The US SEC wants to determine if creators and exchanges are using digital assets like NFTs to raise funds like traditional securities.

Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets.

But let us remember that NFTs are not:

– Equities (they do not generate dividends),
– Debt (they do not generate interest).
– Options (they do not give the right to buy or sell anything).

My point: NFTs are fundamentally technology.

And you don´t sell technology; you sell products made with technology.

For example:
– You don´t sell html code; you sell webpages
– you don´t sell Python code; you sell AI algorithms
– you don´t sell cryptography; you sell Bitcoin, etc.

Same way, NFTs are technology. An open tool that can be used to build things with it.

In some specific cases NFTs can be used to build securities such as real estate tokens.

But in most cases NFTs (art, tickets, etc.) are not related to #securities by any means.