Here’s a prediction for NFTs: In the end it will all come down to brands.

This is why:

What makes an NFT project valuable? 3 things:

1️⃣ Purpose
2️⃣ Utility
3️⃣ Community

Who are the established players with tons of purpose, utility and community? brands.

👉 #Brands are the winners.

And here’s another bonus point: regulation is coming, and it’s a regulatory tidal wave. Only brands have the resources to deal with what’s coming.

✅ Getting #NFTs right is like launching a mini #startup: it’s not easy.
✅ Most NFT projects are doomed to fail without some brand or celebrity onboard. No matter the budget.

If you have the resources and skills to combine purpose, technology and marketing, go for it. If not, so far you’re better off watching the carnage from the sidelines.