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The Conspiracy

MOTIVES for spreading a man-made virus:

1. Banksters cover up for an economy already in free-fall. New excuse to print trillions which will be paid by the public.

2. Cripple China and particularly president Xi’s government and also to cripple the Trump administration

3. Further steps for a police state with bringing the people into absolute serfdom.

4. A social credit system. Similar to that of China: check immunization passports together with digital ID and chip implants.

5. Mandatory vaccination.

6. A digital currency.

7. Universal Basic Income.

8. A transition to a technocratic dictatorship since everybody has to be monitored because of the virus.… Read more...

Transhumanism and New Economy

Who Benefits from the Chaos of the Global Financial System?
Ever wonder what happened to the stable system of fixed exchange rates FDR created after the war? Who dismantled it, and why? What would it take to rebuild a system of stable monetary agreements that would foster economic growth worldwide?

This is not about a virus or even a vaccine, it’s about biometric/digital identification. ID2020, etc.
The way they are going about the implementation of this Full Spectrum (Cybernetic) Dominance absolutely qualifies as terrorism.

Immunization: an entry point for digital identity

Their plan is simple. You just impoverish the majority of the people until they have too little cash for it to matter much.… Read more...

¿Claves Biométricas no Hackeables?

Las password de toda la vida ya son claves biométricas y son MUTABLES. Se almacenan en tu cerebro, y las puedes cambiar. No te las puedes robar salvo que las entregues o las escribas. Por eso las huellas digitales, o las retinas tienen los mismos problemas e incluso peores: no son mutables, te las pueden robar sin tu saberlo.

El problema de las claves no es que no sean biológicas, sino que están centralizadas, haciendas vulnerables al hackeo. Usar una clave providada aunque sea a través de una clave, decentraliza esa información y hace su seguridad responsabilidad exclusiva del tenedor del secreto.… Read more...