In 2019 the Internet is more centralized than ever before and eventually it will become just another media system, like cable TV. You will have issued your “internet access device” and it will only run on approved services and software that is fully monitored.

This is closer than it looks with mobile apps and its only left to close non regulated services using some terriorist, anti-russian or whatever any other bullshit they come up with for the ISPs / networks to disallow via traffic blocking. Ironically all of this systems were built using open source technologies but everyone ignored GPLv3, and here we are.

When it comes down to it, they want to be able to break our encryption (the common citizens), but they (the Rich, the powerful, the state nations and the people who serve them, etc) want their own unbreakable encryption. After all we´re all criminals in their scheme of the world so far as they are concerned, but we just haven´t been caught, tried and incarcerated yet.

If you are not using TOR, your activity its being traced by 2 groups: the ones that want to get your voluntad (governments, banks, police, etc.) and the ones that want your money (governments again, thieves, competency, etc.).

La privacidad para las masas está plagada de problemas básicamente insolubles. El anonimato es imposible para las masas.