Amazin tech for telecom from Proto Hologram.

If you can’t BE there, BEAM there. Proto Hologram Technology is the future of broadcast, communications, and travel.

Original post on Linkedin:

Portl is now Proto. Changed our name because too many tech companies are named portal now. Proto sounds cooler anyway. 2022 CES 3X Award honoree. 2022 SXSW Innovation Award winner. Our incredible breakthrough technology allows anyone to “beam” from anywhere to anywhere else in REAL TIME. The person being beamed will have the unique ability to see, hear, and fully interact with their global audiences in 4K holographic resolution! Besides live HoloPortation, Proto tech allows the user to film, produce, and edit any content or subject matter and play it back on a loop or through motion activation as a hologram movie. Great for museums, lobbies, movie theaters, music venues, sports complexes, department stores, experiential activations, political rallies, motivational speeches, and whatever else you can think of.