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Deep Dive Into Decentralised Finance: Valuing DeFi Blockchains

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a system that allows financial products to appear on a public blockchain network which is not regulated by a central bank or intermediary. DeFi systems, majority of which are built on the Ethereum blockchain, aim to provide an autonomous and decentralised option for financial services that are otherwise regulated by banks and national or international administration. If you are serious about crypto investing, you must have a deep understanding of decentralised finance (DeFi). Simply put, DeFi is an umbrella term for financial applications powered by public…

Bitcoin, dogecoin, Shiba Inu, other cryptos surge today. Check cryptocurrency prices

Cryptocurrency prices today surged with Bitcoin trading above $57,000 mark. The world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency was trading at $57,699, up more than 6%. Bitcoin price had recently hit record high of around $69,000 and is up over 99% this year (year-to-date or YTD) so far. Global crypto market cap surged to $2.72 trillion, as per CoinGecko.

Ether, the coin linked to ethereum blockchain and the second largest cryptocurrency, also gained more than 7% to $4,337. Dogecoin price rallied over 3% to $0.20 whereas Shiba Inu rose more than 4%…

Bitcoin processes more dollar value than PayPal, could surpass Mastercard by 2026

Market intelligence platform Blockdata has suggested in a new report Bitcoin could outstrip credit card giant Mastercard in the number of dollar transactions value processed.Bitcoin processes more dollar value than PayPalJust recently, Bitcoin overtook the giant payment tech company, PayPal, in terms of value transfer. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin network recorded about $489 billion in processed value per quarter while PayPal’s value was around  $302 billion.While this represents a major milestone for the crypto industry, the value pales significantly against that of Mastercard…

AMC, Sony offering NFTs to people who purchase advance Spider-Man tickets

Spider-Man Turn Off the DarkSource: spidermanonbroadway.marvel.com/AMC is the latest legacy company to get into the NFT game.The theater giant and Sony Pictures will offer 86,000 non-fungible tokens to members of its AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stubs A-List and AMC Investor Connect who order tickets for the Dec. 16 opening of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in advance.Brands big and small are looking for new ways to connect with consumers and, potentially, boost some sales. With crypto-collectibles soaring in popularity, marketers have latched on to the next digital wave.Ownership of these assets is…

Could You Earn More in the Axie Infinity ($AXS) Metaverse Than a Goldman Sachs Salary?

Recently, 27-year old Sam Peurifoy, Director of Finance at crypto trading firm Floating Point Group, talked about his current evening/weekend hobby of playing Ethereum-powered monster-battle and non-fungible token (NFT) based game Axie Infinity.

Here is how the Axie Infinity white paper introduces this game:

“Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets.All art assets and…

Ethereum Devs Assess Reducing Data Transfer Cost 5x, EIP-4488 Becomes Possible Solution – Technology…

The second leading crypto asset ethereum has been dealing with high fees since the end of June and today the average ethereum transaction fee is between $5 and $34 per transfer. While there’s been a lot of complaints about ether gas costs this year, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has recommended an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that aims to decrease transaction costs by five times. Ethereum developer Tim Beiko discussed the idea as well, and talked about possible “challenges” both long and short term.
Moving Ether, Transferring an ERC20, and Swapping Tokens on Ethereum Is…

Shiba Inu Partners With Former Activision Executive For A Shiba Inu NFT Game; Metaverse Efforts In…

Meme crypto Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB), which has had a terrific run this year, could soon venture into gaming.
What Happened: Shiba Inu has joined forces with David Volk, former Vice President of Technology at Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATVI), to create a play-to-earn NFT game, Shytoshi Kusama, project leader of Shiba Inu, said in an article posted on Medium.
Kusama also said the team has landed a partnership with a game studio to develop the Shiboshi NFT game. Volk will lead the game design, implementation, and completion of the game being developed by the game…

Adidas Metaverse New Four-Way Collaboration

adidas is expanding its journey into the metaverse with a new four-way collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault’s Punks Comic and crypto investor Gmoney.
This morning, the collaborators took to social media to reveal images of a forthcoming collaboration with the sportswear company. The posts from their respective accounts only revealed sneak peek imagery with no additional details about the…

Report Shows Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana ETPs Outperformed Bitcoin Investment Products in November –…

Cryptocompare, the firm that provides institutional and retail investors with real-time and historical cryptocurrency data, has published the firm’s November 2021 Digital Asset Management Review. The report covers crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs), and recent findings show alternative crypto asset investment products are outperforming Bitcoin ETPs.
Ethereum-Based Investment Product Trade Volumes Increase
Every month Cryptocompare publishes a research report that covers the cryptocurrency investment product landscape. The investment products are ETPs tethered to today’s top…

$BTC: ARK Invest CEO Explains Why Institutional Investors Are Getting Into Bitcoin

Recently, Catherine Wood, Founder, CIO, and CEO at ARK Investment Management, LLC (aka “ARK” or “ARK Invest”), talked about institutional investment in Bitcoin.

