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‘Ugly’ Bitcoin Bubble Warning As Ethereum, Solana, Cardano And XRP Suddenly Rebound

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have rebounded after a sudden sell-off last weekend wiped around $300 billion from the combined crypto market—with some betting the market is heading far higher.
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The bitcoin price is now trading almost 30% down from its all-time high of around $69,000 per bitcoin set last month, settling at just over $50,000 after crashing to under $42,000. Smaller cryptocurrencies ethereum, Binance’s BNB, solana, cardano, and Ripple’s…

Bitcoin price today: Top cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin hits $50,000; Ethereum, Binance coin…

New Delhi: The cryptocurrency market was back in the green on Tuesday as investors picked quality tokens at lower prices. Bitcoin hit the $50,000 mark as concerns over the Omicron variant eased across the globe and investors lapped up riskier assets.
Barring the dollar pegged USD Coin, all other nine out of the top 10 digital tokens were trading higher at 9.30 IST. Binance Coin led the gainers with a 8 per cent rally, followed by Ethereum and Cardano which gained 5 per cent each.
The global crypto market cap jumped about 5 per cent to $2.37 trillion compared to the last day. Meanwhile, the…

Terra’s Luna Becomes Top Ten Cryptocurrency As Market Selloff Sends Bitcoin Down

Terraform Lab’s Luna cryptocurrency is now one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, according to CoinGecko, rocketing past popular dog-based meme tokens Shiba Inu and dogecoin despite a market-wide selloff that erased hundreds of billions in value over two days and saw prices of major cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and cardano, drop double-digit percentages.

Terra’s luna became a top ten cryptocurrency by market cap.

Key Facts

Terra’s luna was trading at $61.05 a token Monday morning, down nearly 20% from a record high of…

Bitcoin price today: Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin recovers; Dogecoin and Polkadot rally…

New Delhi: The cryptocurrency cartel staged a smart recovery on Friday after profit booking by traders in the last few sessions. Traders lapped up cryptos ahead of the weekend, where they are the only tradable assets.
Barring the XRP, all nine out of the top 10 digital tokens were trading higher at 9.30 IST. Cardano led the gainers, with a 9 per cent rally. Bitcoin and Ethereum also logged handsome gains.
The global cryptos’ market cap inched up marginally to hover around $2.6 trillion mark compared to the last day. However, the total crypto market volume fell over 9 per cent to $114.04…

An Overview of Five Cardano ($ADA) Powered DeFi Lending Platforms

This article takes a brief look at five decentralized finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing protocols built on top of Cardano smart contracts: Aada; ADALend; Liqwid; MELD; and Paribus.

Aada ($AADA)

Here is an overview of this project:

“Aada is crypto assets lending platform. Smart contract allows to deposit assets and collect interests or borrow assets and perform financial actions.

“Aada is a decentralized money market protocol that enables users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies in a trustless manner. There is a wide variety of…

MELD’s $1B ISPO highlights emerging use cases for Cardano, crypto fundraising

DeFi banking protocol MELD recently made headlines for attracting more than $1 billion worth of staked Cardano (ADA) to its protocol through a novel funding mechanism called an initial stake pool offering, or ISPO, marking an important innovation in how early adopters support blockchain startups. Cointelegraph had the opportunity to connect with MELD CEO Ken Olling to discuss the significance of the ISPO as well as Cardano’s role in facilitating widescale participation in the stake pools. ISPO: An overviewThe ISPO is a novel way for investors and other early adopters to support a…

Cardano NFT Marketplace Verlux Releases The First UI Demo Of Their Platform

Verlux.io, a Cardano based NFT Marketplace, has begun its seed sale to early adopters on Cardano, which will run until 9th of Decembers and as at the time of writing this, almost 50% of the allotted 250 Million $VLX tokens have been sold.
About Verlux
Verlux NFT Platform is a new NFT Marketplace based on the Cardano blockchain. Unlike existing NFT marketplaces on cardano now which operate using a sign up /  login modal, Verlux will tow the path of decentralization by utilizing the connect wallet feature.
Digital creators, Meme makers & Artistes can utilize the…

Partnerships, Rallies, Falls, Musks, CZs and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week in crypto, Coinbase partnered with Adidas Original, though we don’t know much about it yet, and Coinbase acquired the BRD wallet, while the BRD price jumped over 700%. Cardano and tron fell as eToro said it would restrict access to them for US users, zcash rallied more than 50% following the news from last week that the coin will switch to a PoS consensus algorithm, Coin Metrics found that Ethereum gas fees are the highest during the US business hours, and the on-chain data said that long-term bitcoin and ethereum…

