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What are NFTs and how do they work?

Calvin Wankhede / Android AuthorityNFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the latest new obsession among cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts at the moment. You may have heard of them in the context of crazy price tags and valuations. Indeed, the concept has found tremendous success among collectors, with many NFTs selling for thousands or even millions of dollars. From Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, it seems like just about everyone’s trying to cash in on this new paradigm.Naturally, this raises some important questions: what are NFTs and why…

Garena Free Fire: Códigos para hoy jueves 25 de noviembre de 2021 – Recompensas gratis

El xito para mviles Android e iOS, Garena Free Fire, ha recibido nuevos cdigos diarios para hoy jueves 25 de noviembre de 2021. Los jugadores pueden canjear estos cdigos para recibir recompensas variadas en su cuenta. El Battle Royale de Garena es uno de los ttulos ms jugados y descargados del mercado y por ello la compaa a menudo libera diferentes cdigos para su enorme comunidad. Si queris haceros con ellos, daos prisa, en esta noticia os los compartimos todos.

Estos son los cdigos vlidos para hoy 25 de noviembre de 2021 en Europa, Norteamrica, Mxico y Brasil:

Cdigos de Free Fire y Free…

Eavesdropping flaws found in MediaTek-powered Android phones • The Register

Check Point Research will today spill the beans on security holes it found within the audio processor firmware in millions of smartphones, which can be potentially exploited by malicious apps to secretly eavesdrop on people.
The infosec outfit believes as many as 37 per cent of smartphones globally are vulnerable. The flaws, patches for which were released last month, lie deep within handsets: in the code that controls an audio-processing unit inside system-on-chips designed by Taiwan’s MediaTek.
Though its chips tend to power low-to-mid-end Android handhelds, MediaTek leads the world in…

Boost – The Future of Decentralized Finance Brings New App Boost DeFi to iOS and Android Users

Creators of BoostSwap and Boost Coin, known for their clean and user-friendly exchange, are adding their exciting app, Boost DeFi, to their ecosystem. Their swap is the smoother and user-friendly version of popular exchange platforms such as UniSwap and PancakeSwap. BoostSwap is unique because it includes all the best functional components of its competitors, minus the issues that hindered them. Currently, Boost Coin is skyrocketing on the market with holders increasing to over 8,000, which reveals huge potential for the future of Boost Coin and the launch of…

Boost DeFi App Launching in November

Developers of the decentralized platform, Boost, are bringing the latest financial tools to the palm of your hand with the new app Boost DeFi. Boost DeFi is currently available to download for iOS and Android users with an official launch in mid-November. For now, users can utilize Boost’s exchange, BoostSwap, which is embedded directly into the app and free limit orders.
Boost has been making quite a buzz within the crypto space lately. Their native token, Boost Coin is soaring high with now over 8,000 holders and BoostSwap has a reputation for being the smoothest user-friendly…

Deploying Pretrained TF Object Detection Models on Android

Right from trained checkpoints to an Android appPhoto by Sebastian Bednarek on UnsplashDeploying machine learning models on mobile devices is the new phase of ML that’s about to begin. Vision models, mostly object detection models, have already made their way to mobile devices along with speech recognition, image classification, text completion etc. These models, run usually run on GPU-enabled computers, have tons of use-cases when deployed on mobile devices.In order to demonstrate an…

Facebook launches digital currency wallet Novi

Facebook has launched a long-awaited pilot of its digital currency wallet Novi in the US, but has chosen to use the Paxos Dollar stablecoin after its own cryptocurrency Diem failed to get backing from regulators. In a blog post on Tuesday, David Marcus, head of Facebook’s Novi wallet, announced that the company had started the pilot in parts of the US, as well as Guatemala.Users could download the app on iPhones or Android and register with a government-issued ID, said Marcus,…

Showdown Time For Non-Standard Chargers In Europe

It seems that few features of a consumer electronic product will generate as much rancour as a mobile phone charger socket. For those of us with Android phones, the world has slowly been moving over the last few years from micro-USB to USB-C, while iPhone users regard their Lightning connector as the ultimate in connectivity. Get a set of different phone owners together and this can become a full-on feud, as micro-USB owners complain that nobody has a handy charging cable any more,…

Teardown: Sling Adapter | Hackaday

The consumer electronics space is always in a state of flux, but perhaps nowhere is this more evident than with entertainment equipment. In the span of just a few decades we went from grainy VHS tapes on 24″ CRTs to 4K Blu-rays on 70″ LED panels, only to end up spending most of our viewing time watching streaming content on our smartphones. There’s no sign of things slowing down, either. In fact they’re arguably speeding up. Sure that 4K TV you bought a couple years back might have HDR, but does it have HDMI 2.1 and Dolby Vision?

So it’s little surprise that eBay is littered with outdated A/V gadgets that can be had for a pennies on the dollar. Take for example the SB700-100 Sling Adapter we’re looking at today. This device retailed for $99 when it was released in 2010, and enabled Dish Network users to stream content saved on their DVR to a smartphone or tablet.


