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When Persian belonging was a generous, cosmopolitan belonging | Aeon Essays

At the end of the 19th century, under the looming shadow of European colonial encroachment, political and intellectual elites in Iran began to draw on nationalist forms of belonging as a way to unify the various ethnic and religious groups that…

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The Myth of the “Infallible Elite”

Catte Black A commenter BTL called Petra made this claim recently in regard to the conspirators behind 9/11 etc. All glaring anomalies are deliberate examples of “revelation of the method” / “hidden in plain sight”… She was referring to the fact Building 7 was so very obviously ‘pulled’. Her thesis being the elites are basically …

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The Houses of Dead and Crooked Souls

Edward Curtin

“A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability.”
Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

There is a vast and growing gulf between the world’s rich and poor. An obscene gulf. If we can read houses, they will confirm this. They offer a visible lesson in social class.

Houses stand before us like books on a shelf waiting to be read, and when the books are missing, as they are for a vast and growing multitude of the homeless exiled wandering ones and those imprisoned, their absence serves to indict the mansion-dwelling wealthy and to a lesser extent those whose homes serve to shield them from the truth of the ill-begotten gains of the wealthy elites who create the world’s suffering through their avarice, lies, and war making.


The Real Risk Lies in Complexity

They talk about Global Warming, negative interest rates, Brexit, etc. but the real threat is not in those specifics. The real threat lies in COMPLEXITY.

For evolutionary reasons, human mind is not prepared for complexity. When facing the unknown, we arewired to fight or run away . But survival is no longer based on this 2 paradigms. Its increasingly based in coping with complexity, in managing complexity.

The risk lies in between a decreasing quality of people in charge, and an exponentially increasing complexity of the system. And this is relevant not just or big organizations but also for the economy as a whole, and also for individuals.… Read more...