220 Youths Explore Cardano Project Catalyst Opportunities at WADA Conference in Ghana

A section of the participants in a group photograph

Bobby Unser said, ‘success is where preparation and opportunity meet’. It suffices to say that WADA is preparing today’s youth for blockchain opportunities in the future.
WADA is focused on connecting African developers and entrepreneurs to the Cardano ecosystem and distributed ledger technologies. In addition, the activities of WADA nurture individuals’ ideas into reality by guiding unique proposal submission and exploring funding avenues through the Cardano Project catalyst.
Given this, WADA through the Youth Outreach…

Piers Ridyard from Radix on how to scale blockchains and the future of DeFi

Layer-1 blockchains are having somewhat of their own internal war in crypto circles these days, with the likes (and communities) of Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Elrond, NEAR, and several others going at it on Twitter and Discord daily.A bit away from the action—and with its own fan following—is Radix, another layer-1 blockchain in development since 2018. During tests in that year, Radix demonstrated 1.4 million transactions per second (TPS), making it one of the fastest and most scalable blockchains to do so.Today, joining Cryptonites host Alex Fazel on his podcast is Radix CEO Piers…

Why Delisting Of Cardano On eToro Could Benefit Its Price

Is ADA looking like the next XRP? Rumors of regulatory concerns are flying around as eToro delists the token. Hoskinson argues back calling on the widespread misinformation, he is not worried about ADA’s future.
A recent announcement from eToro seemed to have put Cardano in hot waters. The cryptocurrency exchange said it would be limiting the tokens ADA and TRX for U.S. users.
The alleged reasons for the move were seemingly mysterious, as eToro said it was “due to business-related considerations in an evolving regulatory environment”, but Cardano’s…

ADALend on Cardano Is the Future of DeFi

As part of the Cardano ecosystem, ADALend builds a scalable and decentralized lending protocol, which the Cardano community will regulate.
A new generation of flexible financial services for digital asset markets will be powered by the ADALend protocol, which will provide a foundation for speedy loan approval, automated collateralization, trustless custody, and liquidity in the digital asset markets.
Why Cardano?
Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform with various capabilities that will power the ADALend protocol. To produce a scalable, transparent, and…

ADALend Decentralized Protocol Is Future of DeFi on Cardano Network

Arman Shirinyan
ADALend utilizes Cardano blockchain to launch an efficient lending protocol with maximum processing speed and low costs

Cardano blockchainADALend’s place in DeFi fieldADALend builds a decentralized, community-regulated lending protocol that becomes a part of modern and flexible financial solutions on the Cardano blockchain.
ADALend plans on becoming a part of the global financial services ecosystem for digital assets in the future. The protocol will provide rapid loan approvals, auto collateralization, trustless custody and liquidity provision for the…

AltPress x Clay Mates x SpaceBudz NFT covers

[AltPress x Clay Mates x SpaceBudz]

AltPress is announcing its first cover on the Cardano blockchain featuring two leading NFT projects, SpaceBudz and Clay Nation. There are 13 different covers, and a limited amount are being minted on Cardano. It all drops Nov. 22 at 10:30 a.m. PST and can be purchased here.
By now, you’ve probably heard of NFTs and seen things popping up on your Twitter timeline about “non-fungible tokens.” Maybe you’ve even clicked through a bit to find out more about the term you’ve been hearing again and again.
Read more: What exactly are NFTs?…

How Solana and Cardano are paving new avenues for NFT growth

The term “digital ownership” has only recently come to mean anything. While nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have been around for some time now, it’s in the last year or two that they’ve caught the attention of mainstream media. The third quarter of 2021 alone saw over $10 billion in NFT trade volume across blockchains, a substantial increase from Q2’s $1.2 billion.NFTs are unique digital assets that represent ownership. As proof of ownership, NFTs extend from things like art and digital collectibles to real estate and other physical assets. This is causing a tectonic shift in a wide range of…

Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano is in the best position to venture in this space…

Futuristic and feature rich cryptocurrencies like Cardano are making the crypto adoption initiative more smooth and worthy. Yet the price of Cardano’s native token, ADA doesn’t reflect much. At least compared to other “shitcoins”. Maybe the coin needs something like what a few trending altcoins have got: the spirit and the followers. Yet, Cardano is trying or at least plans to revolutionize its blockchain into an interoperable one. Even compete with its biggest rival – Ethereum.
Here are a few aspects/ideas that Cardano’s chief executive discussed in the latest AMA…

