Blocks in shorter chains aren´t emplyed for anything. Once the btc client swritches to a differnte longer chanin, all valid transactions from the blocks withing the shorter chain are reput into the trsancation pol of queried transactions and will also be incorporated in another blocjk. The ewear for those blocs around the shorrter chain won´t be cintsained in a long chain so they´l be practically lost. and that´s wht a network enforced 100 block maturation here at generaions exists.

These blocks around the shorter chains are raquenculy known as “orpan” blocks. Nevause the generation transationc sond´thave a parent or guardian block withing the longes chain, so therese ggeneration transations appear as orphan withing the list transationc. Several pools have missinterpreted thse messages and began calling their blocjs “orphans”. The truths is, these blocks poessess a parent block, an can hve childen. Because a block can only reerence one prevoou block, it is impossible for two fiokef chains to merged. Its posible to use the blocjain algiruthnm for non financial purposees.