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OneRare Raises Seed Fund To Create The Metaverse Of Food

OneRare is developing a world where users can produce non-fungible token (NFT) ingredients, sell them on a marketplace, make NFT recipes using the ingredients and play mini games
The startup will use some of the freshly-infused capital to partner with celebrity chefs, restaurants and F&B brands
The global metaverse market size reached $47.69 Bn in 2020 and is expected to reach $828.95 Bn in 2028

Delhi-based blockchain startup OneRare which is building a ‘food metaverse’ has raised $2 Mn in seed funding from angel investors and investment funds. The ‘foodverse’ is being…

OfferFit’s Founders Solve A MarTech Problem

OfferFit Co-Founders Victor Kostyuk and George Khachatryan
OfferFit, a marketing technology firm focused on personalizing multi-channel communications by replacing A/B testing with self-learning AI, has just received a $14M Series A. The round is being led by Canvas Ventures, with participation from Alumni Ventures Group, Carbide Ventures, Sequoia Capital and angel investors Jeremy Stoppelman and David Edelman.

I spoke with founders George Khachatryan (CEO) and Victor Kostyuk (CTO) about their breakthrough idea and partnership with Canvas.
This interview has been…

Evan Luthra Busts Top Misconceptions about Blockchain

With everything that’s taking place in the blockchain sphere today, many facts have blurred into myths while several myths have become facts. New technologies usually, bring with them mixed reactions from audiences. But as far as blockchain is concerned, Evan Luthra is here to bust the top misconceptions surrounding it. Evan Luthra is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in digital assets. He explains that the confusion attached to digital assets has led to…

Institutional Investors Hold the Key to Startups’ Applied AI Success

A lot of ink—and keyboard strokes—have been dedicated to how the pandemic has accelerated the move to the cloud and the application of AI in a vast array of business contexts. AI is transforming every industry you can think of as businesses figure out ways to support remote work, automate business processes, and deliver customer value without requiring in-person interaction. In one sense, AI tools have been democratized; resources and tool-kits are readily available to any company looking to innovate. But as much as it may seem obvious that organizations need to apply AI to their business, execution isn’t so easy. Unfortunately, many emerging startups don’t have the capital to hire expertise in-house or pay a third party to tackle their analytics wish list.… Read more...

DSC Weekly Digest 24 August 2021

It’s Gartner Hype Cycle Day! This is roughly analogous to the Oscars for emerging technologies, in which the Gartner Group looks through their telescopes to see what could end up being the next big thing over the course of the next decade. The idea behind the hype cycle is an intriguing concept – emerging technologies seem to come out of nowhere, explode into prominence while the technology is still less than fully mature, then seemingly disappear for a while as the promise of the hype gives way to the reality of implementation and real-world problems. Once these are worked out, the technology in question gets adopted into the mainstream.

The hype cycle is frequently the source of investor bingo, where young startups pick a term that most closely reflects their business model, then pitch it to angel investors to provide supporting evidence that their product is worth investing in.


ClosedLoop.ai Raises $34M to Expand Healthcare Data Science Platform

ClosedLoop.ai Raises $34M to Expand Healthcare Data Science Platform

What You Should Know:

– ClosedLoop.ai., an Austin, TX-based healthcare data science platform, today announced it has raised $34 million in Series B financing led by Telstra Ventures with participation from Breyer Capital, Greycroft Ventures, .406 Ventures, and Healthfirst. Notable angel investors Adam Boehler (former director of CMMI & CEO of Landmark Health) and Sam Palmisano (former CEO of IBM) also participated in the round.

– ClosedLoop’s explainable AI reimagines the concept of patient risk profiling by shifting away from legacy risk “scores” to comprehensive, personalized forecasts delivered directly into clinical workflows. Each forecast harnesses patient-specific data and surfaces key variables that explain precisely what risks a patient faces and why.