In an interconnected world, the traditional way of analyzing reality based on cause-effect relationships is obsolete. The economy depends on the propagation of information, and this in turn depends on technology. And technology in turn depends on economic and social conditions.

People do not make economic decisions rationally. What used to be “the economy” is now a complex system composed of millions of players who interact with each other, and respond to informational stimuli that occur in real time.

The dynamics of registration and reporting of the system (eg time to register mortgages, collect information, surveys, etc.) generates very partial information, which when published is already obsolete, and causes misdiagnosis.

On top of all this, there is a growing political and civil service bureaucracy dedicated to recording, controlling and implementing ideologized corrective measures, which are always based on an incorrect diagnosis of the situation and obsolete models of how the world works.

Ultra-fast recording and automated systems are needed, which do not depend on bureaucracy or human decisions. Systems based on technologies such as Blockchain, where transactions, communications, and reporting are basically the same thing, while the privacy and freedom of the individual are guaranteed.

Its not just about decentralization, its also about transparency at the management level, and privacy for the participants in the system. Which is also the opposite of what´s going on now.