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Raspberry Pi Plots World Wide Earthquakes

What do you do when you stumble across a website posting real-time earthquake data? Well, if you’re [Craig Lindley] you write some code to format it nicely onto a display, put it in a box, and watch it whilst making dinner.
[Craig] started off with coding in Forth on the ESP32, using ESP32Forth, but admits it didn’t go so well, ditching the ESP32 for a Raspberry Pi 3 he had lying around, and after a brief detour via C++, he settled on a Python implementation using Pygame.
A case…

https://hackaday.com/2021/10/05/raspberry-pi-plots-world-wide-earthquakes/…

Awesome Python Video Tutorials Keep You Motivated

Programming languages are one of those topics that we geeks have some very strong and often rather polarised opinions about. As new concepts in computing are dreamt up, older languages may grow new features, if viable, or get left behind when new upstarts come along and shake things up a bit. This scribe can remember his early days programming embedded systems, and the arguments that ensued when someone came along with a project that required embedded C++ or worse, Java, when we were mostly diehard C programmers. Fast forward a decade or two, and things are way more complicated. So much choice, so much opinion.… Read more...

Weird Python Stuff You Might Not Have Seen Before

If you are a C programmer, it is likely that you are familiar with return types. For all of the non-C programmers out there (or other languages with this feature, Java, C++, etc.) the return type is simply the type of the data that is going to be…

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Do You Hate How Slow Python Is? This Is How You Can Make It Run Faster!

The first step we have to take in this journey is to understand what marshalling is and how it works. From Wikipedia:

Marshalling is the process of transforming the memory representation of an object to a data format suitable for storage or transmission.

Why is this important for our subject? To move data from Python to C or C++, the Python bindings have to transform it into a form suitable for transmission.

In Python, everything is an object. How many bytes of memory an integer uses depends on the version of Python you have installed and your operating system, among other factors.


Fixed-point DSP for Data Scientists

Learn how to create a DSP pipeline in Python and convert it run on an Arm Cortex-M based MCU using C/C++ and Arm’s CMSIS-DSP library.


A Comprehensive Guide to Image Processing: Using an OpenCV Tool

An image processing tool with OpenCV, QT Creator, and C++

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