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Why I Bet My Career on Influencer Marketing and the Creator Economy

I was very skeptical of influencer marketing when IZEA CEO Ted Murphy founded his company in 2006.
In 2011 I had never heard of the “creator economy,” but Murphy convinced me to join IZEA. 
US influencer marketing spending is expected to pass $3 billion this year and nearly $14 billion worldwide.
This as-told-to essay is based from a conversation with Ryan Schram, president and COO at IZEA, an influencer marketing company. When IZEA’s CEO and founder, Ted Murphy, first told me in 2006 he…

What is (and isn’t) a DAO? Why do DAOs matter? How do DAOs fit into web3, crypto, the creator…

tldr; What is (and isn’t) a DAO? Why do DAOs matter? How do they fit into web3, crypto, the creator economy, future of work, and many other areas? We’ve compiled a list of resources for those seeking to understand, build, and otherwise get involved with these “decentralized autonomous organizations”This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.

Amazon’s Growing Influencer Ambitions; An Instagram Thread Trend — The Information

Amazon has emerged as a key player in the creator economy, from its gaming live-streaming service Twitch to the Clubhouse competitor it is reportedly working on. But a less well known part of Amazon’s ambitions is how it has been tapping into creators to recommend products on its ecommerce site for years.Some popular creators like Tinx have been curating virtual storefronts on Amazon with their favorite products as a way to bring in supplemental income through commissions. But there’s also a new generation of micro-influencers who have dedicated more of their creator careers to…

Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces “Sell a Service” App

Sell a Service gives creators the tools to create a personalized menu of services they are willing to offer and fulfill. These services are completely customizable, and can include things promoting a product in an Instagram post, photo retouching, songwriting, tweeting a shoutout, and more. Creators determine the services they will provide and set the price for each. Customers are able to seamlessly browse, preview, and order these services in just a few taps.

“Koji’s new Sell a Service app empowers creators to transform their influence, skills, and time into a sustainable and lucrative…

Dallas-Based Creator Economy Pioneer LTK Raises $300M from SoftBank » Dallas Innovates

LTK pioneered the creator economy when it was founded in 2011, launching a new category that monetized Instagram and allowed lifestyle creators to become entrepreneurs. Now the Dallas-based company has new funding to back its status as an industry titan: A $300 million investment from SoftBank Vision Fund 2, putting it among the tech unicorns.
LTK plans to use the capital to expedite growth plans, specifically internationally, while aggressively making new hires across the company. The goal is to accelerate its three-sided tech marketplace that simultaneously serves creators,…

Gig workforce’s expanding ‘creator economy’ numbers 7.1 million, fueling broader workforce growth

November 22, 2021

An MBO Partners study found that 7.1 million Americans have earned money in the past year as part of the “creator economy.” Another 3.2 million are planning to become content creators over the next two years.Overall, the broader independent workforce grew 34% to more than 51 million in 2021. MBO Partners noted the growth of the creator economy mirrors this trend.“The creator economy validates the trend that more and more workers are realizing the freedom and wellbeing that comes from taking career control into…

HK should shift to “creator economy,” New World CEO

Hong Kong should shift its focus to developing an “creator economy” from financial and tertiary services, New World Development (00017.HK) chief executive officer Adrian Cheng Chi-kong said.Speaking in a forum at the University of Hong Kong on Monday, Cheng said in the past 25 years, the SAR has concentrated on financial and tertiary services to achieve its current status as an international financial hub.But in the future, the city should place much emphasis on innovation, particularly in the aspects of drug development, life science and metaverse.“We should…

Explainer: What is the Creator Economy

If influencer marketing was the buzz of the last decade, then the creator economy is its successor, supercharged by growing ability for consumers to use social and digital platforms to directly connect with their own communities and audiences. But with such tools to now cut out the middleman, be it media company or advertiser, how do brands fit into this new creative puzzle?

