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WATCH: Neil Oliver on fear blinding people to government manipulation as new COVID variants emerge

Neil Oliver of GB News talks about how as the COVID fear dwindles, governments are going to do everything they can to scare people into compliance with a new COVID variant. 
He says:

After months of messages of fear from our governments and their favoured scientists, here comes more of the same. We can only presume that too many of us were seen to be awakening from the toxic trance into which we had been put by propaganda from the nudge unit. Fear has been the…

El informe prohibido de Biólogos por la Verdad (España)

El 25 de marzo de 2021, el programa de televisión La Inmensa Minoría compartió el Informe de revisión científica COVID-19 de Biólogos por la Verdad del que ningún otro medio de comunicación masivo se ha hecho eco.
Biólogos por la Verdad (España) es una asociación de múltiples científicos y Biólogos profesionales que no tienen miedo a decir: «No colaboraremos con esta dictadura sanitaria de mentiras».

Los biólogos Fernando López-Mirones y Almudena Zaragoza participaron en el programa de la emisora El Toro TV explicando el informe de revisión científica de…

The Covid-19 Omicron Variant: Towards a Fourth Wave Lockdown? Pretext to Introduce New Repressive…

Both the governments and the media in chorus are now engaged in a renewed fear campaign focussing on the emergence of a new  “deadly” SARS-CoV-2 variant.
Last May it was the Delta variant (B.1.617.2), which allegedly originated in India. And now it’s Omicron (B1.1.529) which, according to the WHO’s “technical advisory group” was first detected in South Africa. According to reports, Omicron has a “very unusual constellation of mutations”
Anthony Fauci is leading the disinformation campaign, already pointing to the need for restrictions on air travel.  Meanwhile…

Hey, Stupid! Omicron Virus Variant Holds A Startling Message

Published on November 27, 2021Written by John O’Sullivan

‘Experts’ on SARS-CoV-2 tell us the virus has many lineages and each may be more deadly (or less so) than the last. Only the gullible and uneducated masses will fear the newest variant: OMICRON. This literally is an anagram for MORONIC.
Big news story of the day is that OMICRON is the new deadly coronavirus variant. Governments around the world are ramping up panic and prepping for a winter of more mass lockdowns and a return of other failed policies.
According to a public statement by the Botswana government, the new…

American Schools Forcing Students to Eat Outside in the Cold Due to Fear of Covid – The Daily…

In New York state, primary school children have been forced to eat their lunch outside despite plummeting temperatures, while students in California are following the same protocol and have endured rainy weather. School districts that are introducing these rules are doing so to help prevent the spread of Covid on the premises. The Mail has the story.Elementary schools from New York to California are forcing students to eat outdoors in an effort to protect them from Covid, despite plummeting temperatures in the Empire State and rainy weather on the west coast.And now, parents are lashing…

Evidence of heart disease after COVID shot exists but isn’t published out of fear, cardiologist says

Fri Nov 26, 2021 – 2:12 pm EST

(LifeSiteNews) — A world-renowned cardiology expert warned of a link between the hastily developed COVID-19 injections and heart disease. He said on UK television that cardiology researchers have found evidence to support this, but are too afraid of losing money from the drug companies to publish the proof.
Speaking to GB News’ Alex Phillips, Dr. Aseem Malhotra referenced a recent publication by cardiac surgeon Stephen Gundry, noting that COVID-19 injections “dramatically increase” inflammation of blood vessels, heart muscles, and…

What is the Dao? – Finding Oneself

The Dao, a path among limitless paths.
The Dao, a way of life in pursuit of purpose.
The Dao; a desire, a dream, a fantasy, a reality.
The Dao is all of these things, the Dao is one and the Dao is many.
Cultivation of the Dao requires knowledge of oneself, for the Dao is knowing one’s purpose.
One’s purpose is what oneself believes it should be, with no room for regret.
Regret begets doubt, doubt begets fear, and fear is the end of all things.
For the fools, the Dao is merely a method, a way to grow stronger. Ignore them, they are imbeciles.
For the ambitious, the Dao…

Only the Fully Vaccinated should fear the New “Worst Ever” Covid-19 Variant; data shows they already…

With the emergence of an alleged new variant that the UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said “may evade the current vaccines”, despite also saying “that is why you should get your boosters” in the same sentence, we felt it was best to take you on a journey through three months worth of UKHSA Covid-19 data to show you why, if the rumours are true, the unvaccinated population have absolutely nothing to worry about, but the vaccinated population have everything to fear.

