Make your Chemical/Mathematical equations more readable for users

Screenshots by Author | While the posts on Tableau Community on the left were asked consecutively from years 2012 to 2014 while another related post on the right dates at least as recent as year 2019
Image by Author | Both left and right equations denote the same meaning | While the left equations are denoted with plain text the right equations are denoted with Superscript instead

It is a whole lot of extra mental gymnastics for the dashboard users to process Mathematical equations in plain text notation when visualising dashboards, especially when the Mathematical equations become frustratingly lengthy.

Image by Author | 1 of my past Tableau dashboards currently deployed at Tableau Public | The red outlines refer to the usage of Superscript notation for footnote references
Image by Author | Illustrating the conversion of character inputs to the specified Unicode characters above the respective text fields

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