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Are NFTs the missing crypto killer-app?

The dot com vision was e-commerce, but the killer apps came in the form of social and search. In crypto, its still to be seen where the killer apps are.

I don´t think this killer apps will be about cryptocurrencies. Why? Because you need a real crypto economy generating value for many people.

A crypto economy is not people buying and selling Bicoins, but people earning Bitcoins in exchange for their work, products, and services.… Read more...

Reporting, Bureaucracy and Misdiagnosis

In an interconnected world, the traditional way of analyzing reality based on cause-effect relationships is obsolete. The economy depends on the propagation of information, and this in turn depends on technology. And technology in turn depends on economic and social conditions.

People do not make economic decisions rationally.…

Crypto money: A Matter of Boundaries

Governments can define and control the boundary conditions of fiat money through banks and marketplaces. This way they control the transactions between fiat and crypto with KYC, AML, etc. regulations.

The real issue in crypto is not about how to move money around, but about how to move fiat money into the Blockchain, in order to create a real economy in there.… Read more...

Hacked Wallets are About Centralized Platforms

Its important to realize that the reason because wallets keep being hacked is because they are part of the old system, and don’t use to be distributed. The blockchain tech itself has never been hacked so far since it came out in 2009.

This is the same for marketplaces like Opensea or Coinbase: they are not decentralized and need to use extraordinary security measures.… Read more...

Cryptography, Privacy an Personal Freedom

Cryptography is a science oriented to maintain information secret and create secret codes. The science to break them is Cryptoanalysis.

Cryptography is vital in online transactions and banking, but paradoxically its the tool to create real open commerce.

Cryptography is the key to create the societies we need to make.… Read more...

Tokenización de Objetos Reales y la 4ª Revolución Industrial

Prácticamente todo el debate crypto se centra en las criptomonedas y los NFTs, pero es en la confluencia de la tecnología Blockchain y la trazabilidad en el mundo físico donde está la acción importante.

Es el internet de las cosas (IoT) aplicado a las cosas del mundo real. Es decir, la tokenización de objetos reales para su registro y gestión en cadenas de bloques.… Read more...

What is a hash function?

Hash functions are an ingenious tool that are a fundamental part of public key cryptography. And by extension of the Blockchain technology. They are also called “one-way functions“.

In computer science, a one-way function is a function that is easy to compute on every input, but hard to invert given the image of a random input.… Read more...

Confianza vs Eficiencia: El Fracaso de Bitcoin

Aunque la tecnología Blockchain pueda parecer compleja, esencialmente se basa en el concepto central a todo tipo de negocio: construir confianza. La confianza no es gratuita, lleva tiempo y esfuerzo a cualquier organización construir las relaciones necesarias para que un negocio funcione. Se necesita interacción humana y sistemas de control caros de mantener.… Read more...

The Double Spend Problem

So far, the essence of Internet has been spreading information. To do so it copies information for ever into nodes, clients, and people’s minds. That’s the reason because the Internet ended the music and movies industries as we knew them. It teared down the barriers to make copies.

The essence of the new Internet (based in Blockchain) is to transmit VALUE.Read more...

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes labeled a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization that is run through rules encoded as computer programs called “smart contracts”, and whose financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain database.… Read more...

Who Needs a Hackable World?

Governments and corporations won’t ever allow decentralized apps because they are the ‘institutional hackers’. They need a hackable world to spy and control people.

Data breaches are just collateral damage in a war is about controlling each and every aspect of your life. Its about controlling your will (govs, police, etc.)… Read more...

The challenges in Bitcoin: development

Innovation around Bitcoin is being slow: mostly exchanges and wallets. The script makes it ‘programmable money’, but its probably too restrictive. To become mainstream, Bitcoin needs a killer app… but here´s the issue: the crypto community just does not respect the user.

Developers should understand what they are doing and why.… Read more...

How to change the metadata of an NFT

Its possible to change your NFTs metadata after its minted, but the process is complicated: you´ll need a deep understanding of NFTs and Blockckchain tech to do it.
The need to change the NFT metadata can be triggered by many factors: errors, change of specs etc. but in general the process is as follows:
– Go to Etherscan.io…

Temas Complejos y Niebla para un Mundo que no ve

Leyendo cada día sobre Inteligencia Artificial (también en LinkedIn) se diría que Terminator viene a por todos nosotros. Primero por los puestos de trabajo. Y luego por las propias personas convirtiéndonos en algún tipo de cyborg.

Titulares, charlas, vídeos… Los tecno-hippies se han escapado otra vez de Sillicon Valley.


SQL vs Blockchain Databases

The problem of structuring data for unknown future uses was solved in the 70s and it’s called relational algebra.

It stores data in a way that is right, that prevents many types of errors based on the actual data and relationships between the real world objects the data describes.

It’s a way of storing data that works no matter how toy want to query it in the future.… Read more...

Lo importante es la imprenta, no la moneda. Los fanáticos del BTC están dominados por la idea libertaria de una moneda puramente digital, alejada del control de los bancos. Pero la verdadera innovación no está en la moneda en si misma, sino en la maquina acuñadora distribuida por todo el mundo que la fabrica y permite transaccionarla.… Read more...

Sistemas Criptográficos Vigentes

La criptografía de hoy en día se basa en sistemas veteranos de clave pública:

– Diffie-Hellman (1976).
– RSA (1977)
– Curvas elípticas (1985).

La criptografía de curvas elípticas es el sistema criptográfico más avanzado que existe. Las curvas elípticas están reemplazando rápidamente a la RSA como el estándar de oro de la criptografía de clave pública.… Read more...

The Blockchain Domains

– Mining and Forge. PoW vs PoS. Creating a mine.
– Create new cryptos with interesting properties for something specific.
– Securization: make safe the transactions of those who already have coins.
– eCommerce. Facilitate online sales and payment with cryptos.
– P2P Commerce.…

Blockchain for Payments (analysis)

BC payments are different because they rely on no middle men. BTC payments are possible without banks and ANY other institution with complete transparency acroos the globe without worrying about exchange rates.

What are the various opportunities to use the technology
BC for payments can be developed in many forms, but they need to consider:
– Legal aspects: the currency can be a cryptocurrency or a legal tender euros or dollars.… Read more...

When to use Blockchain?

– When you want to store something immutably.
– When things keep adding but old don´t change.
– Legal stuff, health records, insurance, communications records, etc.
– When you want to decentralize the control. Eg user identity management system.
– When you want proof of ownership of actions, documents or digital assets.… Read more...

Blockchain Main Challenges and Issues

Almost 5 years have passed since  I got into BC technologý and its still the same issue:  its overvalued in their expectatives. Lots of money in ideas and projects that cant be implemented. SC cant work outside the BC and of course cant interact with the physical world.

Blockchains need realiable interfaces  and thats a major weakness-

Cada vez aque un programa o contrato o usuario hace algo, todos los nodos de la red deben acordar que la acción ha tenido lugar y para ello deben hacer funcionar el mismo contrato.… Read more...