New brand storytelling and audience interaction methods have emerged that allow companies to use #NFTs to boost brand awareness, because of the fan base they attract.

And as #web3 continues to evolve and grow, so will the adaptation of NFTs in the #Metaverse economy as:

✅ game assets
✅ membership passes
✅ virtual land ownership

The problem with royalties:

A typical brand marketing campaign today pays a creator up-front for a partnership.

But, when the brand repeats the usage of this content in future #advertising, the creator does not get anything out of it.

This could change with:

✅ NFT ecosystems for content creators.
✅ New standards to manage royalties.
✅ Virtual renting of digital assets for campaigns and films.

Educate clients on how they can make their brand journey better using NFTs.

The underlying smart contracts can be used in many new ways!.

5 Ways to Use NFTs to Boost Brand Awareness