The creator economy is a mix of artists, musicians, writers, designers and creatives who leverage technology to create an…

DAOs, A Canon

What is (and isn’t) a DAO? Why do DAOs matter? How do DAOs fit into web3, crypto, the creator economy, future of work, and many other areas?
Inspired by our NFT Canon earlier this year (and original Crypto Canon), we’ve culled the below list of resources for those seeking to understand, build, and otherwise get involved with these “decentralized autonomous organizations” — which represent the future of community, coordination, work… and much, much more. If you have suggestions for quality pieces to add, let us know @Future.
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Definitions; conceptual foundations,…

Fourthwall aims to be creator economy’s all-in-one platform

The creator economy’s growth has spawned a patchwork of services aimed at becoming key assets in a creator’s tool kit. Various website builders, merchandise stores, membership platforms, and so forth are stitched together to create a comprehensive strategy for generating social commerce, which, according to market-research company eMarketer, is expected to rise nearly 36% this year to hit $36.6 billion.Clearly, there’s no shortage of creators who have made cobbling services together work. But Fourthwall is gunning to be the leading all-in-one option.Founded in 2019, Fourthwall is a…

Caleb Boxx Invents YouTube Business Model in This Changing Creator Economy

By Story Console

Launched in 2005 as a platform for video content, YouTube has come a long way to become the second most popular social media platform. This online video-sharing website gets billions of users every month. Because of its innovative features and endless possibilities, YouTube has become a prime source of revenue for many businesses across the world. One such new and lesser-known feature on the platform is YouTube automation. Caleb Boxx is an emerging player in this business model that is helping brands and influencers scale up their revenue on this platform.
Caleb Boxx…

Content Creator Economy Gets a Boost | PYMNTS.com

As social media platforms hold their trajectory as an evolutionary step in where and how people find and consume entertainment, the growing universe of independent content creators — podcasters, game makers, video artists and more — needs more and better ways to get paid.
Companies like Patreon took an early lead in helping podcasters, musicians and video performers monetize their creations, and the field is expanding. On Wednesday (Sept. 22) creator engagement and monetization platform StreamElements announced its latest fundraise of $100 million led by led by…

First-ever Legal Platform For the Creator Economy

“Never before in history has it been easier to be a content creator,” said Farber. “One really only needs an idea, a social following and a smartphone. This is evident by the explosion of self-publishing, podcasts, influencer videos and web series uploaded on social and video sharing platforms and the prediction that the content creator Industry is expected to reach $300B over the next few years.  What has not kept pace is the affordability and ease in which content creators can protect their rights and interests. Traditional lawyers are not just incredibly expensive, they simply can’t…

How Copa90 is repositioning itself around the creator economy

Soccer seems about as far away from fans as it has ever been. If anything, it seems closer now to the richest clubs and most influential leagues given everything that has transpired over the last year-plus with the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. And yet those behind soccer media business Copa90, which focuses on the culture around the sport rather than the matches, believe the time has never been better to double down on the fan culture that has fueled its large following and attracted major investors. Sure, it sounds romantic given the absurdity of soccer’s opulence these days;…

How the intersection of edtech and the creator economy is reshaping education

Over the course of the pandemic, learning models and universities became less central as remote learning and work became the norm. Amidst the disruption, we saw more cohort-based learning programs rise in popularity. Concurrently, we also saw a surge of the creator economy — a wave of creators feeding their content to hungry consumers who were stuck at home. In 2021 alone, creator economy businesses received US$1.3 billion ($1.77 billion) in funding, nearly three times more than 2020. 
Taken together, these two trends can have a profound impact on the way we learn and who we learn…

Cryptocurrency and The Creator Economy

We are experiencing the next frontier of digital assets with a peer-to-peer system called Bitcoin, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and various brave internet visionaries. Today, bitcoin and cryptocurrency have taken over the financial market space. The next generation of internet investors are flocking to this metaverse called Web 3.0 to build and create wealth beyond our wildest imaginations.At this year’s Root Institute, we brought together some of the leading voices educating and inspiring our community to embrace modern finance as a means to build residual income and opportunity….