During a virtual interview on November 17 with Barron’s Senior Managing Editor Lauren R. Rublin, Wood said that large institutional investors are making a move into Bitcoin and pointed out the lack of correlation between crypto and other assets.

According to a report about this interview by The Daily Hodl, Wood said:

“We can see who’s moving in and it looks like strong,…

Kurt Wuckert Jr. talks Gorilla Pool, Kleiman v Wright trial and Bitcoin SV on Crypto Bitz

This October, CoinGeek’s Kurt Wuckert Jr. went on the Crypto Bitz podcast to talk Gorilla Pool, the Kleiman v Wright trial, and Bitcoin SV.
As always, it was an eye-opening and informative chat with one of Bitcoin SV’s brightest minds.
Gorilla Pool
Gorilla Pool is one of the most exciting things to happen in the world of BSV mining this year. Kurt informed Britney that it was a “happy accident” and explained a little about how the first truly distributed mining pool in BSV works.
Gorilla Pool started with the Gorilla DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which initially…

Op-ed: How Algorand is gearing up to become a contender to Ethereum

The following is a guest post from Sebastian Quinn, the co-founder of Yieldly, a DeFi suite built for the Algorand blockchain.While some have come close, none have quite managed to overthrow the incumbent — neither in user adoption nor market share. However, as time goes on and scalability and efficiency qualms grow stronger, so too do Ethereum’s contenders.When it comes to pinpointing which networks stand a fighting chance at usurping Ethereum’s position as the most popular protocol, Algorand’s extensive network of partners and stellar reputation among developers and crypto…

Focus on DeFi, Stablecoins, NFTs, and More

Source: Adobe/ako photographySmaller markets with a lighter administration might lead the way in terms of crypto regulation.A standardized approach to regulating crypto is estimated to emerge.Traditional financial will insist on a level playing field in terms of regulation.A transaction involving smart contracts on-chain does often not fit into the basic legal concepts.Also, expect to see interesting debates around NFTs.If 2021 has been the year of talking about crypto regulation, then 2022 is likely to be the year of turning words into action. Because if nothing else, 2021 has shown that…

Crypto Analyst Explains Why He Considers These 3 Altcoins ‘Millionaire Makers’

Recently, crypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope talked about several cryptoassets that he expects to have “a very bullish end to this year.”

In a YouTube video released on November 24, the host of the “Chico Crypto” YouTube channel, told the over 298K subscribers about five assets that he feels are great buys right now: $OHM, $KLIMA, $REN, $KILT, and $EWT.

In this article, we highlight what he said (according to a report by The Daily Hodl) about three of his picks: Olympus ($OHM), Ren ($REN), and Energy Web Token…

Crypto Resource DappRadar to Launch Own Governance Token

DappRadar – a popular dApp discovery and analysis platform – recently confirmed plans for a platform-native token called RADAR. It is intended to help DappRadar decentralize its future operations.
The company revealed the RADAR token at an event in the crypto VR game Somnium Space earlier this week. According to a statement seen by CryptoPotato, RADAR is a governance token granting its holders greater influence over DappRadar’s broader ecosystem.
Through various methods, the token will reward holders for their contribution and involvement with the…

Facebook, Microsoft and others look towards the $1 trillion dollar ‘metaverse’ opportunity — but…

The future of the web is Web 3.0 – with Microsoft, Facebook and Apple, all interested in shaping it.
According to crypto investment firm Grayscale, the industry is a $1 trillion opportunity.
However, the philosophy behind Web 3.0 is for developers to take back control of their content from these tech giants.
Just as cloud technology revolutionised data storage, Web 3.0 is looking to change the way the internet functions — only in a much bigger way. Most leading digital companies and industries, including the world of blockchain. has a laundry list of what they expect Web 3.0 to mean…

Top 10 Meme Coins With the Highest Circulating Supply – The VR Soldier

After Shiba Inu’s insane price increase in October, Meme coins were all the hype. While the new crypto hype is Metaverse tokens, Meme coins are still just as relevant, some of which reach incredible valuations. One common trend with Meme coins is their exceptionally high circulating supply. This article will go over the top 10 Meme coins with the highest circulating supply, ordered lowest to highest.
1. Doge Dash (DOGEDASH) – 54 billion
Doge Dash is more than just a meme coin; it offers a fun game similar to flappy bird. Players collect coins and get rewarded in DOGEDASH tokens….