You’ve most likely been seeing headlines like ‘Worst Ever Covid Variant’ in the mainstream media, such as…

British Funeral Director Tells RFK, Jr. About Fear, Propaganda and COVID Vaccine Deaths During Early…

On the latest episode of the “The Defender” podcast, British funeral director John O’Looney spoke to Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about what he witnessed while working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic in the UK.

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On the latest episode of the “The Defender” podcast, British funeral director John O’Looney told Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. what he witnessed while working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic in the…

‘FOMO’ on crypto leaves regulators behind

Payments are really just money stuck in a computer, so why not make it faster and more secure, pioneers of blockchain say.Digital boxes of ledgers could replace paper-based documents and save time and money for homebuyers, banks and lawyers trying to exchange on a deal during a pandemic, the Women in Payments forum heard on Thursday.”Regulation will need to race ahead to keep up because people are willing to play with crypto at the moment,” vice-president of specialist sales at Mastercard Asha Cugati said.”There’s quite a bit of herd mentality and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).”Some…

‘FOMO’ on crypto leaves regulators behind | Gloucester Advocate

Payments are really just money stuck in a computer, so why not make it faster and more secure, pioneers of blockchain say.Digital boxes of ledgers could replace paper-based documents and save time and money for homebuyers, banks and lawyers trying to exchange on a deal during a pandemic, the Women in Payments forum heard on Thursday.”Regulation will need to race ahead to keep up because people are willing to play with crypto at the moment,” vice-president of specialist sales at Mastercard Asha Cugati said.”There’s quite a bit of herd mentality and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).”Some…

Why AI investments fail to deliver

According to two recent Gartner reports, 85% of AI and machine learning projects fail to deliver, and only 53% of projects make it from prototypes to production. Yet the same reports indicate little sign of a slowdown in AI investments. Many organizations plan to increase these investments.Many of these failures are avoidable with a little common-sense business thinking. The drivers to invest are powerful: FOMO (fear of missing out), a frothy VC investment bubble in AI companies with big marketing budgets, and, to some extent, a recognition of the genuine need…

¿Qué es Matrix?

Matrix es una construcción a nivel físico y energético que mantienen funcionando las entidades o personas que gobiernan nuestra realidad. Son lo que se hace llamar cabal, globalistas, deep state, etc. Personas que no tienen los mismos estándares morales que la sociedad pero cuya agenda es la de esclavizar las almas de todo el mundo.

La Matrix es una red de esclavitud que condiciona cómo pensamos, cómo sentimos y cómo nos relacionamos con el mundo: un mundo en el que estamos todos metidos peleándonos como robots. En su esencia está la fabricación de consenso: necesitan de una masa crítica de personas que lo “compren” y que por ejemplo crean que las noticias les dan una imagen precisa de la realidad del mundo.… Read more...

CBDC Impact on Banking Sector Could Be Manageable: New BIS Report

According to the report, risks to financial stability depend on the take-up, or rate of adoption, of a CBDC as well as bank funding, lending and resilience. If take-up is too fast, it could throw the existing financial and banking systems out of balance, the report says. The prevailing fear is that the use of any CBDC would require a shift of funds out of bank deposits and into digital cash. Without bank deposits, banks won’t have the funds to issue loans that help them make money. Should…

Following Bitcoin’s all-time high, DeFi TVL hits a record high above $233B

Bullish sentiment is running high across the cryptocurrency market on Oct. 20 as Bitcoin’s (BTC) surge to a new all-time high at $67,000 thrust the digital asset into uncharted territory, with investors closely watching to see how altcoins and decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens react to the move.Crypto Fear & Greed Index. Source: Alternative.meThe DeFi sector has also benefited from BTC’s bullish breakout, and today, the total value locked (TVL) across all DeFi protocols climbed to a…

Is AI a Trick or a Treat? – 5 Fears About Artificial Intelligence

In the best Halloween tradition, we look at a few popular fears about AI that are actually coming true. Fear of the unknown is without a doubt one of the things that is universal to all humans, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, and how educated they might be. In days of old, this human fear manifested itself in the legends our ancestors told to one another.

