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Former ethics prof welcomed at London, Ontario Freedom Rally after questioning uni’s vaxx policy

On November 20, several hundred vaccine-choice people gathered at Victoria Park in London, Ontario — or “a few dozen anti-vaxxers” as those in the mainstream media would likely report — but alas, they can’t be bothered to attend “Yahoo” events such as the Worldwide Rally for Freedom which took place in several cities around the world last week.
Pastor Henry Hildebrandt was one of the keynote speakers.
Thanks to the draconian laws now in effect in the…

How SQL, Python & MQL are changing investment management standards

Organizations have always been able to achieve the best returns on small and large investments with the help of investment management standards. Different tools and methods have been introduced with changing work ethics. Now, understanding coding seems valuable to big organizations.
SQL helps store the entire database in a single file on a user’s computer and perform the essential functions for working with databases, such as creating and connecting databases, viewing tables, performing quick data queries, creating and executing SQL queries, rolling back changes. It is often necessary to…

How SQL, Python & MQL are Changing Investment Management Standards

by Analytics Insight
December 5, 2021
The use of SQL, Python and MQL in changing investment management standards.Organizations have always been able to achieve the best returns on small and large investments with the help of investment management standards. Different tools and methods have been introduced with changing work ethics. Now, understanding coding seems valuable to big organizations.SQL helps store the entire database in a single file on a user’s computer and perform the essential functions for working with databases, such as creating and connecting databases, viewing…

State Bar Weighs Possible Guidance for Lawyers Taking Cryptocurrency Payments

California’s state bar will dive into the ever-evolving issue of cryptocurrency after an ethics committee Friday agreed to pursue possible guidance for lawyers who accept digital assets for legal services.

At a regular meeting, members of the bar’s Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct said they will do additional research on the matter, which could lead to a draft opinion that will circulate publicly.

193 Members Of UNESCO Adopt Recommendations

In a historic global agreement on 25 November 2021, all 193 members of the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organisation adopted the “Recommendation on the ethics of artificial intelligence”. However, the recommendations are not a binding agreement, rather guidelines that nations can follow voluntarily. 
Overview of the Document 
The document acknowledges the “profound and dynamic” impact of AI on human lives and contemporary societies and how it affects education, social and natural sciences, culture, etc. Apply>>
Moreover, UNESCO recognises the potential that…

Employees fail to recognise risks of biased algorithms

New research from analytics automation company Alteryx, Inc. shows that almost half of employees now believe that data ethics are “irrelevant” to their role.
Alteryx claims that as a result of poor training programmes, AI projects will continue to pose an ethical minefield for companies throughout the UK, with AI projects – and associated benefits – falling at the first hurdle.
Trustworthy AI is rooted in quality information, but with untrained employees delivering dirty data, inconsistent, biased and unusable AI is the end result.

Technocracy Is ‘Hemming Us All In With No Consent, No Debate, No Right To Opt Out’

Ever get that trapped feeling? You are not paranoid. You really are getting trapped. Technocracy will surround, sweet-talk, surveil and ultimately assimilate everything in its path. It is mechanistic, unrelenting, merciless, anti-human and completely devoid of ethics and morality. Like the Borg race in Star Trek lingo, “Resistance is futile.” Alas, no it’s not! ⁃ TN EditorIf you don’t subscribe to Paul Kingsnorth’s Substack, you are missing out on some of the best writing on the Internet. He has just released an essay wondering what the hell is going on with Covid and our…

UNESCO Members Adopt First Global AI Ethics Agreement ‘To Benefit Humanity’

Tech ethicists on Friday applauded after all 193 member states of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization adopted the first global framework agreement on the ethics of artificial intelligence, which acknowledges that “AI technologies can be of great service to humanity” and that “all countries can benefit from them,” while warning that “they also raise fundamental ethical concerns.””It’s a good step, but there are a lot more steps that we need to take, like a ban on autonomous weapons, on killer robots.””AI is pervasive, and enables many of our daily…