Square Partners With TikTok To Capture The Creator Economy

Jack Dorsey creator, co-founder, and Chairman of Twitter and co-founder & CEO of Square. (Photo by … [+] Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Fintech powerhouse Square announced a new partnership with TikTok that enables merchants on the social media platform to setup online stores.
The new service—called Square x TikTok—connects users viewing TikTok videos and ads to products available on the merchants’ Square Online store. The service promises to provide a streamlined shopping experience that retains the look and feel of the…

Facebook sees creator economy a step towards metaverse

Bengaluru: Facebook sees building a strong creator economy around its family of apps an important step in fulfilling CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions on commerce and “metaverse”.
The social media firm has seen over 35% growth year-over-year in the number of monetising creators and video publishers in India and over 160% growth in in-stream revenue earned by them. The app, which has 434 million users in India, did not share the absolute number of creators monetising in India.
The details were shared on Creator Day India showcase, where it launched an education programme in India…

Messenger-First Social Media Platform, QP is Empowering the Creator Economy

QP enables creators to engage, interact & monetize their content in a private & secure wayVANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 15, 2021 /CNW/ – QP, the revolutionary messenger-first social media platform designed to help creators of all kinds engage, interact & monetize their content, today announced the launch of the latest release of its highly anticipated app. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play, QP is jam packed with unique features that empower all creators to take back privacy, security, ownership and control of their content and audience base.QP Logo (CNW Group/QP)In this latest…

A New Social Media Platform Built for The Creator Economy​


With experts estimating that the size of the creator economy has surpassed the $100 billion mark, it is not surprising to see new companies cropping up to cash in and old companies pivoting to stake their claim.
What is sorely needed in the creator economy landscape are companies focused on creators, rather than on the cash that can be made from creators….

The Creator Economy and a Paradigm Shift in the Music Industry

Opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Rolling Stone editors or publishers.

I’m a fan of companies that pose as one thing, but a closer look at their strategy illustrates that they can operate in multiple capacities. Managing what I refer to as a costume strategy is a powerful tool that anyone can apply to their business to stay relevant, diversify revenue streams and add new verticals. For example, many don’t know that outside of McDonald’s paying rappers to push patties, they largely operate as a real estate company by buying…

Collabstr Announces New App on Creator Economy Platform Koji

“Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools a company can use to grow their brand and following; every company should be working with creators to extend their reach and influence on social media. We’re excited to bring Collabstr directly to Link in Bios with our new Koji app and believe this will make it even easier for creators to connect with high profile companies and monetize their time and influence,” said Collabstr co-founder Kyle Dulay.

Collabstr has simplified the process of finding brand partnerships, and with the new Koji app, this process is even easier. Creators…

QuikPlace Announces New App on Creator Economy Platform Koji

“We created QuikPlace to bridge the gap between content creators and artists, record labels, and brands. Creators have a tremendous power and ability to influence brand marketing for all kinds of companies and industries, but we noticed that very few influencers were actually harnessing that power to make money, and we wanted to help change that. By partnering with Koji, we’re excited to make the process even easier and simpler for creators to sell their influence and for brands to purchase it,” said QuikPlace co-founder Tanner Kesel.

The new QuikPlace app offers creators the ability to…

Visa To Launch NFT Program To Support Digital Creator Economy – Visa Inc. (V)

Financial services giant Visa Inc (NYSE:V) plans to launch a new non-fungible token program focused on lowering the barriers to entry for digital creators across the world.
What Happened: “NFTs offer a medium to connect directly with fans and collectors, making it easier for creators to monetize their talent and build a business,” Visa said in an announcement on Wednesday.
The company is collaborating with Major League Baseball player turned crypto artist Micah Johnson for the effort.
“I’m excited about the opportunity to work alongside and learn from a trusted…