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Top 10 Things You Should Never Say In A Data Science Interview

Data science interviews can be cumbersome, and rejections are merely the beginning. While an academic degree, relevant training, skills, and course work are essential to break into data science, it does not guarantee a job or job satisfaction.

When it comes to interviews, there are hundreds of reasons for a company to reject a candidate. Of course, it makes more sense for a company to reject a good candidate than to hire a bad one. But, a talented data science professional stands above all, making sure to stay ahead of the curve. Apply>>

Unlike other domains,…

Edtech Meeting The Demands Of A Changing Industry

Technical skillsets, particularly in AI, Data Science, and Analytics, are in high demand
It makes perfect sense to capitalise on this shift in learning and hiring dynamics by learning the most in-demand technical skills to land a job of choice, regardless of how different it is from one’s specialisation
Edtech is making the skills and training required for these domains more accessible, it ensures a steady flow of diversely skilled professionals into the market

The Metaverse is a hot topic right now, and the discussions surrounding it are expanding. While the concept has been around…

10 Frequently Asked Coding Questions in Data Science Interviews

by Sayantani Sanyal
October 29, 2021
Data science is an emerging field in the tech world. While interviewing for the position of a data scientist, the industry hiring experts frequently ask questions related to SQL, Python, computer science fundamentals, and also from other related domains. Hiring managers ask coding questions because data science is a highly technical field that requires collecting, cleaning, and processing data to ensure that useful insights can be drawn out of it. Coding skills can help data scientists collaborate with different stakeholders and projects and work…

The Tolkien estate has smote JRR Token — but the NFTs persist

It seems our prediction that a Lord of the Rings-themed “JRR Token” cryptocurrency was destined for the fires of Mount Doom was accurate — the World Intellectual Property Organization (or WIPO) has declared that it violated a trademark belonging to the estate of author J.R.R. Tolkien, and ordered that one of the project’s web domains be transferred to that estate (via the Financial Times).
If you’re unfamiliar with JRR Token (not Tolkien), here’s the lore — it was a cryptocurrency project that drew heavy inspiration from The Lord of the Rings. Its tagline was “The One…

How to Become a Data Scientist in 2022

The role of a Data Scientist is one of the hottest jobs in the world and reported as the most demanded job in both the UK and the US. According to the Emerging Job Report by LinkedIn in 2020, the data scientist job role has risen to 3rd position in the US with an added benefit of 37% annual growth and 7th position in the UK. 
With in-depth knowledge in multiple domains, programming skills, mathematical abilities, computer knowledge, and other data science skills, data scientists possess the versatility and ability to work across industries and act as a catalyst in making critical…

AI, ML or Data Science? Which is the Best Path to Take?

by Aratrika Dutta
August 11, 2021
AI, ML, or Data Science, which is best for you?Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are the most trending topics in the present era. All these terms fall under the same domain but they have their individual applications and meaning. For the tech companies, the application of these terms is given the top list priority. Even the job hirings for these domains is increasing at a high rate. It has increased 74% according to Linkedin’s 2019 “Emerging Jobs” report. The salary offered to a data scientist and AI engineer is quite…

Top Online Machine Learning Courses for Beginners In 2021

Machine learning is one of the thriving and fast-paced domains in the fields of computer science as well as technology. Multiple industries and companies have started leveraging machine learning to boost productivity and transform the existing workforce into a more efficient and intelligent workforce with effective human-machine interaction. Students or working professionals are highly interested to work with AI/ML algorithms in reputed companies across the world. Completing machine learning courses provides confidence and a strong understanding of concepts and mechanisms with a valid and…

Top Free AI/Data Science Courses Launched In 2021

The last few years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) as an ever-evolving and rapidly growing space. It has been vastly adopted across sectors and domains not just to study and analyse data or find hidden patterns but to also make meaningful real-life decisions.  
The global AI market was worth $35.92 billion in 2020. And according to Fortune Business Insights, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.6 per cent between 2020 and 2028, to reach a valuation of $360.36 billion in 2028. India itself is expected to invest $1 billion in the AI space by 2023. In fact, last year, the…