Living in a World of Algorithms Held Accountable By Regulation

Continuing on the theme of AI ethics from my previous blog, Could an AI ethics audit end up like GDPR?, we have in the UK, proposals for an Accountability for Algorithms Act
There are a number of motivations for algorithms to be held responsible by regulation.
For example, we have concerns in the UK about Algorithmic tracking is ‘damaging mental health’ of UK workers according to a group of MPs and peers from the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on the future of work.
As per a quote from the APPG members in their report, the New Frontier: Artificial Intelligence at…

The ethics of digital technology in the food sector – the future of data sharing — ScienceDaily

Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket ready meals updates you in real-time to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls, and instant safety alerts because allergens were detected unexpectedly in the factory.
But how much extra energy would be used powering such a system? And what if an accidental alert meant you were told to throw away your food for no reason?
These are some of the questions asked by team of researchers, including a Lancaster University Lecturer in Design Policy and Futures Thinking, who by creating objects from a ‘smart’…

Could an AI ethics audit end up like GDPR?

In continuing my trend for AI ethics from the last post, Spinoza: Building an AI Ethics Framework From First Principles, I found some early research about AI ethics audit.
As proposed by the paper, Ethics‑Based Auditing to Develop Trustworthy AI, the idea itself is a bit
vague where the idea of AI ethics auditing is defined as “a governance mechanism that can be used by organizations that design and deploy AI systems to control or influence the behavior of AI systems.”
So, the proposal is to audit the behavior of the organization as a structured process by which an entity’s…

15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future

Forget the negative comments, the unsure colleagues, and general science fiction painted pictures of AI that you have been fed your entire life. From my personal experience as an AI proponent for the past three decades I know that the power AI has for doing good is exponentially better than anything negative.
Author & Copyright, Mark Minevich via www.forbes.com
There is only one thing that causes AI to do harm. People. Fortunately for all of us there are leaders and visionaries across the…

Of Spinoza’s ethics and AI ethics: Why you should create an AI ethics framework for your own organization from first principles

Spinoza’s ethics was the first attempt to apply Euclidean thinking to philosophy to create a system of ethics from first principles.
Could we apply the same first principles thinking to formulating AI ethics?
Last week, I spoke at an online event for legal professionals about AI Ethics. AI ethics is a very important topic but it is also a subject like Privacy i.e. there is a lot of heat but little light. By that I mean, everyone has a view on AI ethics but there are very few pragmatic…

(Practical) AI ethics

PODCASTMargaret Mitchell on the biggest challenges in AI fairness and biashttps://medium.com/media/90e6495a6a8ceca2968c20c61d4d475f/hrefEditor’s note: The TDS Podcast is hosted by Jeremie Harris, who is the co-founder of SharpestMinds, a data science mentorship startup. Every week, Jeremie chats with researchers and business leaders at the forefront of the field to unpack the most pressing questions around data science, machine learning, and AI.Bias gets a bad rap in machine learning….

Seven ways AI could evolve

Ways AI could evolve: The world of artificial intelligence is only just beginning
Copyright by siliconangle.com
Given all theinnovationstaking place in the AI world, the possibilities that it creates are seemingly endless. Yet with increasingly prevalent concerns about ethics and the responsible use of AI, manybusiness and information technology leadersare looking to better understand how this technology will affect organizations and society, both now and in the future.
Looking at future…

IoT: Is Data Beyond Ethics?

Over the last decade, the Internet of Things has been delivering heaps of data and remote device control across virtually every industry, from healthcare to hospitality.Read the full story

Data Ethics: What, Why Now, and Where Do We Start?

Click to learn more about author Peter Jackson.

We have to make ethical decisions every day when working with data. The problem is, a lot of the time we might not realize when this is the case. Data professionals and organizations are often so focused on what can be done with data and at what scale, that critical questions about data ethics can be forgotten: Should we be doing this and how should we be doing this?

