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Decentral Games Emerges As The Front-Runner In The Growing Play-To-Earn Model Revolution

Decentral Games has launched in-game ICE Poker, a new way for players to earn real money by completing daily challenges and competing against each other in a free-to-play poker game. Players will need to obtain at least one exclusive iced NFT wearable either through purchase or delegation. When holding a one-of-a-kind Iced NFT, players will be allocated a set amount of Chips that are used to play ICE Poker. Completing daily challenges will earn ICE rewards for users, who will, in turn, be able to burn ICE to upgrade their wearable NFTs for even greater prestige.


Generating Synthetic Time-Series Data with Random Walks

While the data here is usable for time series models, no patterns are visible. Since actual data contains emergent patterns relationships to previous points, the synthetic data needs to be improved. Random walks are a viable solution to generate some realistic-looking behavior. Creating random walks in pandas requires iterating through each row of the dataframe. Each step in the walk depends on the previous step.

Below is the code to generate a random walk. The first ‘previous_value’ acts as the starting point for the walk. Next, the step size is set to 1. Finally, the ‘threshold’ sets the probability of walking positively or negatively to 50%.


A Space Mission to Infinity — Sci-fi Saturday

“Flotando” (2018), uploaded at DUST by director Frankie De Leonardis (August 20, 2021, 7:55):

A Russian astronaut awakes on a space station module after a crash. Space debris has left the module severely damaged and isolated. As the astronaut tries to reconnect to the base strange noises turn his attention to the outside. The knocks become closer until a strange character emerges. He’s come to welcome the astronaut. Puzzled, scared, and believing everything to be a hallucination the astronaut tries to focus on his communication efforts, but the character decides to open the hatch and let himself in. The story is about realizing and accepting with a sci-fi tone and a surreal twist.


Organismos vs Mecanismos

La vida no es un mecanismo, sino un organismo. La vida no es mecánica, es orgánica. Y lo mismo ocurre con todos los sistemas complejos cotidianos: la economía, las ideas, la meteorología, etc.

En la Naturaleza los organismos no ‘aparecen’ sino que ‘surgen’ y crecen desde dentro. No son piezas que se ensamblan en el tiempo, o relaciones y reglas causa-efecto lineales como suelen suponerlas nuestra forma de pensar.

Las plataformas tecnológicas tienen éxito porque facilitan la creación de un ecosistema que se comporta como un organismo: de dentro hacia afuera, y en base a interacciones entre sus componentes.

Este organismo:
– Está compuesto de multitud de participantes con incentivos alineados,
– Evoluciona y da lugar a formas emergentes no previstas inicialmente.… Read more...

Blockchain tech, is it time?

The dot com vision was e-commerce, but the killers came in the form of social and search… In crypto, its still to be seen where the killers are. But I’m not sure it will be crypto money.

Why? Because you need a real ‘crypto economy’ generating value for many people. Then -and only then- some cryptocurrency will emerge to become a global standard. The economy is first, then money emerges out of the economy. Not the other way around.

Without any major crisis this event would be still 10 years in the future. But because of Corona the event is probably here.… Read more...

Money is Broken… How to Fix it?

This are the things about money that should be fixed both in the “real” and the crypto economy:

Nature of Money. Money should be a mean of exchange and settling acounts NOT a merchandise whose price is controlled by an elite. Right now even Bitcoin prices are manipulared. Money is a mean of settlement to help an economy to be liquid. It should not be a merchandise whose price and manufacturing is controlled by an elite with some kind of Old World capitalist advantage (sorry Bitcoin miners, its nothing personal).

Money should be an asset in itself, not somebody´s liability.

Native value.…

¿Por qué no Vivimos en una Simulación de Ordenador?

Un debate que aparece con recurrencia en determinados ámbitos. Los indicios de que vivimos (somos) una simulación realizada con algún tipo de ordenador. Una teoría que gana peso cada año que pasa sin poder refutar la Paradoja de Fermi.

El problema es que aunque el Universo fuera computable (Lloyd aporta 10^120 operaciones cuánticas), esto no significa que lo sea de una forma útil para nosotros. Wolpert prueba que 2 computadoras no se pueden simular la una a la otra, lo que implica que un computador no se puede simular a sí mismo.

Un computador no puede tener la suficiente memoria como para saber su propio estado porque necesita al menos un bit más para observar su simulación, y debe incluir ese bit en su estado.… Read more...