Crypto Market Sentiment Drops

Source: iStock/da-kukDespite barely clinging to the positive zone last Monday, crypto market sentiment has taken a hit over the past week. Compared to last week’s 6.02, the average 7-day moving crypto market sentiment score (sentscore) for ten major cryptoassets is 5.47 today, according to data provided by the market sentiment analysis service Omenics.Crypto.com coin (CRO), is the week’s winner as it remained almost unchanged. The highest losses are seen by XRP and cardano (ADA), the sentscores of which fell over 15%. But other drops are notable too. Polkadot (DOT)’s sentscore fell…

Bitcoin How We Build New Financial System

Led by Ethereum, a new financial system based on blockchain technology is being built. As reality currently unveils, the foundation this new financial order is built on poses significant challenges. This is why a true new financial order built on Bitcoin is already underway.Ethereum is commonly referred to as the pinnacle of decentralized finance (DeFi). With more and more blockchains such as Solana, Cardano or Avalanche racing to fame throughout this year, more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts are starting to doubt whether Ethereum’s pole position as the number one DeFi chain is…

Polkadot, Solana are institutional faves, but is it time to decouple yet

The third quarter wasn’t a pleasant ride for the wider market. And still, certain altcoins carved their niche and emerged as the top gainers. Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum didn’t see any major upswings in terms of price all through Q3, altcoins like Solana and Cardano noted separate rallies after the larger market thought they had “decoupled.”
Polkadot’s rallies were viewed by many as independent since the alt rose by 150% throughout August and September on a wave of high social anticipation. As these altcoins charted high gains towards the end of Q3, institutional interest…

Why it might just be a make or break time for Cardano soon

Market corrections are an important part of any financial market, but patience runs extremely thin in the cryptocurrency space. While major assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana registered strong declines over the past week, for Cardano, it has been a regular affair since the beginning of September.
Most altcoins enjoyed a lucrative period in October, but Cardano barely managed a recovery above $2.30. Now, Cardano might be approaching its final turn and anything other than a trend reversal may mean trouble for the 6th largest digital asset.
Cardano and the tale of its two…

Verlux cross-chain NFT marketplace seed sale fills up 30% within hours

Verlux – the Cardano-based project building a Decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace, has been welcomed by enthusiasts to the crypto space as over 30% of their 250 million tokens allotted for seed sale has been filled within hours. Since their launch, the crypto community has been buzzing following the belief that Verlux is on the front foot to tap into the limitless potential of the NFT ecosystem. 
Verlux is a Cross-Chain NFT marketplace, built on the Cardano blockchain. Other than having a Marketplace that allows users to mint and trade their NFTs, Verlux is especially unique as…

Umbrella Financial Services Arrive on Cardano and Avalanche with ADA Finance’s DeFi Suite

Blockchain technology is disrupting the way people interact with the financial world. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has quickly become a popular way for users to participate in financial services by interacting with smart contracts written on blockchains.
Two powerful blockchains, Cardano and Avalanche, are host to an innovative kind of DeFi protocol that promises to bring massive opportunities for users to gain passive income and increase their financial independence.
ADA Finance is creating a home for DeFi enthusiasts to participate in DeFi without having…

Hype Growing as DOEX Set to Become the First DEX on Cardano

Although it is one of the top-performing blockchain networks, Cardano is yet to have a native Decentralized Exchange (DEX) like those found in other blockchain networks. Currently, there exists no exchange list for tokens of projects that are based on the Cardano blockchain. This will soon become a thing of the past, now that the team at DOEX is making some serious headway into the development of their project. DOEX is set to be the first Cardano Blockchain-based DEX, and according to its roadmap, the DOEX DEX is scheduled to launch by the end of the year.
What is a DEX?
A Decentralized…

Seed Round Ends in Just 8 Hours for Cardano Escrow Protocol – ADEED

ADEED is a new project that has gained a lot of good feedback from the recent pitch deck that the company has presented to several venture capitalists, investors, and incubators. The company had recently announced the opening of its seed round, which entails 1,500,000 ADE (3% of Total Supply). The seed round had successfully closed in just eight hours by Emirate, Saudi, and Chinese investors.
Over the last year, Dubai and Saudi Arabia have been subtly getting more involved with blockchain projects. Dubai hosted the ‘Crypto Expo Dubai 2021’ last October, an…

Bitrise Price Skyrockets After Cardano Community Members Join

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 15, 2021) – Cardano, a blockchain network, is hailed by the crypto community for its consistency. Since 2017 when Cardano was launched, it has been doing well in developing the biggest blockchain. The team at Cardano is building a blockchain to address shortcomings with the present system. According to the Cardano team, the Cardano blockchain is providing unmatched security and sustainability to decentralized applications and systems built on it.BitriseTo…