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Brazilian Nationals Get New Visa Crypto Card as DeFi Culture Witnesses Expansion

Hong Kong-based digital asset exchange crypto.com has begun issuing Visa crypto cards for its users in Brazil. Users applying for and receiving the cards will not be charged any monthly, annual, or ATM withdrawal fees, the company has said. Unlike normal Visa credit cards that offer a line of credit, these crypto Visa cards are prepaid in nature and need to be recharged using fiat or cryptocurrencies. These cards can convert all the tokens of the decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol stored in them into the respective market’s currency, which can then be used for purchases and ATM…

Ripple Is Helping BCB Build A CBDC Prototype In Brazil – CryptoMode

Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, will eventually hit the market, whether one wants it or not. Brazil is one of the many countries where a CBDC can make a significant impact. However, few people realize the country is working with Ripple to build a prototype, even though very few details are public at this time. 
Brazil Is Developing a CBDC
Similar to other countries, Brazil wants to explore the concept of a CBDC in the future.
Many factors remain unknown, including the deployment, implementation, and even the name.
Banco Central do Brasil, the country’s central bank,…

Brazilian Lawmaker Proposes Integration Of Crypto Payment Option For Workers

As crypto adoption steadily increases, more and more institutions are considering it as a payment option for employees.
A member of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, Luizão Goulart, proposed a bill to provide public and private sector workers with a crypto payment option. This means that Brazilian workers would have the option to request their pay in cryptocurrencies.
This proposal comes amidst an ongoing regulatory debate in Brazil surrounding Bitcoin.
The Proposed Crypto Payment Bill
According to the proposal, workers may be partially and optionally…

Lithosphere Blockchain Partners With Bank Of Brazil – Blockchainreporter

The Lithosphere cryptocurrency platform developed by KaJ Labs partners with the Central Bank of Brazil on the country’s digital real roll out.
Brazil is the latest country to look at digital currency as legal tender. The Lithosphere cryptocurrency platform developed by KaJ Labs, a Seattle blockchain firm, initiated discussions with the Central Bank of Brazil to partner on the country’s digital real roll out.
Brazil has been exploring central bank digital currencies (CBDC) since 2020. CBDCs are the digital version of a nation’s fiat currency that’s issued by its central financial…

Bilateral Trade Between Brazil and China – Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

China has been Brazil’s most important trade partner since 2009. In relation to international trade, it is characterized by being Brazil’s largest buyer and investor. This phenomenon even affects the country’s trade balance. Regarding the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which is led by China, Brazil is a very important participant in the bloc.

However, since Jair Bolsonaro took over the presidency in 2019, this parameter has ceased to exist because the president and his international governance advisors started to assume pro-US commitments (namely pro-Donald Trump) habitually censoring China.

Current bilateral trade figures

The increase in exports is around 37.7%, while imports increased 25.9% in the first half of 2021.


A Satellite Upconverter Need Not Be Impossible To Make

Those readers whose interests don’t lie in the world of amateur radio might have missed one of its firsts, for the last year or two amateurs have had their own geostationary satellite transponder. Called Es’hail-2 / AMSAT Phase 4-A / Qatar-OSCAR 100, it lies in the geostationary orbit at 25.9° East and has a transponder with a 2.4 GHz uplink and a 10.489 GHz downlink. Receiving the downlink is possible with an LNB designed for satellite TV, but for many hams the uplink presents a problem. Along comes [PY1SAN] from Brazil with a practical and surprisingly simple solution using a mixture of odd the shelf modules and a few hand-soldered parts.

An upconverter follows a simple enough principle, the radio signal is created at a lower frequency (in this case by a 435 MHz transmitter) and mixed with a signal from a local oscillator.



Futures prices for Brazil’s 2022 arabica coffee harvest rose past $2 a pound last week, a level not seen since October 2014, as freezing temperatures frosted crops in the country’s three largest growing regions and sparked fears of a poor yield.

Frosts were worse than predicted; temperatures fell as low as -5°C, or 23°F. Even a slight drop in temperature can wreak serious damage on coffee plants, growers told the Financial Times.

Prices rose 30 percent last week and have gained 60 percent so far this year.

“The damage from frost is much worse than we could have imagined and is resulting in a worsening outlook for the 2022-2023 crop potential, which, coming after [this year’s] small, drought-damaged crop, is very worrying,” Kona Haque at commodities firm ED&F Man told the FT.