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Bumper’s Dec 9 Public Token Sale Brings Price Protection to DeFi

Even with the entry of giants such as Tesla and Square into cryptocurrency, the industry remains a volatile place for traders and investors. With over $100 billion currently locked in DeFi protocols, black swan events and flash crashes, such as the one seen in May 2021, continue to present a risk to anyone with money in the rapidly growing market.Bumper Finance introduces an innovative protocol enabling users to battle the roller coaster rides of volatility that exist in the markets; the protocol’s native BUMP token plays a central role in price protection and a public sale of the token…

What is a Black Swan?

A Black Swan is a higly improbable event that:

– It is unpredictable
– Has a massive impact
– After the event we make up an explanation that makes it less random and more predictable.

It happens because we focus on things we already know, and never take into consideration what we don’t know (see the link in here to the “known unknows” and “unknown unknows” from Rumsfeld).

We are therefore unable to truly estimate the opportunities, too vulnerable to the impulse to simplify, narrate and categorize, and not open enough to reward those who can imagine the impossible.

Black Swans ocurs because of the weak signals between cause and effect, which are also difficult to determine under complexity.… Read more...

Data science and digital coding could soon be the new English

In a news cycle dominated by covid and the Afghanistan tragedy, most of us would have missed a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), The Future of Jobs (bit.ly/2UsgjvU). There are profound implications to consider. In my work in technology in general and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular, the two questions asked most often are: Will AI and robots become our masters and will AI and technology take over our jobs? Let us leave the first question for another day. The WEF report addresses the second one in detail.

One obvious difference in this report, as opposed to earlier ones, is that the impact of technology on jobs is now layered with the impact of another big phenomenon: the covid pandemic. Many of us dismiss the pandemic as a one-off occurrence that will not have a lasting impact.


Caos y Conspiraciones Globalistas

Los fans del control centralizado (antes comunistas, ahora globalistas) tienen verdaderos problemas para entender que el mundo está lleno de actores racionales que se adaptan de forma dinámica a las condiciones de su entorno, provocando que el sistema en su conjunto deje de ser predecible.

El mundo no es lineal, sino complejo, y nadie puede planificarlo sin correr el riesgo de perderlo todo de forma inesperada. Véase el resultado de las economías planificadas socialistas.

Cuanto más centralizado, interconectado, y menos orgánico sea el mundo más vulnerable resulta a shocks catastróficos. La globalización (tal y como se ha planteado) no puede tener otro resultado que el colapso, por las interdependencias rígidas y los puntos débiles de las cadenas de suministro.… Read more...