Microsoft open-sources SynapseML for developing AI pipelines

Microsoft today announced the release of SynapseML (previously MMLSpark), an open source library designed to simplify the creation of machine learning pipelines. With SynapseML, developers can build “scalable and intelligent” systems for solving challenges across domains, including text analytics, translation, and speech processing, Microsoft says.
“Over the past five years, we have worked to improve and stabilize the SynapseML library for production workloads. Developers who use Azure Synapse Analytics will be pleased to learn that SynapseML is now generally available on this…

Ethereum Name Service to Pivot to DAO Governance, Airdrops ENS Token to Domain Holders – Bitcoin…

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the entity that controls the decentralized domains built on top of Ethereum, announced it would pivot to a decentralized governance model, opening the door to the formation of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The ENS is now calling for delegates to propose their views to the community in order to be elected. The airdrop of the DAO tokens will open on November 8.
ENS Pivots to Decentralized Governance
The Ethereum Name Service, the organization behind the decentralized domain service on Ethereum, announced recently its intention of…

U-Net — Urban Segmentation

Deep LearningU-Net — Urban SegmentationPyTorch implementation of U-Net model to perform Semantic Segmentation on Lyft Perception Challenge dataset.Source: Semantic Segmentation for Self Driving Cars, license under the CC0: Public DomainIntroductionThe U-Net model was introduced in 2015 by Olaf Ronneberger, et al. in their paper titled “U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation”. The primary focus was an ISBI cell tracking challenge, which they won by a huge margin. But as it turned out the network found the application in the other domains such as…

History of Deep Learning

History of Deep Learning: Deep Learning has dramatically improved the state-of-the-art in different machine learning tasks suchas machine translation, speech recognition, visual object detection and many other domains such as drug discovery and genomics (LeCun, et al., 2015).
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In addition to that, researchers are extending capabilities of deep learning beyond these traditional tasks such that Osaka et al. use recurrent neural networks to denoise speech signals,…

Microsoft calls blockchain domains ‘the next big threat’

“The next big threat” is how Microsoft’s latest annual security report characterizes domain names written into a distributed ledger maintained across a constellation of computers instead of stored in a traditional, centralized registry.Storing domain names on a blockchain can make them difficult to shut down or even trace to their owners. It also leaves them inaccessible without special software or settings.“In recent years, we have observed blockchain domains integrated into…

🗣 Edge#133: Self-Supervised Learning for Speech 

In this issue:we discuss Self-Supervised Learning for Speech; we explore AVID, an SSL model for audio-visual tasks; we overview s3prl, an open-source framework for SSL speech models.💡ML Concept of the Day: Self-Supervised Learning for SpeechMost of the biggest breakthroughs in self-supervised learning (SSL) have come from the natural language processing (NLP) space, but several other deep learning domains are quickly catching up. Among those, speech analysis is one of the areas that…

Tokens are a New Digital Primitive, Analogous to the Website

Major computing waves generally have two eras: the skeuomorphic era and the native era.
In the skeuomorphic era, the design thinking is largely adapted from older domains. For example, the early web was mostly digital adaptations of pre-internet activities like letter writing and mail-order shopping. Websites back then were mostly read-only.
It took about a decade for technologists to start seriously exploring the idea that websites could be read/write, where users generate the content. This…

How Low-Code Analytics Will Democratize Data

Click to learn more about author Dan Robinson.

I’d wager that most people who build websites today know very little HTML. That’s fine – most websites are built via low-code tools that hide code-level details behind GUIs. This lets website builders focus on creating products instead of worrying about CSS formatting. Web design has gone low-code, and other domains seem sure to follow. In fact, Gartner has predicted that low-code platforms will account for 65% of app…


The Architecture Behind DeepMind’s Model for Near Real-Time Weather Forecasts

Deep Generative Model of Rain (DGMR) is the newest creation from DeepMind which can predict precipitation in short-term intervals.