GyroDAO Completes Successful PeckShield Audit, Becoming the First OHM fork to Have a Tier 1 Audit

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2021 / It is with great satisfaction that GyroDao has been successfully audited by Peckshield, one of the foremost Blockchain Security Companies globally. Peckshield has certified Gyro to be secure.https://storage.googleapis.com/accesswire/media/674758/GYROlogo.pngGyro is an innovative and unique Defi 2.0 protocol, combining the capital appreciation of traditional crypto currencies with the safety and stability of stable coins. Gyro’s team of industry veterans have developed a custom algorithm to grow and protect your wealth from inflation safely…

What Is It And How Does It Work?

A gang of 17,000+ crypto aficionados took on a task unlike anything seen before in history a few days ago. ConstitutionDAO, as they prefer to call themselves, raised $47 million to compete in a Sotheby’s auction for a rare copy of the United States Constitution.Despite the fact that hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin outbid ConstitutionDAO, the large crowdsourcing drive succeeded in fueling the discussion around DAOs.So, what exactly is a DAO? Is it just a group chat capable of raising millions of dollars, or is there more to it? Will DAOs, as rumor has it, mean the demise of established…

ConstitutionDAO PEOPLE Token Continue To Rise Amid DAO Closure

Less than two days after the earlier reports of ContitutionDAO’s PEOPLE token hitting an all-time high of $0.02, it has now reached a new ATH of $0.16.

Brief History of ConstitutionDAO
ConstitutionDAO was formed on November 11, when a group of crypto enthusiasts met on Zoom with a common goal of raising funds in order to secure the purchase of a rare copy of the US constitution that was to be sold at Sotheby’s auction on November 19.
In anticipation of the auction, the DAO raised more than $45 million in ETH from over 17,000 donors, but in the long run, could not secure the…

Cryptographic enthusiasts want to buy the NBA team after failing to buy the U.S. Constitution

Thousands of crypto investors these days Raised For over $ 40 million, buying a copy of the US Constitution was almost — but ultimately inadequate —. Now, another group of crypto fans is gaining momentum with another acquisition target, the NBA franchise. In both cases, crypto enthusiasts organized under Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or an organization known as DAO, an online group with collective banking accounts and mission statements. Calling himself the Clause House DAO, a reference to the late Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Cluse, a group of about 2,000 members….

BONDLY Looking Studly! A Quick Review On A Great NFT Tech Buy! For BITTREX:BONDLYUSD By Tg-l

Bondly overview: Launched on Polkadot (DOT) in September 2020, the “Bondly protocol offers an ecosystem of decentralized products that enable anyone to execute digital payments between peers (from their website bondly dot finance).” With a circulating supply of less than 200 million and a total count possible of less than 1 billion coins/tokens, this is a steal of a deal! This coin has a very small market cap. It’s trading for less than a quarter. Bondly provides services to artists, crypto projects, and brands that are looking to launch and manage the best possible NFT experience….

Crypto Whales Are Pouncing on Eight Ethereum-Based Altcoins Amid Crypto Market Dip

The largest crypto whales in the Ethereum ecosystem are utilizing the market dip to purchase more ETH and eight additional altcoins running on the leading smart contract platform.
According to the crypto whale tracker WhaleStats, the largest 1,000 non-exchange Ethereum wallets accumulated the meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) above all other Ethereum-based tokens in the last 24 hours.

At time of writing, SHIB is down 5% at a price of $0.000039 per token.
Next up, the whales pounced on Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is the native asset of the Brave browser ecosystem.
The altcoin…

Crypto Trader Tyler Swope Is Bullish on Several Altcoin Projects As End of 2021 Approaches

Crypto investor Tyler Swope is unveiling his top altcoins as volatility rattles the overall crypto markets.
In a new video, Swope tells his 298,000 YouTube subscribers that his number one altcoin is decentralized reserve currency OlympusDAO (OHM).

“In a short amount of time, it’s become one of the most diversified, non-protocol token treasuries in crypto… Purchasers of OHM are incentivized to HODL and stake as the APYs [annual percentage yields] for staking are insane. Currently over 7,300%!
Olympus has started a DeFi revolution, which is apparent from the amount of forks…

Can a group of crypto investors buy an NBA team?

Thousands of cryptocurrency investors as of late raised more than $40 million and almost — at the end of the day missed the mark regarding — buying a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Now, a different gathering of crypto fans is gathering speed with another obtaining objective: A NBA franchise. In the two cases, the crypto enthusiasts coordinated under what’s known as a decentralized autonomous association, or a DAO, which is an online group group with an aggregate bank account and a statement of purpose. The crowdfunding, as a NFT deal, ended Thursday morning.
The idea isn’t exactly…