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Redefine e-Learning Software Development With These Three Trends

With rapidly growing interconnectivity solutions both in top and emerging economies incepted the e-learning trend. This was accompanied by the growth of digitization. And it contributed immensely to the expansion of this sector. As the cherry on top, cloud infrastructure, P2P solutions, and open content development came along. In 2021, this is one of the fastest growing and dynamically evolving market. It is necessary to stay way ahead of the curve if you are operating in this paradigm and…

5 Reasons You Should Get a Formal Degree in Data Science


September 3, 2021

At present time, online education or e-learning has become the only source of learning. Online classes indeed give you the flexibility and affordability to learn any course of your choice at your time and convenience. But there are many reasons why having a formal degree in data science will help you build a better future.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a formal degree in data science:

Assurance of continuity with a formal degree

Do you know? currently, the average rate of completion for a MOOC course is only 15%? That is because many individuals want to learn new things, but many hurdles stop them from achieving their dream, or sometimes they just lose interest. Applying for a formal degree in data science will ensure a constraint on the time and the resources you spend.


Best Data Science Courses for Managers in 2021 To Know About


September 2, 2021

Are you looking for the best data science courses for managers? Are you wondering how to improve your data science skills? Well, then we are here with the data science courses that can help you with this. Here are the data science courses for managers in 2021 to know about. 

Data Science (Online)- UC Berkeley Executive Education 

Duration: 10 weeks 

UC Berkeley Executive Education is a professional e-learning platform that offers a comprehensive data science course for managers to upskill and improve their decision-making process in order to excel in their careers. After this data science course is done, you will be able to work effectively with data science business with great outcomes.


16. Technology in Education – trends. Edtech – the Future of E-learning Software

What Is EdTech?

EdTech is the combination of hardware, such as interactive projection screens, and software, e.g., classroom management systems, aimed to improve both teaching and learning processes, and educational outcomes, respectfully. Although educational technology is relatively new – it originated in the early 40-ies and was represented by first flight simulators, it has already demonstrated excellent results and looks extremely promising both to end-users and investors. Many educational solutions are cloud-based and exploit various research data to create algorithms for enhancing learners’ results by making the process of acquiring knowledge more interactive, providing personalized content for people with different types of sensory perception, and learning pace, improving assessment methods, etc.