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Battle for Preeminence in Investment — DeFi Is Upsetting the Status Quo

The world of investment is changing, and the balance is tipping in favor of smaller investors. Look around, and you will see that the entire cosmos of the finance capital remains an elite sport. This is because the current model is based on big investors getting big wins.

On the other hand, the era of disruptive technologies is coming fast. The main drivers are blockchain (DLT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, genome sequencing (CRISPR), and energy…

The Coming Age for Tech x Bio: The ‘Industrial Bio Complex’

We’ve now seen multiple trends come to fruition at the intersection of bio and technology over the past decade: A Moore’s Law for bio, thanks to computation; machine learning and AI transforming many areas of bio pharma and healthcare; the ability to not just “read”, but “write”, to bio, including CRISPR (even in just a decade). We’re also seeing the rapid unbundling of care delivery as well now, driven by “the great unlock” — which includes the unbundling of the hospital…