creators are exploring new avenues to up their revenue.What was initially a pure form of entertainment is now a fully functional profession thanks to the rise in profession under gig economy. The ‘creator economy’ what it is called seems to have seen a steady upsurge globally and in India. Keeping the growth in mind, YouTube claims to be creating more monetisation options for creators besides the regular advertising based revenue share system. “It is very important for us to understand the different types of creators and their motivations….