HEALTHCARE. Ethereum will completely revolutionize the health-care system. For example, You can go to a doctor in Thailand for a check up when you are on holidays and to a hospital in New York when you are back home again, and both will have the same information about you. You can also share your med data in real time with med facilities everywhere.

SECURITY. Security from hackers. The fact that there is no central server for a hacker to attack makes it a lot harder to break into.

TRANSACTIONS. Easy and secure transactions. On Ethereum, so-called “smart contracts” can be made. These make it possible to exchange anything of value, completely risk-free. Instead of paper use computer code.

PRIVACY: Privacy from third parties. No third Party interferance and no selling of personal data because larg corps can´t extract data.

POLITICS. It is also very likely that once every couple years (depending on what country you live in), you will register your vote for the political party you think should lead your country. No way to alter the poll results or voting several times.

SELF DRIVING CARS. This will completely revolutionize the way transport works and Ethereum can help. The reason why self-driving cars are so much safer than a normal car is becausethey communicate between them. This communication occurs thousands of times faster than what a human could ever achieve by making the horn sound or pushing the breaks.

STORING DATA. Ethereum can provide a decentralized storage facility. Which is more secure because copy of the data will present all over world and can recovered in case of any damage.