Nobody cares about your project or your product. Most of them are just curious. In a short time it will only be one more piece of information along with thousands of others looking for some kind of attention.

You go on vacation and start ‘tweeting’ photos, or waiting for ‘likes’ on Facebook. But people care about your vacation the same way they care about theirs. Your new gadget? The dish that you are going to eat? A new car? Nobody cares!.

Don’t look for your happiness based on what people care, because they don’t care. And if they do, it’s because they want what you have, or they hate you for having it.

And now – before you hate me for writing all this – I’ll tell you that sometimes someone breaks this rule, and they really care about you. Or because of what you have to offer. And you will know it because they really listen to you when you speak to them. Invest your time with those people!