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Vanguard, State Street use blockchain for forex derivatives margins – Ledger Insights

Today State Street Digital announced that it was involved in a transaction that uses Symbiont’s Assembly enterprise blockchain to complete margin calculations for a live foreign exchange forward contract. Vanguard has been working with Symbiont to develop a post-trade automation platform for the over the counter (OTC) foreign exchange derivatives market. This transaction marks its transition from pilot to production.

According to the BIS, at the end of June 2021, the OTC market for forex derivatives contracts had a notional value of $102 trillion, of which $55 trillion are…

What is Onomy Protocol? Cross-Chain Forex, Hybrid DEX & DeFi Access Wallet

In a market hampered by siloed blockchains, reliance on centralized exchanges, and convoluted means of  onboarding the $6.6T per day Forex market on-chain, Onomy Protocol is building the rails needed to make the DeFi ecosystem more accessible for institutions and retail users worldwide.It will do this by simplifying the DeFi onboarding experience through a suite of products that connect to the wider blockchain universe. These include a layer-1 scalable chain, DeFi access wallet, and Onomy’s cross-chain trading ecosystem, enabled by a hybrid AMM & order book decentralized exchange (DEX),…