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Infinite Launch – Featured on KuCoin After Closing $2.2m Fundraising Rounds

Infinite Launch has announced that it has successfully raised $2.2 million in early private funding from reputable investors such as IBA, Everse Capital, Lotus Capital, and Phoenix Newtribe as it prepares for the launch. The Infinite Launch platform is a cutting-edge launchpad for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects, allowing investors to become early adopters in innovative and unique projects.
“We created an innovative system to address a major pain point for small investors when investing in a launchpad project. Small…

DAO Maker Backed Gaming Firm Raises $2M in Funding By CoinQuora

Building Startups for the Future: DAO Maker Backed Gaming Firm Raises $2M in Funding

If innovation is the heart of a business, capital is its backbone. Without proper funds, there is little to nothing that a business can achieve, making fundraising the most important part of a business. But unfortunately, raising funds isn’t a cakewalk. This is especially true for the DeFi industry where competition is high and venture capitalists are still in doubt about its future.
So to turn things around and make fundraising a tad bit more easy for startups, emerged DAO Maker, a decentralized…

Private equity managers increasingly open fundraising without revealing targets

Private-equity managers are increasingly opening their data rooms for investors ahead of their latest fundraising efforts without communicating to those investors exactly how big those funds will be. Historically, private-equity firms specified a fund’s target before they launched official marketing efforts in order to give prospective investors a sense of the size and scope of the portfolio they plan to build. As demand for private equity has grown and investors scramble to secure allocations with top performers, veteran private-equity firms can afford to delay communicating such…

DAO collects ETH to purchase a copy of the U.S. Constitution

A DAO Reaps Cryptocurrency funds Buy a copy of the US Constitution to be auctioned in Sotheby’s.
Constitution DAO: Fundraising
The association is called Constitution D.A.O. And is Started fundraising on Ethereum Raise the funds needed to participate in the auction. At the time of writing, about $ 3 million has been raised, 620,000 ETH. The auction takes place on November 18th.
Copy of the US Constitution
The DAO intended acparrarsI am one of the last copies of the original prints of the American Constitution. There are only 500 examples in the world. It was auctioned off 30 years…

DAO Maker Suffers $7 Million Exploit

Key Takeaways
DAO Maker was exploited today. An attacker stole $7 million after discovering a smart contract vulnerability.
The attacker converted the loot to 2,261.45 ETH to prevent funds from getting blacklisted.
The DAO token has plummeted 15% following the incident.

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Crypto launchpad DAO Maker was exploited for $7 million worth of USDC today. 
DAO Maker Suffers Vulnerability 
The fundraising platform DAO Maker was exploited today, with an attacker stealing more than $7 million from thousands of its user accounts.
Analyst firm PeckShield told Crypto Briefing that…

Much Anticipated Treeverse Gaming Platform Raises $25M

Treeverse, the browser-based metaverse gaming platform, has raised $25M in a recent fundraising blitz, from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, Stani Kulechove, amongst others.

Treeverse recently raised $25M in funds from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital and Stani Kulechove. The main reason for the successful funding is that Treeverse aims to provide players with a nostalgic Pokemon-like metaverse in an MMORPG-style game that allows users to interact with NFTs in a virtual environment.

What is Treeverse?

Treeverse is a browser-based 2-D…

Solana Powers Up Web3 Gaming Projects with $100M Funding Deal

You know a new iteration of the Web is ready to take off when the gamers get on board. Web3 just picked up serious mojo with a $100M fundraising deal designed to build out the next generation of gaming apps and ventures. Solana Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Solana Labs, has joined forces with Lightspeed Ventures and FTX to finance a studio for games that will live on Web3, the rapidly expanding home for decentralized apps powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The firms plan to create games, technology, and projects “at the intersection of blockchain and gaming,” they said…

P2E Project Good Games Guild Raises $1.7M in Funds By CoinQuora

P2E Project Good Games Guild Raises $1.7M in Funds

Good Games Guild raised $1.7 million in a fundraising round.
NGC led the round along with many other prominent investors.
Players can enjoy multiple perks on the platform.
The Play-to-Earn (P2E) game hub — Good Game Guild just closed a seed fundraising round. To note, the round made a collection of $1.7 million from a wide range of prominent investors.
Specifically, NGC led this fundraising round with many other investors. These include Alves Ventures, AU21, Basics Capital, Chromia, Dutch Crypto Investor, ExNetwork Capital, and…

Funraisin welcomes you to the metaverse and the future of digital giving

Sponsored post

Funraisin has partnered with virtual worldbuilders Virbela and the American Cancer Society to create a “metaverse fundraising event” to inspire nonprofits to think about virtual event fundraising.On Thursday 28 October 5pm UK / 9am Pacific US, Funraisin and Virbella will be hosting The Future of Giving – an in-world conference in Virbela’s virtual Open Campus with an incredible roster of speakers from SickKids Foundation,…

Crowding Funding Secrets

How raising $28M through crowdfunding inspired Dan Shaprio, CEO of Glowforge, to build the ultimate ecommerce experience

via https://glowforge.com/our-products

Crowdfunding has been around for centuries — there have been fundraising campaigns for all sorts of things both commercially and in the nonprofit sector. But the internet obviously took crowdfunding to another level. With easy access to billions of people — and their wallets — young companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs have used sites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and others to get some wind in their sales. Dan Shapiro was one of them. Shapiro is now the Founder and CEO of Glowforge, but before that, he had a massively successful crowdfunding campaign for a board game he had invented for his kids.


Adyen Releases Score Machine Learning Solution

Dutch payment processing firm Adyen on Tuesday (Aug. 31) announced the release of Score, a machine learning-based solution that picks up on irregular activity by analyzing the merchant’s data and flagging unusual user behavior.

“As Score provides insights via a broad set of risk signals, the feature is of significant support for platform merchants’ compliance procedures,” the company announcement said. “By improving effectiveness and reducing time spent on platform user security reviews, Score increases operational scalability for platforms.”

Global fundraising platform GoFundMe is one of the first merchants to implement Score.

“Score has helped us to provide the best service we can to help as many people as possible, while also ensuring our customers trust that GoFundMe is keeping them safe and protected,” Matthew Murray, director of risk and compliance at GoFundMe, said in the announcement.


Adyen launches Score with GoFundMe — a machine learning tool to easily identify malicious platform users

AMSTERDAM, Aug. 31, 2021 /CNW/ — Adyen (AMS: ADYEN), the global payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, today launched Score. The company is first-to-market with a machine learning driven solution on a single platform for signaling irregular activity and monitoring platform compliance. By leveraging data insights analyzing the platform merchant’s data and flagging unusual platform user behavior, Score helps Adyen’s merchants prevent misuse of the platform. As Score provides insights via a broad set of risk signals, the feature is of significant support for platform merchants’ compliance procedures. By improving effectiveness and reducing time spent on platform user security reviews, Score increases operational scalability for platforms.