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Billionaire Tells Investors; “Buy Bitcoin Right Now”

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego has advised investors to put their money into bitcoin. Salinas who is the third richest man in Mexico advised this due to the rate at which the Fed is printing dollars. Inflation rates have soared in the past year and are expected to continue doing so. The billionaire advises putting money into bitcoin to combat the rate at which fiat money is being issued.
Billionaire Says Buy Bitcoin
Pliego has grown increasingly critical of the rate at which the Fed has been printing money. The billionaire had posted a picture that…

Multiply your BUSD with Yield Farming

People are slowly moving away from fiat money and adopting cryptocurrency. Fiat is not a good option because it is easily counterfeited by central banks and printed unlimitedly. However, cryptocurrencies can’t be printed like fiat money, making it a better alternative to many people worrying about inflation.
The world is rapidly adopting blockchain technology. Defi tools are one of the most popular and successful platforms right now. BUSDMatrix.io is a Dapp based on Defi protocol that provides a high return on BUSD deposits. The return can be as high as 234%.
The product is a smart…

Traditional Finance 1 – Decentralized Finance 0

When Cryptocurrencies are in bullish territory, the agenda for ‘what the best form of finance is’ rolls out. Like clockwork, the narratives churn out. “Crypto is the future, Fiat money is dead.” Conversations like this pit the old money against the new money, the long-term wealthy versus the nouveau riche, the Warren Buffets versus the Micheal Saylors.
When Traditional Markets analysts raise questions about the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies and the volatility of these assets, Decentralized Finance investors respond with “Do you want to be right, or do you want to…

Economía Post-Covid y la Fábrica de Burbujas

Los inversores han dejado de considerar el valor ‘utilidad’ y se están pasado al valor ‘almacén’. Compran pisos como en China para “guardar” el dinero, no para generar innovación o investigación. Lo mismo pasa con muchos otros productos: la gente piensa cada vez más en el valor de reventa de las cosas, y menos en el de utilidad. Esto es consecuencia de la abundancia de dinero fiat al 0%: no hay ningún buen depósito de valor, y todo pasa a considerarse depósito.

¿Quién quiere arriesgar el 100% de una inversión para obtener un aburrido 5% de retorno en una economía productiva, cuando puedes obtener el 200% de retorno al vender el “boleto” (pisos, acciones, etc.) al siguiente que entra a jugar?.… Read more...

What Is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital version of government-backed, fiat money. This type of digital currency is issued by a central bank and tied to the country’s national currency.
CBDCs are most similar to stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to fiat money and attempt to maintain the same value. The main difference is that the world’s governments issue CBDCs.
More than 80 countries around the world are researching…

CBDCs are for the Banks, not for the People

The world has too much debt, which cannot be repaid (actually by design). But growth is too slow to allow governments to cope by inflating away debt service costs.

So they try and trick the people by offering a quick, bank free way of taking on more debt. These are the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies). These digital currencies will still be debt obligations. This time is probably going to boost a new bubble: the new space exploration career.

The ‘Wall of Money’ is coming

A world that is overly indebted doesn’t need more debt to solve their debt problem. Central banks are just using these as ways of keeping banks assets from being defaulted on.

This isn’t for the people. It is for the banks. Just legal money laundering so banks don’t blow up yet again.… Read more...

Blockchain for Payments (analysis)

BC payments are different because they rely on no middle men. BTC payments are possible without banks and ANY other institution with complete transparency acroos the globe without worrying about exchange rates.

What are the various opportunities to use the technology
BC for payments can be developed in many forms, but they need to consider:
– Legal aspects: the currency can be a cryptocurrency or a legal tender euros or dollars.
– Public or Private BC: open and permisionless vs closed and with permission. Open source benefits vs Privacy benefits. Communities working on the code vs close collaboration networks. Companies must choose.
– Consensus mechanism to validate transactions. From BTC proof of concept (needed in open BCs) to much lighter and efficient methods like the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Mechanism, or PoS.… Read more...

New World, Old Rules

The ‘Crypto World’ as it is now is a new world with OLD rules (KYC policies, centralized marketplaces, etc.). All major players have just forgotten what was this all about (a tool to gain freedom), and the result is this: ‘assets’ instead of money, and rampant speculation.

As it has been recently refered at Cointelepgraph:

ICOs themselves are hardly centralized. They may take place in a decentralized platform byt they inherently involve many people trusting a single development team with potentially 00s millions in funding.

We need a new world with NEW rules. Rules emerging from that new world. Otherwise, this is all a huge waste of time for most, and business as usual for the few.

Satoshi Nakamoto was probably a team of engineers.…

A Matter of Boundary Conditions

Governments can can define and control the boundary conditions of fiat money. Which is precisely what they are doing right now.

In a cashless society, the ability to purchase clean coins (coins without any path to a person´s true identity) may become unavailable.

En el futuro la clave es controlar el acceso a Internet. Una vez impuesto el bloqueo total del anonimato para comprar monedas (es decir las condiciones de contorno

Unless we find ways for people to EARN cryptos and not BUY cryptos the DEX debate is pointless.

All customs have been closed and you have this robocops watching and surveilling any movement across them. Customs are marketplaces, banks, and so.

* El problema no es que puedas minar, mover dinero etc.… Read more...

La Ventaja de Capital de la Minería de BTC

Mientras la capacidad de adquirir criptomoneda no esté liberada de la capitalización (comprar, minar), las criptomonedas adolecen del mismo problema que el sistema anterior. Sirven para hacer a los ricos mas ricos de forma desproporcionada, y otorgarles control sobre la propia moneda. La única salida es crear moneda como contrapartida a valor añadido.

Las cryptos actuales son recursos escasos que la gente roba o acapara, como pasa con el dinero fiat o el oro. Lo único de valor real es el trabajo y la creatividad de las personas, no el dinero, que es una simple (pero necesaria) herramienta de compensación de cuentas.

El valor añadido en una economía descentralizada y libre no es algo manipulable: es una percepción del comprador, que entrega a cambio su dinero de forma libre.… Read more...

Scarcity and the Idea of Fiat Money

The essence of economics is to generate scarcity. The modern idea of money is something totally separate from the concept of value: without real backing, manufactured from debt; free for some, unaffordable for others. And no matter who is in Parliament: its fundamental mission is to generate scarcity: scarcity of jobs, scarcity of land, scarcity of talent, scarcity of health.

There are some investments whose return has been and is immense, such as the GPS System. This system costs 1 billion dollars a year to operate. But the value it generates is immensely greater, and it is free for everyone.GPS is an example of a system in which there is no scarcity, and therefore no need for money.

In fact nothing that has no scarcity needs money at all.… Read more...

Becoming an ICO Advisor

The Idea: Tech team comes up with a new idea, technology, etc. around BC technology. In order to use the new tecnology, tokens are required and they are issued at the ICO. The tokens represent the cost of transacting (use to be called fuel) in the new platform.

The Announcement. Team anounces an ICO, representing the problem, how to solve it, etc. Uses a whitepaper. Instead of heavy technical details, whitepapers tend to be executive summaries, heavy on marketing jargon and promises. Channels are specialized online channels and forums.

The Capital Target. Team anounces how much capital is needed to execute the idea. If not reached, the ICO has failed and funds are handled back to the investors. Some projects specify a max cap to prevent overfunding.… Read more...