Crypto Strategist Michaël van de Poppe Issues Shiba Inu Warning, Names Entry Zones for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe is not a fan of meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), which has surged this week while most of the crypto markets cooled off.
The trader tells his 458,400 Twitter followers that he hopes SHIB fades away, and says it’s better to seek out other opportunities rather than falling prey to potential FOMO (fear of missing out).

Van de Poppe follows up his initial tweet by saying,
“Well, SHIB corrected down heavily by about 30-40% in a matter of hours. I…

Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Trim Positions as Rally Stalls

Bitcoin traded in a tight range on Tuesday as extreme bullish sentiment appears to be cooling. The cryptocurrency was trading at around $62,000 at press time and is roughly flat over the past 24 hours.The bitcoin Fear & Greed Index is starting to decline from its highest level in more than seven months, which suggests buyers are starting to take some profits after a nearly 45% rise in BTC’s price over the past month.In the bitcoin futures market, leveraged funds on the Chicago Mercantile…

Turkey’s Kurdish obsession explains Putin’s gains and US strains

There are some countries where a single issue can explain pretty much everything that is wrong with its domestic and foreign policy. Turkey’s Kurdish predicament is such a case. Ankara’s historic failure to find democratic solutions to Kurdish ethnic demands has created a deeply insecure and chronically irrational Turkish political culture.

Almost one hundred years after its inception, the Turkish Republic is still obsessed with the fear and trauma of its foundational decades….

How Much Should Enterprises Worry About Vendor Lock-In in Public Cloud?

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel.

One of the key drivers to a multi-cloud strategy is the fear of vendor lock-in. “Vendor lock-in” means that a customer is dependent on a particular vendor for products and services, and is unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs or operational impact. The vendor lock-in problem in cloud computing is the situation where customers are dependent (i.e., locked in) on a single cloud service provider…

A new approach to therapy promises to tackle neuroticism head-on | Psyche Ideas

Beth has always been a worrier; she currently spends the better part of each day thinking about her finances, her ability to complete her schoolwork, and her health and safety. Marty experiences panic attacks (an intense rush of fear, accompanied…

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Psyche | on the human condition

Making A Metal Hand Doorknob

Regular doorknobs are widely reviled for their bare simplicity, but by and large society has so many other problems that it never really comes up in day to day conversation. Fear not, however, for [Matthew] has created something altogether more special: a doorknob in the shape of his own outstretched hand.

The build was inspired by a similar doorknob at the WNDR museum in Chicago, and its one you can recreate yourself, too. It’s achieved through a multi-stage mold making process. [Matthew]’s first step was to make a flexible mold of his hand using Perfect Mold alginate material to do so.

Once solidified, [Matthew’s] hand was removed and the mold filled with wax. The wax duplicate of [Matthew]’s hand was then used to create an investment plaster mold for casting metal.


9/11 and the Politics of Fear and Self-Preservation

Whitney Webb

The 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is a particularly somber one, not just because of the horrific nature of events of that day reaching its second-decade milestone, but because of how little we seem to have learned in that amount of time.

The fear and trauma generated by the events of 9/11 were used by the US national security state and its civilian allies to great effect to divide the American population, to attack independent reporting as well as independent thought, to gut the anti-war movement, and to normalize the US government’s overt and persistent degradation of the country’s Constitution.

This, of course, is in addition to the illegal US occupations and drone wars in the Middle East and elsewhere that were also born out of this event.


Spooky Coffin Bell Spooks Passers By on Halloween

Being buried alive isn’t fun, we imagine. Fear of it led to the development of various safety coffin ideas in the 18th and 19th centuries, and [Glen Akins] wonderful Halloween prop riffs on that tradition today. 

The safety coffin was a simple solution for those afraid that this might happen to them. One concept had a bell which was installed above freshly dug graves with a string extending into the coffin. One who found themselves accidentally buried alive could then pull the string to ring the bell and summon help.

[Glen’s] installation eliminates the coffin and the dead body, and simply mounts a bell on a post. Inside, there’s an ultrasonic rangefinder that detects passers by. When someone walks closely enough to the prop, a microcontroller triggers a servo which rings the bell with a haunting urgency.