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Biometric Surveillance Coming Soon to an Airport Near You. Your Face Will Be Your Boarding Pass!

By Jesse Smith
The biosecurity surveillance state is continuing its relentless march to record our whereabouts and every bit of data about our lives. This forthcoming “all seeing eye” will soon require your biometric data in the form of facial recognition, iris-scans, and/or fingerprints in order to travel on airplanes and other means of transportation. The COVID-19 “pandemic” was used as the guise to rush the technology through while people have been rightly focusing on grave matters such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, societal breakdowns, and economic collapse.
To alleviate…

Eurostar introduces facial recognition for passengers

Eurostar – the high-speed passenger service linking London with Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam – has started testing facial recognition tech based on biometric data taken from passengers.
The company operating the trains announced it partnered with iProove in developing the tech. In the testing phase, those departing from St. Pancras International in London will be able to opt in and use the system in the SmartCheck lane, which utilizes a biometric system for passport and ticket checks.
They will be subjected to two facial scans, first to verify the ticket and then the passport at…

Biometrically Managed Self Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain

PhotoChromic is an innovative platform that enables its users to create and manage their own identity to operate on software services, blockchain networks and Dapps.If you are familiar with the concept of Non Fungible Tokens, then you’ll find PhotoChromic’s solution simply genius.PhotoChromic allows users to securely create, own and verify their identity through a tokenized NFT. These NFTs are globally addressable, programmable and allows its owner to access additional opportunities in the crypto DeFi marketplace.Download the Whitepaper here (PDF)PhotoChromic ID for NFTs and…

‘Vaccine Digital ID & The Chinafication of the West’

Vaccine Passports via digital identity was always the end goal of the global pandemic, the elites have been planning this from the project get go. Many countries are rolling out a digital identity system in some format or another which are being called, health passports, covid passes and green certificates etc.
These digital ID’s will eventually hold not just our vaccination history and compliance scores but our entire medical data, smart biometric data, movements, and identity access management data which will…

WVU-led Dolly Sods GPU cluster to drive new frontiers of computational research in physics and…

Dolly Sods will soon not only be the name of a popular wilderness area in eastern West Virginia. It will also be the name of a GPU cluster project that will enhance research in physics and astronomy, drug discovery and data science.
(WVU Illustration/Aira Burkhart)

A graphics processing unit computer cluster called “Dolly Sods” will enable researchers throughout the state to accelerate computational research in fields such as drug development, interstellar phenomena, biometrics, material design and business logistics and management.

The Next Level in Crypto Biometric Authentication

As crypto adoption continues to expand globally, user security in terms of authentication is definitely one of the big challenges to the crypto environment.The need for a solution like Avarta, a multichain wallet, with biometrics security, Trust Score records, and cybersecurity platform for the ever growing DeFi, is absolutely necessary.Avarta’s most distinguishable feature is its unique manner of addressing the many security flaws in authentication within blockchain platforms. Avarta came up with a groundbreaking solution to address the user id challenge in the crypto finance universe…

Announcing the winners of the 2021 Towards Trustworthy Products in AR, VR, and Smart Devices request for proposals

In June 2021, Facebook launched the 2021 Towards Trustworthy Products in AR, VR, and Smart Devices request for proposals (RFP). Today, we’re announcing the winners of this award.
VIEW RFPThis RFP is a continuation of the 2020 Explorations of Trust in AR, VR, and Smart Devices RFP. Through this series of RFPs, the Facebook Reality Labs Security Assurance team aims to foster further innovation and deepen their collaboration with academia in the areas of trust in AR, VR, and smart device products. The mixed-reality and smart device industries continue to evolve and present unique use cases and considerations. They bring entirely new categories of technologies and thus entirely new security and privacy challenges. With these new challenges comes the opportunity to explore new methods and models for considering trust.… Read more...

A Stress Monitor Designed Specifically to Help You Work From Home

There are quite a bit of mixed emotions regarding working from home. Some people love it and are thriving like they haven’t before, but others are having a bit of a hard time with it all. [Brandon] has been working from home for the last 12 years, but even after so many years of managing this type of work culture, he admits that it can still be a little stressful. He says he doesn’t take enough time in between tasks to simply relax and to breathe a little and the day-to-day minutia of his work can drive his stress level up if he doesn’t take some time to calm himself. He figured he could make something to monitor his stress level and remind himself to take a break and the results are pretty impressive.

He develops a system to monitor his heart rate and the ambient noise level in his room and uses these metrics as a measure of stress.


Transhumanism and New Economy

Who Benefits from the Chaos of the Global Financial System?
Ever wonder what happened to the stable system of fixed exchange rates FDR created after the war? Who dismantled it, and why? What would it take to rebuild a system of stable monetary agreements that would foster economic growth worldwide?

This is not about a virus or even a vaccine, it’s about biometric/digital identification. ID2020, etc.
The way they are going about the implementation of this Full Spectrum (Cybernetic) Dominance absolutely qualifies as terrorism.

Immunization: an entry point for digital identity

Their plan is simple. You just impoverish the majority of the people until they have too little cash for it to matter much.… Read more...

¿Claves Biométricas no Hackeables?

Las password de toda la vida ya son claves biométricas y son MUTABLES. Se almacenan en tu cerebro, y las puedes cambiar. No te las puedes robar salvo que las entregues o las escribas. Por eso las huellas digitales, o las retinas tienen los mismos problemas e incluso peores: no son mutables, te las pueden robar sin tu saberlo.

El problema de las claves no es que no sean biológicas, sino que están centralizadas, haciendas vulnerables al hackeo. Usar una clave providada aunque sea a través de una clave, decentraliza esa información y hace su seguridad responsabilidad exclusiva del tenedor del secreto.

Casi siempre la primera solución a un problema es la mejor: no siempre pero si muchas veces.

El problema de la bio-identificación no es sencillo.…