Hacking a Robot Vacuum to Write a Replacement App

While internet-connected devices can be very useful around the house, and it is pretty cool to be able to monitor your dishwasher from half a world away, it’s important to be mindful of privacy and security issues. For instance, the Cecotec Conga 1490 robot vacuum [Rastersoft] bought came with an Android app, which upon installation asked for near-total access to the user’s phone. Not content with such an invasion of privacy, let alone the potential security implications, [Rastersoft] set to work trying to reverse engineer the robot’s communications (translated) to find out what exactly it was doing when online. He did this by configuring a Raspberry Pi as an access point, letting the vacuum connect to it, and logging all the data flowing through.


Smart Home Hack Breaks Down Walls Figuratively And Literally

Are you ready for a tale of poorly supported hardware, clueless contractors, and bad coding? Look no further than [Neighborino]’s excellent write-up where he details his pursuit of smart home pwnership.

[Neighborino]’s smart home system controls the windows, blinds, outlets, and HVAC. But by the time the high-rise apartment was ready for occupancy in 2015, the smart home controllers were already showing their age. You see, the contractor had installed an app to run the home’s programmable logic controllers (PLCs) on stock Galaxy Tab 3 hardware. Yes, that’s a tablet originally released in 2013. They then built the tablets into the wall of each apartment, dooming the homeowner to rely on the vendor forevermore.

It was not long before [Neighborino] and their fellow residents were dealing with stability problems.


How WhatsApp is enabling end-to-end encrypted backups

For years, in order to safeguard the privacy of people’s messages, WhatsApp has provided end-to-end encryption by default ​​so messages can be seen only by the sender and recipient, and no one in between. Now, we’re planning to give people the option to protect their WhatsApp backups using end-to-end encryption as well.

People can already back up their WhatsApp message history via cloud-based services like Google Drive and iCloud. WhatsApp does not have access to these backups, and they are secured by the individual cloud-based storage services.

But now, if people choose to enable end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) backups once available, neither WhatsApp nor the backup service provider will be able to access their backup or their backup encryption key. … Read more...

Game Like It’s 2021 On A McDonald’s Touchscreen Table

Some of you around the world may have come across these Android-based gaming tables installed in your local fast-food outlet, and may even have been lucky enough to paw at one that was actually working at the time.

Originally based on an ancient mini PC, with a 1080p flat panel LCD and a touch overlay, they would have been mind-blowing for small children back in the day, but nowadays we expect somewhat more. YouTuber [BigRig Creates] got his hands on one, in a less than pleasant condition, but after a lot of soap and water, it was stripped down and the original controller junked in favour of a modern mini PC. To be clear, there isn’t much left beyond the casing and display from the original hardware, but we don’t care, as a lot of attention was paid to the software side of things to get it to triple-booting into Windows 10, Android x86 and Linux running emulation station, covering all those table-gaming urges you may have.


Pining for a De-Googled Smartphone

Last summer in the first swings of the global pandemic, sitting at home finally able to tackle some of my electronics projects now that I wasn’t wasting three hours a day commuting to a cubicle farm, I found myself ordering a new smartphone. Not the latest Samsung or Apple offering with their boring, predictable UIs, though. This was the Linux-only PinePhone, which lacks the standard Android interface plastered over an otherwise deeply hidden Linux kernel.

As a bit of a digital privacy nut, the lack of Google software on this phone seemed intriguing as well, and although there were plenty of warnings that this was a phone still in its development stages it seemed like I might be able to overcome any obstacles and actually use the device for daily use.


The Story Behind The Most Popular Android Malware Distributor on Dark Web

Check Point Software Hacker Noon profile picture

@checkpointCheck Point Software

Welcome to the Future of Cyber Security. Providing solutions across all vectors to prevent 5th generation cyber attacks.

Research by: Aviran Hazum, Alex Shamshur, Raman Ladutska, Ohad Mana, Israel Wernik


Now more than ever, we rely on our smartphones to keep in touch with our work, our families and the world around us. There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and it is estimated that over 85% of those devices – around 3 billion – run the Android OS. Therefore, it is no surprise that criminals and threat actors are actively targeting this vast user base for their own malicious purposes, from trying to steal users’ data and credentials, to planting moneymaking malware, spyware or ransomware, and more.


How is Machine Learning Beneficial in Mobile App Development?

By Ria Katiyar, Technology Writer

Have you ever wondered why YouTube plays the music you want to listen to? Or, when you’re purchasing on Amazon, there’s a “recommended for you” section? Machine learning is the answer. Companies can now provide customised content and engage a growing number of users by implementing AI and machine learning.

Machine learning applications are rapidly entering our daily lives as technology advances towards providing smart mobile-centric solutions.

More attractive mobile apps will be created thanks to AI and machine learning technologies. By 2021, ML investments will total $58 billion. By 2024, the industry will have grown to a value of US$20.83 billion, with a CAGR of 44.06%.


Android 12 adds AI and machine learning with Private Compute Core but keeps your data secure

Android 12 is bringing a new feature to strengthen the security of data used by machine learning. Jack Wallen explains Private Compute Core.

