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Cloud Consulting Services: A New Paradigm Emerges

The foundation of effective information technology management is a safe and strong data infrastructure. More and more businesses are depending on the cloud to guarantee that huge quantities of data are constantly accessible and can be handled efficiently. Either as cloud services, which rely only on capabilities and technologies, or as managed services, which include particular applications and their administration and maintenance. We discuss the advantages of the idea as well as the…… Read more...

Working with Metadata Management Frameworks

Metadata Management will grow into 2021 and beyond. According to a DATAVERSITY® Trends in Data Management Report, 84 percent of business respondents had a Metadata Management initiative in place or had plans for one.

MarketWatch, a consulting firm, expects massive growth by 2026. How much success a company will have with Metadata Management will depend on implementing a useful Metadata Management framework.

Getting a handle on metadata makes sense for companies in complying with data regulations, improving data quality, exploring machine learning, and using data better. But Metadata Management goes beyond the technical, to the people and policies that support it.… Read more...

Companies who had AI and Digital at their core have fared far better in the pandemic

We knew intuitively that companies that have digital technologies and AI at their core have fared better in the pandemic.

But now, there appears to be some evidence of this as per research by the Boston Consulting Group

The BCG calls these resilient companies by an odd name: ‘Bionic companies’ which can be described by a combination of AI and humans to create ‘superhuman’ capabilities.  Leaving aside the attempts at meme-making from consulting companies, the sentiment itself is valid overall. Bionic companies “blend new technology with human capabilities to transform operations, improve customer experiences and relationships, and develop new offers and businesses.”


[Herald Interview] ‘Hiring philosophy is changing at South Korean companies’ – The Korea Herald

CEO of AI-based recruiting platform Wanted Lab on how digitization is reshaping Korea’s job market

CEO of Wanted Lab, Lee Bok-kee (Park Hyun-koo/The Korea Herald)

When Lee Bok-kee, founder and CEO of Wanted Labs, quit his high-paying consulting job in 2013, he had only one goal: to solve problems.

Having spent around five years at a consulting firm seeing tech mammoths like Samsung and LG pay millions of won to solve business problems, he was certain there would be at least one problem he can solve on his own.

But finding the right one was not an easy journey.

After brainstorming hundreds of businesses ideas, two failed startups, and losing his 100 million-won ($86,400) severance pay, Lee realized the problem he was looking for was right under his nose.


Got Skills, Need Cash? Why Not Try Consulting

If you are reading this, you’re probably a data scientist of one flavor or another. Or you have some technical chops, you like data, and you want to learn more about how data science skills can make you more marketable.

Whatever your motivation, if you fit either description above, consulting needs you. I realized early on that knowing how to work with data is a very valuable skill and lots of people and businesses are willing to pay others to help them with their data.

Despite the need, breaking into the field can still be a challenge. It isn’t enough to put up a website, let the world know what you can do, and wait.


​How Data Science and BI Is Revolutionizing the Sports Industry with Power BI

Nowadays, data has become very important in all industries, and that is why thousands of companies hailing from multiple sectors are resorting to data analytics tools. Using BI and data analysis tools can prove to be helpful for businesses in any sector, as it is. Even the sports sector can benefit a lot from the implementation of proper BI solutions and technologies. Businesses hailing from this sector can gain from hiring the right Power BI consulting services.

Why is using BI tools in the sports sector necessary?

These days, sports are not just about physical games. On the contrary, it is more like a numbers game.


How To 2x Your Data Analytics Consulting Rates (Overnight)

By Lillian Pierson, P.E., Mentor to World-Class Data Leaders and Entrepreneurs, CEO of Data-Mania

Curious to learn about data analytics consulting rates in 2021 for new data freelancers? Are you ready to up your rates as a data analytics freelancer? You’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn my BEST strategies to help you 2x your rates as a data analytics freelancer or consultant.

The reality is – if you’re reading this and already performing some kind of data analytics work in a freelance capacity, you’re most likely not charging enough.

In my work mentoring data professionals to build 6-figure data businesses, many of my clients come to me charging WAY less than they should be.