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Tag: communism

CCP China: The Dream is Over

How did the CCP create such wealth as it did over the past 30years? They had the help of sympathetic American and European political leaders, and the help of a credulous investment community who sent good money after bad into the gaping maw that is the Chicom economy.

Also, giving the Chinese Most Favoured Nation Status and WTO membership was like giving them a AAA rating.

Meanwhile, the Chicom’s system did have some of its own virtues to draw on. Using thievery and extortion, slave labour and a punitive social credit system, communists took IP from the West and linked it up with slavery from the feudal era to create a passable model of growing prosperity. But it was a sham. Underlying all of this manufacturing might was a open line of credit from the West that had to stay open for the lie to continue.… Read more...