Source: https://technohubnewzz.blogspot.com/2021/10/artificial-intelligence-can-forecast-if.html

Building a Structured Financial Newsfeed Using Python, SpaCy and Streamlit – KDnuggets

By Harshit Tyagi, Data Science Instructor | Mentor | YouTuber

One of the very interesting and widely used applications of NLP is Named Entity Recognition(NER).

Getting insights from raw and unstructured data is of vital importance. Uploading a document and getting the important bits of information from it is called information retrieval.

Information retrieval has been a major task/challenge in NLP. And NER(or NEL — Named Entity Linking) is used in several domains(finance, drugs, e-commerce, etc.) for information retrieval purposes.

In this tutorial post, I’ll show you how you can leverage NEL to develop a custom stock market news feed that lists down the buzzing stocks on the internet.


There are no such pre-requisites as such.


Path to Full Stack Data Science – KDnuggets

By Jawwad Shadman Siddique, Graduate Researcher at Texas Tech.

Full Stack Data Science has become one of the hottest industries in the field of computer science. Starting from traditional mathematics to advance concepts like data engineering, this industry demands a breadth of knowledge and expertise. Its demand has seen an exponential rise in online resources, books, and tutorials. For beginners, it’s overwhelming, to say the least. Most of the time, beginners start with either a python course, a machine learning course, or some basic mathematics course. But many times, a large number of them do not know where to start. And with so many resources to go to, many of them keep scraping through resources. Moving between Udemy, edX, Coursera, and YouTube, many hours are lost.


Best Data Science Certifications In 2022

Over a span of the recent few years, data science has become an integral part of all the major industry sectors, ranging from agriculture, marketing analytics, public policy, to fraud detection, risk management, and marketing optimization. One of the goals of data science is to resolve the many issues that preside within the economy at large, and its other branches and individual sectors, through the use of machine learning, predictive modeling, statistics, and data preparation.

Data science emphasizes the utilization of the general methods but without changing its application, no matter what its domain is. In this way, this approach is a lot more different from the other traditional statistics scenario that usually tends to focus solely upon seeking specific solutions to particular domains or sectors.


Top 20 Data Science and Machine Learning Projects in Python (Part-II)

Guys! I hope you all are enjoyed reading my earlier article Part – I 10/20, and I trust that would be useful for you. Let’s discuss the rest of the project quickly.

11. Learn to prepare data for your next machine learning project.

Problem Statement & Solution

When you’re dealing with NLP based problem statement, we must focus on “Text Data” preparation before you can start using it for any NLP algorithm. The foremost step is that text cleaning and processing is an important task in every machine learning project, even if we are working on the text-based task and making sense of textual data. So, when dealing with text, we must take extra causes for Text Classification, Text Summarization, understanding Tokenization, and Bag of Words preparation.


Exploring DataCommons — the API powering Google Search

A new paradigm for querying public datasets

Image by author

How to Be an Encouraging Supervisor for Your Data Science Intern

Ever since we started our data science career, someone has been managing us. Thus, when the supervising opportunity presented itself — naturally, I looked up to my supervisor to draw inspiration to craft the internship.

Ask yourself these questions: When you joined the team, how did they make you feel? What kind of guidance did they give to become familiar with the work? I know what you’re thinking. Maybe you’re having a hard time with your manager. In that case, what could they have done differently to make your life at work more manageable? You get the idea.

Here’s why: irrelevant of whether you’ve had a positive experience, they’ve been in the industry much longer than you are. You can learn all the new tools and technologies in data science, but nothing can replace their experience working with clients, different domains, handling juniors, and more.


Introduction to Automated Machine Learning

What Are AutoML Systems?

Machine learning (ML) – as a subfield of the broader domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – is taking over all kinds of industries and business domains. This includes retail, healthcare, automotive, finance, entertainment, and more. With this wider adoption across all kinds of operations and by a workforce with a diverse set of skills, learning how to work with machine learning is becoming increasingly important.

Due to this expansion of ML usage by the ever-increasing cross-section of employees in an organization, it has become critical to develop systems that can be used by business professionals of all sorts of backgrounds. And that means these systems cannot exclusively be coding or programming oriented like the ones used by software engineers or data scientists.