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Building the GPU-accelerated Datacenter

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Data volumes have been increasing for years – and researchers expect they will continue to increase in the coming years.

Meanwhile, edge computing, 5G-fueled hyperconnectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and other new technologies we’ve been hearing about for years are becoming real solution realities, not research projects.

For these and many other reasons, organizations and the technologists that support them are being forced to reimagine the…… Read more...

The Changing Relationship Between AI and Wireless

Advanced computing techniques, often given the summary label of artificial intelligence (AI), and the latest generations of wireless protocols are combining to create new and exciting possibilities. Early generations of wireless connectivity were pursued to enable mobility and eliminate cables. From 1G’s introduction of analog voice mobile telephony, each generation of mobile communications has brought fundamentally new and different innovations. The full impact of these capabilities has typically been unappreciated. That pattern appears to be repeating itself. The potential impact of technological innovations takes time to reveal itself. It tends to surprise all but a few visionary individuals.

Figure 1 – Leonardo Guevara and Fernando Auat Cheein, Summary of the Evolution of Mobile Communication, from 1G to 5G (1)

In previous wireless generations wireless devices were typically stand-alone generators or receivers of information.


Microchip Unveils Industry's Most Compact 1.6T Ethernet PHY with Up to 800 GbE Connectivity for Cloud Data Centers, 5G and AI – ELE Times

Routers, switches and line cards need higher bandwidth, port density and up to 800 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity to handle escalating data center traffic driven by 5G, cloud services and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications. To deliver the higher bandwidth, these designs need to overcome the signal integrity challenges associated with the industry’s transition to the 112G (gigabits per second) PAM4 Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) connectivity that is needed to support the latest pluggable optics, system backplanes and packet processors. These challenges can now be overcome with the industry’s most compact, 1.6T (terabits per second), low-power PHY (physical layer) solution from Microchip Technology Inc.


Stanford’s AIMI is Revolutionizing Healthcare AI by Providing Free Big Data to Researchers

As AI continues to expand its role as a solution for numerous areas in our society, the need for more high-quality training data grows. Learning algorithms and models are limited only by the data they are fed; this is where Stanford University’s AIMI comes into the big picture.

Big AI, IoT, AIoT, robotics, and 5G-enabled smart systems need as much information as possible in order to create real-time solutions. AIMI’s library is expected to hit the 2 million image mark in 2022. It is the most robust resource of curated, patient-deidentified, and AI-ready data, and its ramifications for AI in healthcare are unimaginable.


‘Victoria histórica’: Justicia de EEUU cuestiona las directrices de seguridad y futuro de la 5G

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La censura de motores de búsqueda, agencias de publicidad y redes sociales controladas por el establishment está recortando nuestros ingresos. Esto nos está haciendo difícil continuar. Si te parece útil el contenido que publicamos, por favor ten en consideración apoyarnos con una donación económica.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) ha ganado un litigio histórico contra la Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones (FCC) de los Estados Unidos, desafiando así la decisión de la agencia de no revisar sus directrices de salud y seguridad de 1996 en relación con las tecnologías basadas en la tecnología inalámbrica, incluida la 5G.

Por Children’s Health Defense

El Tribunal de Apelación de Estados Unidos para el Circuito de DC publicó su decisión el 13 de agosto.


¿Are Virus a Fraud? (notes)

“Viruses” are a very profitable medical fraud.
The books “Goodbye germ theory” & the recently updated “Virus Mania” expose the whole fraud.

The reason,,that they have never created a vaccine that is effective for the “flu”,,and have never created a cure for the “Flu”,,,,is becasue the “Flu” is not a virus,,,it is not something you catch,,it is the bodies natural cleansing process,,when the immune system has weakened and excess microbes have built up,,this happens more in the winter because of the lack of Sunlight and Vit D,,,


’Goodbye Germ Theory’
’The Invisible Rainbow’
’Virus Mania’
’What Really Makes You Ill’

Growing evidence ‘COVID-19’ symptoms a result of 5G/wireless exposure

Here are 2 studies from 1919 showing flu is not contagious and can’t be spread/passed/transmitted, they knew 100 years ago flu was not contagious:
https://zenodo.org/record/1505669#.X8_YINhKiUl…

What skills would be needed for Telecoms professionals in the 5G world?


We all have a mobile phone and, in this sense, we are all consumers of mobile technology. Over the past four decades, mobile networks have evolved in parallel to the internet. However, the next evolution of the mobile network (5G) has much to offer to the enterprise. Yes, consumers will benefit because 5G is more than 100 times faster than the prevailing network technology (4G / LTE). However, 5G also represents a fundamental change in architecture of the mobile network.

Over the last decade, telecoms has been evolving ‘as a service’. For example, the early efforts of the GSMA to create One API based on IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) allows access to payment, location, SMS etc, However, these were niche and experimental.


SpaceX Will Start Offering WiFi from Satellites in August Despite Opposition, Risks, and Warnings

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By B.N. Frank

Since 2017, doctors and scientists have been asking for 5G moratoriums on Earth and in space (see 1, 2).  Of course, research has determined that Wi-Fi is biologically and environmentally harmful too.

In regard to internet broadcasting satellites, except for in South Africa, both 5G and WiFi satellites continue to be launched (see 1, 2, 3) despite opposition, risks, warnings, and people reporting symptoms and illnesses from internet satellites launched just a few months ago.

Earlier this week, Americans for Responsible Technology sponsored a free legal webinar for opponents of 5G satellites.… Read more...