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5 reasons why blockchain-based gaming economies are the future

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is probably aware that the gaming industry has been on an absolute tear. It’s one of the industries that has benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic in a big way. That said, the average investor might not be aware of the following growth figures:The global gaming market is currently worth $180 billion — the fastest-growing form of entertainment globally. For reference, the global film industry is worth $100 billion and all North American sports combined are $73 billion in terms of annual revenues.Global game market revenue. Source: Bloomberg,…

How AI Will Transform the Film Industry

How AI Will Transform the Film Industry: Movies have always acted as a medium to bring people’s imaginations to life since their inception in the late 1880s. Nowadays, cinema has evolved into a source of joy and enjoyment, allowing people to escape for two hours from their daily struggles. Almost every country in the world has a film industry of its own.
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However, while fans love Hollywood because of its capability of producing high quality films utilizing…