Image: Sergei Elagin/Shutterstock

Google has gone to great lengths to secure the Android platform, while at the same time creating a platform that is intelligent, intuitive and predictive. To continue to push the boundaries of smartphone technology, Google relies heavily on machine learning. But instead of offloading ML and artificial intelligence to the cloud, the developers have opted to keep it on-device. With this, Android is better able to anticipate a user’s next move or learn their habits (by recognizing and repeating patterns).

It is that functionality that led the developers to bring the computation of ML and AI onto the devices.


14. Web development trends for 2021 and the latest web technology stack


Standards in web development can change faster than they can implement. To stay one step ahead, it is essential to keep an eye on the prevailing trends, techniques, and approaches.

We’ve analyzed trends across the industry and put together a definitive list of web development trends for 2021. As a bonus, you’ll also read about the best web development stacks to watch out for next year. Whether your current interest is market development, startup innovation, or IoT invention, these are the trends you need to know about.

The hottest web technology trends to adopt in 2021

“Knowing what the next big trends are will help you know what you need to focus on.”

Mark Zuckerberg

When a billionaire with decades of experience in an industry tells us to do this, we can only agree.


What To Expect From The Upcoming Android 12

Recently after Google I/O 2021, announced android 12 as it will be launched by the end of 2021 but yet the experts say that people will have to wait till early 2022 to use android 12. Android 12 will be the most developed and recent beta version of the Android System. Whatever features a context that has been included in this blog I just a prediction and may or may not have some additions while the android 12 version is launched with complete perfectness.




As android phones have been close to the same set of colours the new android 12 will have all the bright and attractive colours. Shades will automatically complement the colour extraction from the wallpaper. Material you is the main contributor in making this colour palette for android 12.


Android Asks, Is Immortality Truly a Benefit? — Sci-fi Saturday

“Extent” (2018) at DUST by Paul Michael Draper (August 9, 2021, 12:43 min)

Time stands still as two old friends attempt to grapple with a question that defines their very existence. If you could live forever, would you?

Review: Edward, the greatest inventor has invented many things, including his friend Alexander. But he comes to think everything is futile because he faces oblivion at death.

Meanwhile, android Alexander wants Edward to enable him to “cherish moments” and to be able to long for a “tomorrow that may never come” — which, in the context, means he wants mortality.

Alexander reflects, “I think about what my forever may be, It haunts me” and later “Pleasure and pain are no longer relevant when you remove the present danger of death.


Android Or Ios – Which Platform Should You Choose For Developing Your App

Mobile application development is among the most consistently growing sectors in software production. There has been an increasing demand for fast and user-friendly apps in recent years. A certain statistic reveals that in the year 2020 alone it is calculated users spend an average of 87% of the total time online on mobile apps. When you are opting for any app development there are two platforms to choose from-Android and iOS. These two platforms are the leading platforms worldwide. Both iOS and Android have incredible development options. Before making the decision as to which platform you would choose to build your app you must thoroughly go through the comparison between the two. This article will give you an overview of both the platform’s perks and perils and also point out the differences.


AI Collar That Decodes Dog’s Barks – SwissCognitive

Petpuls Lab Inc. has harnessed to achieve perhaps the first instance of unidirectional interspecies communication made possible through . Through a Fitbit-sized dog collar, the algorithm collects ‘voice’ data of your dog, telling if your best friend is happy, anxious, relaxed, angry or sad. Petpuls’ proprietary algorithm utilizes its database of more than 10,000 bark samples collected from 50 diverse breeds in determining the emotional state via the collar.

SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Abhinav Raj, a political correspondent for Immigration Advice Services.

What’s in a bark? For starters, data. -powered dog collar from South Korean start-up can analyse a wide range of emotions—from your dog’s barks.


Artificial intelligence research may have hit a dead end – Salon

Philip K. Dick’s iconic 1968 sci-fi novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” posed an intriguing question in its title: would an intelligent robot dream?

In the 53 years since publication, artificial intelligence research has matured significantly. And yet, despite Dick being prophetic about technology in other ways, the question posed in the title is not something AI researchers are that interested in; no one is trying to invent an android that dreams of electric sheep.

Why? Mainly, it’s that most artificial intelligence researchers and scientists are busy trying to design “intelligent” software programmed to do specific tasks. There is no time for daydreaming.

Or is there?


Plataformas y el Problema del Huevo y la Gallina

Un negocio tradicional es un sistema cerrado en sí mismo: solo permite generar valor con arreglo a una cadena de transacciones o etapas. Una plataforma es un sistema abierto en el que -con algunas limitaciones- los concurrentes se benefician de dinámicas de red. Es decir, tiene exponencialmente más valor para los participantes cuantos más sean.

El problema fundamental de las plataformas es que no generan valor con sus primeros usuarios. Adolecen del problema ‘huevo – gallina’, que necesitan resolver. Esta es la verdadera barrera a la entrada que tienen, y la tumba de muchas startups.

Al mismo tiempo deben tener una cierta apertura que permita crear sobre ellas otras formas de generar valor (‘aplicaciones’) de formas no siempre previsibles.… Read more...