These are quite basic questions, but there’s no doubt…

Why Trust Matters in AI

We can all agree that AI has the potential to help businesses, organizations, and society solve real problems. But there are still many concerns about the consequences of using AI improperly. Things like ethics, privacy, bias, and security are top of mind. In order for AI projects to be fully embraced, companies must address these concerns, because people need to trust their AI in order for projects to be successful. In this installment of our blog post series, we will explore the question of why trust is an essential component to any conversation around AI.

Performance, Operations, and Ethics

Trust in AI is multidimensional. AI creators, operators, and consumers all have different needs and different factors that they consider when evaluating and determining if an AI application is trustworthy.… Read more...

A 3 Step Guide To Building Your LinkedIn Presence In The Data Community

Enhancing Your Brand Made EasyPhoto by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Defining Your Perception

GPT-3 and GPT-4 Could Ruin the Future Internet

This is an Op-ed about the future of the internet and, while speculative, it’s an example and an attempt to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence at scale in a human would or could have disastrous impacts without AI regulation and AI ethics to protect us.

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. As you likely already know GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series (and the successor to GPT-2) created by Microsoft-funded OpenAI (that was supposed to be a not for profit firm).

This Is How a Less Human World Manifests

In 2021 we’ve had a NLP-explosion year in terms of Artificial Intelligence activity.


Should we care about Philosophy of AI in the Mena region? – Wamda

Aliah Yacoub is an AI philosopher and head of techQualia at Egypt-based Synapse Analytics, a data science and AI company 

The artificial intelligence (AI) race between the global powers has countries everywhere hurriedly rummaging up AI applications. A quick glance at magazine headlines, popular culture, and even peer-reviewed academic literature shows the many grand predictions about AI and the eventual winner of its race. But is that race something to be celebrated or feared? And where does the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region stand? 

AI-induced panic or peace?

Today, algorithms, deep learning and AI have emerged as unparalleled forces of power and have made their way into the everyday world. From the seemingly trivial, like setting your alarm for you and automating your workplace, all the way to fighting the pandemic or fighting future wars.


AI-Ethics in Engineering

The Bias of Traditional Engineers in AI-based Modeling of Physics — PART 2

AI-Ethics in Engineering
Image by Author

Responsible AI in Action

Inside AI

Market drivers, principles and practical recommendations to get started with Responsible AI

Progressing with Caution — Photo credit: Olivier Penel

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all facets of society, Ethics is proving to be the new frontier of technology. Public awareness, press scrutiny and upcoming regulations are mandating organizations and the data science community to embed ethical principles in their AI initiatives. Gartner identified “Smarter, Responsible and Scalable AI” as the #1 market trend for data and analytics in 2021. You might also be aware of the proposed regulation published by the European Commission in April 2021. And this is not just another instance of EU regulatory frenzy.… Read more...

Why Data Scientists Should Stay Open-Minded, Curious, and Non-Judgemental

How did you decide to enter the field of data science?

I started learning how to code for fun at the start of the pandemic; my primary interest was in data visualization and web app development. In June 2020, when my job in the nonprofit sector was eliminated, I had a lot of free time and decided to study data science because I’ve always loved statistics and storytelling. I followed my curiosity and quickly became fascinated with machine learning, then my obsession with language drove me to explore NLP in depth.

Since I am committed to social justice, I was naturally attracted to working with low-resource languages like Arabic. This led to an opportunity with the World Bank, where I was able to assist with social media research focused on the Middle East and North Africa.


Coding Ethics for AI & AIOps: Designing Responsible AI Systems

By Manisha Singh, Advanced Analytics & Tech Strategist



Can you relate to this image ? This is a typical log file that support / dev teams have struggled – manually reading the logs line by line to resolve an outage/anomaly. Such was the era of traditional IT operations where : Process was time consuming, correlation between different layers of platform and multiple log files was difficult; Results could vary & valid for a particular time duration; Results could be lost and history wasn’t saved and Thus this approach did not scale.

This consumed multiple resources from support teams, Dev, Infra over emergency calls running several hours gazing at several Dashboards & tools wondering where to start ?